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A Big East Re-Cap

The PLayers: The Macho Man                                    Ed Fizzle                            ME                           Craig & BRian Ripley                                Ian Urqhart The Big East Tourney Re-Cap This weekend, I had the unspeakable pleasure of hitting up New York Shitty with a rag tag group from CAC, which included the Macho Man, Ed Fizzle, The Ripleys (and their hair lids), ICU and select […]

New York S#itty

This weekend I had the unspeakable pleasure of seeing my oldest brother perform in a comedy show at the Upright Citizenís Brigade.  The only problem, I had to travel to NYC to see this momentous occasion.  Thatís right, Me, Mama/Papa Tical, Brother (#2) Tical and Brother Ticalís FiancÈ (That means engaged) all piled in a rented SUV […]

A Wolverine in London

I took my first trip across the pond last week, so what better way to capture the experience by writing a CRFC blog. I really thought it wouldnít be a much different experience than going toNew York, given that our language and looks are the pretty much the same. But I soon realized that there […]