Team Profile: Irate Ambassadors

B1 East – Brothers in Arms

Each season, a handful of new teams and players jump into the CRFC Leagues to find out what the craze is all about.  This season has seen a huge influx of teams in the B1 East, and this week we take a closer look at the Irate Ambassadors.  These are the guys that voluntarily torture themselves by playing every single 9:45 game on Wednesday nights.  For that, the rest of the East salutes them, because no one that I’ve talked to enjoys playing the last game of the night.  The gym is too quiet, there are never any curious onlookers from the balcony, and it’s just too late at night to get up for some ball.  These guys don’t seem to mind it very much at all, as they usually are still able to catch Pap mowing down opposing hitters in the ninth.  The sight is taken in at the same time as a few adult beverages are being consumed to reward their weary bodies after a hard game.

The men of the Irate Ambassadors attended WPI out in Worcester, and despite previous beliefs that a nerdy school could never churn out a group of fun loving guys; Irate is the exception to the rule.  Brothers in the Theta Chi frat from college, they clearly have no desire to grow old and gray quietly.  Every game they’ve played has been a physical match that usually ticks off the other team, despite that fact that they’re beating Irate.  Mike Sorrentino (#2) especially has been one to throw his body around and try to get under the skin of his opponents.  Mike Laptewicz (#17) is another one of Irate’s members that isn’t afraid to get physical with the big guys in the paint.  Lappy’s ability to get down and dirty isn’t limited to just the basketball court.  Further details remained sealed, however.  Spyros Photopoulos (#9) is the man responsible for finding the CRFC website online and signing his friends up for an experience unlike any other.  Details remain sketchy as to how Spyros tracked us down, but legend has it he was actually cruising the World Wide Web for explicit male material when he stumbled upon the CRFC website.

Since these guys are all former frat boys, big things are expected from them during the League Night Out.  With activities such as Beer Pong, Funnels, and the Beer Olympics common among frat houses, Irate may have had the best, most intense off-season training program for LNO activities. We have been informed that we won’t be disappointed, and we have a new man in the mix for the MWA.  Rob Vigneau (#42) is being hyped as able to drink an entire roster of players under the table.  To that, the rest of the league says bring it on.  Mike Sweeney (#21), the floor leader and leading scorer, looks like a man more apt to toss a few back than throw his body around in the paint.  Averaging a heady 22 a game for his team, if he drinks as well as he scorers, he’s going to fit right in.

Irate’s goal this season, after seeing some of the stiff competition, is to get a legit win that doesn’t come from a forfeit.  To do so, the oft-maligned Jesse Johnson (#42) and Jon Glumac (#43) will need to step up big.  Often the bearing the brunt of brutal jokes as heard from the balcony, Jesse and Jon give it back as good as they receive.  CRFC welcomes the members of Irate into our family and we hope you guys stick around for a while.  Be sure to stop by and talk to the guys that you don’t recognize at the League Night Out.  Despite the fact that you may not remember who they were in the morning, you’ll at least have that fuzzy feeling in the back of you mind every time you see them in the gym, and you’ll feel like you know who they are.