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P90X – Disc 1 Review. Day 1

Originally Posted 2011-02-07 It’s been way too long so that should tell you something right off the bat. P90X is not for me.  I will stick with it intermittently but honestly, I’ve past the stage of having 90-120 minutes to work out every single day.  Full diclosure?  I’m old.  This is a young man’s game – […]

P90X Trial Run ~ Week 1

Originally Posted 2011-01-16 Well – a tough start to the first week of high-intensity training to say the least. I wrote to you last week dictating what I was about to embark on – and while that has been slightly successful – the mounting challenges of trying to work out with a video while working […]

New Year Resolution? Or Bah Humbug?

Originally Posted 2011-01-02 Well, it sure has been awhile. New Years Resolutions. What a crock, right? I mean if everyone played the Jerry Seinfeld Bizzaro World game with New Year’s Resolutions – we’d all be in for some great comedy. Like – losing weight. Why not make a pact with yourself and a great friend to gainweight? Pull […]