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Hazy Memories

For some reason, my father invaded my thoughts this evening. I don’t know if it’s because Father’s Day is around the corner or because I follow him on Facebook and have more insight into his life than I ever did as a teenager. Whatever the reason, as I lay in bed at 2 am on […]

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Nomar

A Take Down of FHF Or rather, let me remind you of a few things that Five Hard Fouls left out of his latest blog post. I’m sorry I just have to take umbrage with that alphabet soup that was posted last night. I don’t necessarily disagree with what the author is trying to say, […]

I Survived LNO

It was a bizarre, but very fun league night out last Saturday September 6, 2008 some new faces were there and some regulars were notably absent. Based on the experience I think itís safe to come to a few conclusions. #1 Excessive amounts of beer pong before LNO is not a wise idea and will […]

12 days of CRFC

Since we wonít have CRFC in our lives for the 12 days after Christmas and until January 22, allow me to capture that epiphany sentiment in a song, CRFC style. And it is even better if you actually sing it, especially the fifth night which is meant to be sung in high pitch. Itís catchy, […]