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TiCal’s Corner: Cold Blooded

For the second straight season, Cold Blooded has taken down the “Best Run League at CAC” aka, the Sunday Morning Hungover League.  The CB boys managed to take home the coveted “Golden 40oz” last Sunday with a win over a very talented Tiger Style.  Over the past 2 years, they have been a staple around […]

Getting Off In Your Face

Todayís guests are a team that needs no introduction.  I donít normally practice group-interviewing due to my strong Christian monogamist roots, but nonetheless, I will be progressive and give it a shot.  Off In Your Face terrorized the B1 until moving up to hold their own with the big boys in A2, especially against the […]

Team Profile: TBD/Steamboats

I Can do Interviews Too!! Creativity is definitely not my middle name, so I’m putting the pressure on other people from here on out.  Hopefully this Team Profile thing will become a regularly running gig.  It’s easy for me, just cut and paste, while the material comes from you guys, the players.  For my latest […]

MFA Dream Team

MFA Dream Team, new this season to the B1 East, is made up of a bunch of guys that all work at an accounting firm (MFA) all the way up in North Andover.  Thatís quite a hike just to play a little ball with some of the finest personalities on either side of the Charles.  But play they […]