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Sergen’s Table: Playa Prez

Tibbs, I would like to thank you for taking the time to be on the Sergeon’s Table.  It has been two years since you were last in O’Cal’s basement (Tical’s Corner) and have been running the CAC basketball leagues.  Please make yourself comfortable and don’t worry, unlike O’Cal’s basement or JBerr’s box i keep the […]

Mall Trip III

It has been quite some time since my previous blogs about just what the Sergeon and I do in between the 5:30 and 7:30 Tuesday night games while karate dominates the dojo (see Mall Trip Revisited and the ever popular Tuesdays With Sergery). So, with the help of the Sergeon himself, here is the 2008 version, complete […]

Reffing Scandal!

List of Stuff in my Apartment, My Ass… As I was bumming another ride home from Serge last week, I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper on the floor.  Being the good guy I am, I went to throw it away, but couldn’t make myself do it without seeing what it was.  After all, any inside […]

Birthdays With Sergery

As we all lament on the now legendary 30th birthday bash for the one and only Sergeon General, I thought what better way to capture the night for those of you who could not attend (or for those who cannot remember) than a blog. Here is my chronology of how the night went from my perspective. […]

It’s My Birthday

When the Cat’s Away [Part II] Ok, I have a confession to make.  I wrote the entirety of this blog hammered sometime around 3:00 am on Sunday morning.  Iíve edited out the spelling mistakes and fixed the grammar only where I was Loaf-ing.  My sober comments are separated in italics, mostly trying to explain what I originally had […]

Tuesdays With Sergery

This winter marks the 4th anniversary of the CRFC B Leagues and I have now “reffed” over 1,000 CRFC games on Tuesday nights. But way more important than reffing all those games are all those dinner breaks I get while the karate people take over the court and look at themselves in the mirror for an […]

The Wolverine Trap: Serge

The fourth installment of the Wolverine Trap will be CRFC crowd favorite Serge ‘Surgery’ Gottschalk. I saw Serge play his first pick-up game at CRFC one fine Saturday morning. Let me tell you, he has transformed himself from a guy who wasn’t sure where to stand on the court to a consistent 15-20 scorer in […]