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Welcome Back to the CAC

A lot can happen over a break… Its 2011 and the CAC is back in full swing.  Of course some of you are still waiting on popping your Winter CAC cherry, but the majority of you have gotten back into your CAC groove.  So far, I couldn’t help but notice how much things have changed […]

A1 Fall 2010 Awards

A little late for Majic’s taste (I hope he’s eliminated by the time he reads this) but they will have to do! A1 Draft League Fall 2010 Awards GM of the Year: Mike Gerrity, ATM Machine – Easiest no brainer so we’ll start off with it. Everyone (read:me) critized Gerrity for his draft plan, but […]

A1 Draft Fall 10 Preview

Leave Me Alone Milkman Scum! Sure the A1 draft was really, really late this season (games start Monday people!) but we got it done nonetheless.  While the ‘talent’ seems ‘thinned out’ (according to Tommy, O’Cal, Durbrow, and everyone else that decided not to play this season) having a condensed 8 team league really brought it […]

A1 Preseason Rankings

A1 Preseason Rankings ñ Ok my fellow CRFC junkies, time for the Preseason rankings. Right now is the best time of the year, everyone thinks their team is the best and will be hoisting a banner to the CRFC walls in 3 months. Now statistically, with 6 teams this season, every teams chances of winning have […]