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Corporate 5v5 Combined Rankings – Week 3

Alright people, Matty and I decided to put together a combined Corporate 5v5 power poll heading into week 4! We exchanged a bunch of emails and then totally forgot about it until I was setting this week’s lines.  So yea, enjoy! STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE’RE….HERE… 18: Grabballs (0-3) Matty: Outscored by 33 points […]

Franchise League Draft Night Review Part II

PART II And we’re back! Draft night was great and all, and usually its the highlight of many a fantasy football (baseball/basketball) season, but this ain’t real life, we’ve got games to play! Here’s how I see every team stacking up before they hit the court tonight and next week. Every couple of weeks I’m going […]

Top 10 Best Co-ed Teams Ever

Originally Posted 2012-03-27 In a matter of just five sessions, co-ed basketball at the CAC has completely transformed from a one division eight team “lets all go to the bar after the game” kind of league into a four division juggernaut with super teams left and right while still maintaining that “good people and tasty […]

Combined Co-Ed Rankings!

By Tibbs, Rory & DWill   The first edition of the combined co-ed rankings for the winter league had 3 of the 4 league scribes (step yo game up BigRo!) submitting their 26 teams in order and then the average ranking being used as the basis for these ranks. Just like any good, old-school, corrupt […]

TIbbs & Duyon’s Combined Co-ed Rankings – Week 3 Edition

Originally Posted 2011-09-30 Combined Co-ed Rankings Week 3 edition Three weeks into the season and one thing is clear.  This is the biggest and best co-ed season the CAC has ever seen.  Three divisions, 24 teams and countless possibilities as to how this thing could end.  No fewer than a dozen teams have a legitimate […]

A Draft Week 3 LoW…and More!

Originally Posted 2011-09-30 Brought to you by a Legend If you are patient (Terry…) it will all be worth it… You A Drafters are so lucky. I am so dedicated to giving you top-notch coverage that I am staying in on a Friday night JUST to write all this good stuff for you. Ok, fine […]