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TiCal’s Corner: Bob the Ref

Over the past year, I have had the unspeakable pleasure of working with the man and soon to be legend, known as Bob the Ref.  Bob has taken to CAC like a fish to the water that we humans so often pee in when we swim in it…any correlation to reffing?  I think so.  Today, […]

TiCal’s Corner: New CAC Staffer extraordinaire Jesse the Body Corwin

Tical’s Corner – New CAC Staffer extraordinaire Jesse Corwin Today’s guest is a CAC fresh fish and I cannot wait to pop his cherry.  On Monday Nights, me and Jesse are holding it down at CTown high and we already got a Butch and Sundance rapport going.  There is nothing I love better when we […]

Staff CACmandments

I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m getting up there. Players have even begun to refer to me as “Sir.” Next they’ll stop arguing my calls, for fear of hurting the old man’s feelings. Once it gets to that point, I’ll be forced to retire for the 17th time in as many seasons. Since I sense […]

Fall 09 – Staff Awards

Because you need to know everyone! In an effort to get even more of you CACers involved on the write-up staff (we’re adding even MORE shifts in the Winter 2010 season) I’ve decided to give a little bit of love to our current staffers and give you a peak into where you might fit in next season.  […]

CAC Staff Infection

One of my colleagues (who shall remain nameless) received a threatening email from the CAC powers explaining that the lack of recent blogs could result in her (whoops) blogspot being blown-up. My immediate thought was that this couldnít possibly happen to me because my body of work speaks for itself. I mean, the board of […]


In light of today’s economy it’s never too safe to be perusing the Want Ads, brushing up your resume, and proving to your current colleagues that you’re not a lazy dbag and that despite the glaring evidence in your web browsing history you really don’t spend your entire day g-chatting, message board posting, blog reading, […]