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Nothing But Smiles with Reggie St. Germain

[show_avatar email=dustinwilliams11@gmail.com align=left user_link=authorpage show_name=true show_postcount=true avatar_size=100] It’s that time again, another intimate look into the life of a fellow CACer.  This time around we’re profiling a man who is most known for his smiling face and all around hustle.  Reggie’s played on a lot of different Coed and B teams, always bringing a different […]

The Refs Are Back!!!!!

Celebration time fellas! Time to lauch the confetti cannons and start watching the NFL games. The debacles of the final two games of Week 3 made it clear that the replacement refs could not get the job done. Now, the real referees will get a chance to take back control of the league and the players. […]

How Hard Is It To Pick ONE Winner…17 Times In A Row?

Originally Posted 2011-09-09 Inside the NFL Survivor Pool After months of uncertainty, the NFL makes it’s glorious return this week!!  Of course millions are wrapping up fantasy drafts, and looking for point spreads to start their pick-em pools, but one of my new favorite (and most frustrating) forms of football gambling is the survivor pool.  […]

Fantasy Football Live Draft

Yea,we all know each other off the court Sure it’s not about Basketball, but how often are Gerrity’s contribution’s easily classified? Or when does he ever write about CAC? Maybe he does and I just can’t decipher it. Either way, you at least know what you’re about to get into. Sadly, JZuk, in case you […]

Another Quick Rant

Because it seems to be what I do best lately Listen I’ve got NFL on the brain.  I’ve got a couple fantasy drafts coming up (ok both are over a month away, but it’s been a long arduous off-season for a Pats fan that was walking up the ramp as Ray Rice broke off an […]