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The Last Hurrah

I just got back from the Celtics double overtime win of the Heat and my emotions are completely conflicted. On one hand, that was a hell of a gutsy win harking back to their best from 07-12. A few times they were down 6-8 points and the Heat really could have blown the game open […]

What is Up With the Celtics?

The Boston Celtics have not looked good on either side of the ball, but, thanks to two straight wins over the lowly Washington Wizards, the C’s are only at .500. On Wednesday night, The Celts needed overtime to beat the Wizards 100-94. Last Saturday, the C’s had an 18-point lead, but allowed the young Wizards […]

Hous-Lin Bound! An NBA Blog?!

Hey All…many of you know me…I’m the guy that hates the NBA and takes shots (no pun intended) at David Stern and the league he runs every chance I get.  When Ray Allen left Boston for Miami, that was the final straw.  I was ready to write a blog about how the league I was […]

Well that sucked

and was so, so painful I just, the words, they do not descibe the pain, let me try and recap. This is going to devolve quickly. 1st Quarter – Hey nice start for the offense, Pierce with a 2 handed jam? – KANJAM! – Hey you guys, my wife just bowled a 178, 175, and […]

Passing The Torch

Originally Posted 2011-05-12 The End Of An Era In Boston DISCLAIMER:  I know my last blog was all about why I hate the NBA…see title “Why I Hate The NBA”.  I don’t want to send mixed signals…I still hate the NBA, but as an American sports fan and aspiring sports media personality I do need […]

Why I Hate The NBA

Originally Posted 2011-05-04 I Want to Party Like it’s 1998 I would like to first state that I started to write this BEFORE the Celtics fell behind the Heat 2-0. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to recall the “Glory Days” of anything without being laughed at.  Born in 1984 I suppose it’s fair […]

Dear Celtics/Magic Players…and Lebron…and Others

Dear Dwight Howard’s Elbows: Please stop fucking my team up! Dear Vince Carter’s Vagina: Sorry you are so worn out…stop using Dwight’s Elbows as soap. Dear Rashard Lewis: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, stomach virus aka KG is drinking my milkshake, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dear Big Baby: Sorry about calling you Leon Powe a few months ago.  After that shot to the […]

Master Debators

KAP vs. Tical (Top 5 NBA Centers This Season) Good day loyal Corner readers…Today’s segment features a former Corner guest, and a true Debater, on and off the Floor.  Some time ago, Me and Kap began a conversation on the balcony that spilt over into a torrent gmail exchange. Yeah, that’s right.  These are my top 5 […]