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CAC Referee Etiquette

Originally Posted 2012-03-25 Hello Fellow CACers, My name is Dustin, more commonly known as D-Will or D-Willy.  This is my third full season playing in the CAC and my first as a co-ed scribe.  I’ve quickly become addicted to the drug that’s known as CAC Recreational Basketball.  But I fully enjoy my addiction, it’s second […]

TiCal’s Corner: PStone

Todayís guest is a man who is taking A1 by storm and has become one of the few CAC employees to morph into an instant Icon.  PStone is a fellow NU grad, in fact, same exact class as yours truly.  He helped keep the ladies coming back in the Womenís league and has already become a CAC […]

Where Do I Sign Up?

All the craze these days is reffing basketball games.  Everyone always asks me how they can follow in my tiny footsteps and become an iconic CAC ref.  Well let me warn all you wanna bees out there it aint all the glitz and glammer that the Wolverine makes it out to be.  When you put that whistle on, […]

Behind the Whistle

As someone who has reffed over 1,000 CRFC games over the past three years (seriously, I have gotten a lot better) I thought I would pass along a few of my all-time favorite anecdotes and observations as viewed from behind the whistle. This has all the makings of a weekly talk show that could even […]