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Michael Bolton is a Major Cinephile

[show_avatar email=jason@cacbasketball.com align=left user_link=authorpage show_name=true show_postcount=true avatar_size=100] Allow me to take a break from the O’Cal love fest for a night and I’ll fill you in on something I’m pretty excited about. From now until the end of the year, I’m pumped to see about a dozen new movies that are about to come out. […]

Top 10 Basketball Movies of All Time: #’s 1-5

Not sure if you read my last blog with movies 6-10, but you should check it out to learn the criteria I followed when putting this together as well as the movies that couldn’t quite crack my top 5, http://www.cacbasketball.com/top-10-basketball-movies-of-all-time-6-10/ 5. Space Jam I had this movie in the 4-6 range all along and it […]

Decisions and Lists

and a whole lot of rambling So with the wife gone this weekend there is cause for, well, not celebration, but definitely planning.  I mean, it’s once a year that she’s gone for 2 consecutive nights. I need to take advantage! As Vig reminded me, back in the day (like 2008) a free weekend would […]

B1 East Fall 07 Playoff Preview

Even I can have a little holiday spirit in me, and it’s about time it was reflected in my work.  With the airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I decided to rank this season’s playoff contenders by their attitudes and traits.  It’s amazing how easy this really was once the ball got rolling.  Sure I’m not going to tell […]

A1 Fall 07 Playoff Preview

Here pelican, pelican, pelican… Anytime you want to get riled up, what better way than to take in a classic piece of American moviemaking?  Tony Montana kicks serious ass, even up to the point of his untimely death.  No one wanted get more Bricks more than the original American Gangster.  Here are some memorable Scarface quotes […]

Fall 07 B1 East Preview

“Chairs exist even when you’re not sitting on them?” So I wanted to use quotes from the incredibly funny Superbad to explain my rankings, but unfortunately not a single one can be published on this PG rated website.  Youíre going to have to settle for the nearly as humorous and much more redeeming Knocked Up, to […]

The Final Bell

When I first heard there would be a Rocky VI late last year, I had the same mixed reaction that most of you probably had: one part thrill, one part wince. But at the same time I knew that Iíd definitely see it because I feel like I sort of owe Stallone as these movies […]