Team Profile: TBD/Steamboats

I Can do Interviews Too!!

Creativity is definitely not my middle name, so I’m putting the pressure on other people from here on out.  Hopefully this Team Profile thing will become a regularly running gig.  It’s easy for me, just cut and paste, while the material comes from you guys, the players.  For my latest victims, a few of the guys from the B1 Steamboats and TBD squads have sat down on the hotseat.  This is no where near as intense as The Moment of Truth, but it’s sure to embarass it’s fair share of ballers.

Tibbs: Howíd you guys get introduced to C.A.C. (then CRFC)?


Ricky Ng: Iím actually a member of the gym, which I utilize only a few times a year, thus my current lack of physical conditioning.  I saw a few games played and thought it was something fun to do, and after talking to a few of my coworkers (yes, I actually work with some of these guys), the Steamboats were born.

Mike Dinh: Annie ‘Tow Tow B Ware’ is our GM.  Ricky ‘the Dragon’ and Annie both introduced us to the CAC league.

Eric Lominac: I was asking for spare change outside, when the guys walked by and asked if I wanted to make some serious bank.  Also, I’m the white guy.

Thuy Nguyen: I was recruited by Ricky and Annie to be the personal sub for Eric.


So Annie is the GM for both teams, but how’d that happen? I mean, we all know women are the more responsible ones, but canít you guys take care of yourselves? And the nickname? Explain yourselves!

Annie: I own them. Hahah, no just one stray belongs to me (Ricky).  I work down the street and my company subsidized the cost for joining. So the Secret Asian Man and I signed up.

Ricky: Some of the nicknames are tributes to old school WWF (now WWE) wrasslingÖit was a big thing for me when I was growing up, and the guys thought it was funny to use as references.  Sadly, I just recently realized that itís all scripted, meaning fake, and my life has never been the same sinceÖ


Tell me a little bit about yourselves and the guys on the teams.  What donít I know that doesnít come through on the court.

Annie: For some reason Iím labeled as the ëGMí for both these teams, yet I know nothing about basketball, go figure.  During game time I transform myself as the ‘Videographer’ yet I donít get a second paycheck for my troubles.  Itís probably because ultimately Iím the “Dedicated….Because I’m Forced to be There” Fan.

Mike: Let me sum it all up about my teammates for everyone:

1) Ricky ëthe Dragoní is our player/coach ñ mastermind of this team.

2) Jason ëButterfingersí Chan ñ Enforcer ñ the trouble maker on the court.

3) Eric ëBeastí Lominac ñ favorite team is UNC tries to model his game after his favorite player, Eric Montross.

4) Albert ëGRí Baik ñ our best defender on the team.

5) Thuy ëAll About Meí Nguyen ñ believes there is an ìIî in team, plays not for the W but for his PR.

6) Mike Dinh ñ Total team player.

Ricky: Man, you forgot Aziz, Leng, Martin, and Javeri, apparently you donít even know half your teammates names, or even know who they are probably.  Did you even tell them about this team profile thing?!?!  ëTotal team playerí my (content edited out)!

Thuy: Mike, you are mistaken my friend, there may not be an ìIî in team, but there is definitely an ìMî and ìEî, meaning, ME.  Itís all about me, thatís rightÖ


Well after hearing that, there seems to be a power struggle on your hands Ricky (as seen on the boards, none of my teammates can stand me, so Iím glad Iím not the only one). Who is most likely to break off and form their own team?  Donít be surprised, thatís always how it happens once egos get inflated by individual statistics. 

Eric: I hate all of my teammates equally.

Thuy: Ricky canít stand Leng because of his performance last season in the B1 West playoffs when we lost.

Ricky: Man, now why would you go and start spreading false rumors.  The real reason why we lost that game was because SOMEONE was on vacation.  Yeah, Dinh, Iím talking about you!!!

Thuy: Mike and I are most likely to break off and play on another team because the GM isnít paying enough for us to stay.

Mike: Currently Iím in the market to change team, so if any team is interested please contact me.


Ah, the sweet stench of resentment.  Whatís the difference, classification, or reasoning behind the two different teams?  Ricky obviously canít co-exist with Leng, surely thereís got to be even more some dirt here somewhere.

Eric: Leng hasn’t liked Ricky since ’82 when Ricky got him in the figure-four submission hold and took the title belt.

Ricky: Basically Mike and Thuy felt that the current Steamboats team cannot make a run for the championship, thus the creation of TBD.  Where they got that name, I have no idea. Normally, I would have felt insulted, but theyíve added me to their roster this season to keep the peace.


Ok Annie, itís time to come clean about the videos.  You guys are using those tapes to study opponents for the playoffs arenít you? 

Annie: Yep, definitely SPYGATE going on.  No that’s actually not true, we usually don’t even pay attention to the other team that’s playing, the guys just like to see how well or bad they played.  They get a kick out of my “spur of the moment” comments.  I usually get in trouble after each game.

Ricky: The videos are a good way to pass the following day at work, but donít tell our boss that.  Mike usually admires his outrageous moves/passes while the rest of us enjoy (or not) each othersí blooper reels.

Mike: You would think we use the tapes to study other teams, but reality is we have compiled clips of all the bloopers on these tapes (which by the way there are tons of bloopers in a short 40 min. game).


Wow you guys have access to the video the next day? If only my write-ups were done that quickly.  Iíd also love for Jrod to make a blooper reel with all the Championship Game material heís gathered over the years.  Now that would make on heck of a C.A.C. season video, and pull in the dough.  Can we just make yours available for public consumption?

 Ricky: Iíve been ìaskedî by a few members of the team to make the videos available for viewing the next day or there would be consequences.  Itís also why I receive limited playing time to ensure that I have enough energy to edit the videos into the late hours after each game.  Unfortunately, the videos are set to self destruct after each viewing, so that no evidence of foul play will ever be discovered.



Weíre focusing on you Annie, these guys are too focused on themselves.  I want your take on these guys.  Biggest weakness, greatest strength, biggest whiner, greatest overachiever, etcÖdonít hold anything back!

Annie: Ricky’s greatest strength is his encouragement to his fellow team mates / friends.. but of course I’m biased!!

Ricky: Oh man, please donít embarrass me anymore than you already areÖpeople probably now think Iím like the mascot or something, like Lucky, without the flips.

Eric: Annie is slightly biased towards Ricky, and against Jason (whom she
calls Butterfingers)

Annie: Anyway, greatest strength is obviously their speed to run up and down the court.  So biggest weakness is thus their size, but adding Javeri to the B1E squad and the hopefully the strong comeback of Mr. Montross in B1N (Iím not really sure who this is, but Mike keeps calling Eric that), they will give the teams some much needed size.

Also, individually, I would like to say that Thuy has some anger management issues, but overall good guy.  Hopefully he hasnít damage too many of the gymís properties as I, the GM, have maxed out on the insurance liabilities claims for the season, maybe perhaps the year.

Biggest whiner?!?!  These guys?  I plead the fifth, see no whiner, hear no whiner.  I have to deal with enough internal player conflicts as is, please donít start any more trouble.

Finally, the overachiever and great competitor nomination will have to go the Dinh Man, he even has the skills to boot…


Ok, since you wouldnít take the bait above, how about this time?  How does everyone feel about having to bend their games to Dihnís will? 

Eric: The more that Mike runs, the less I have to run.  As the elder spiritual leader of the team, I like to take a more laz…er, zen approach to my game.

Thuy: Mike canít win without me, so he bends to my game or we ainít going to win.

Mike: I think I have to bend my game for my teammates, my teammatesí jobs are easy.  Play solid defense and hit the WIDE open shots I create for them!


Caitlin gave him the nickname MJ, and I think it fits, he does dominate the ball. I mean I know he makes it look like heís getting everyone involved with all those assists, but donít lie, he gets them all because you guys are always in good position to shoot.

Ricky: The real reason why Mike actually passes the ball is because his wife (who is also a fan) says so.  There is really no other explanation besides that.


This season, you guys seem to run a little bit less, especially in the B1 North.  Is this a result of the big man being added to the roster?  I had nightmares of watching Thuy or Dihn take a made hoop and hock the ball all the way down the court for an easy lay-up.  Tell the truth, adding Javeri was made in direct correlation with the Suns taking on Shaq.  Same mindset?

Mike: For the current B1 North season, we have never run an up-tempo style game.  If you look at the tapes itís mainly only me running up and down the court.  As for the rest of them theyíre chilling and relaxing (I got the tapes to prove it).

Thuy: Adding Javeri will provide some much needed inside presence, and also to take some of the rebounds away from Mike, since he ëstealsí them from his teammates while we fight so hard boxing out.


So by now, everyone knows about the Curse, and how wins are especially hard to come by when Iím roaming the balcony, but what did you guys do specifically to raise my ire?  I mean, itís not like Thuy took me out when we played B1 North last season.  Follow up : Now that you broke it last week, are wins going to be easier to come by, or am I redoubling my efforts?  The easiest way to banish the curse? Well that would be to make it out to league night out and pay for my drinks, of course.

Eric: Just submit the expense report to the GM (Annie).  And no, drunken photos of you holding up a peace sign do not an expense report make. We need receipts god-dammit.

Annie: Please, no more ëexpense reportsí submitted to me, Iím running a losing business here.  Iíve been told that my GM skills are similar to that of the New York Knicks, over paid players with no results.

Ricky: I guess we sacrificed wins for good write ups.  For some of us, itís all about the entertainment value.  But seriously, the North has great competition, as TBD experienced last season and now Steamboats this season.  All the guys not only have size, but skills as well.  The only thing we hope is to give each team a challenge as the season(s) goes.


If youíre offering to cover my tab at the next League Night Out, on February 29th at Tommy Doyleís in Kendall Square, Iíll be more than glad to save my receipts!!

You guys were recently voted as having the Best Fans on the Message Boards, garnering 9 of the 14 total votes for your teams.  Whatís the secret to bringing so many great fans to all your games?  Everyone could use that bit of advice. 

Eric: We pay those [fans] a dollar a game.

Annie: I suppose it’s the competitive nature of the sport or it could be the Mike / Thuy Combo.  They really know how to work the court, that’s for sure…

Ricky: We figured if we bring a bunch of Asians to the game and crowd the balcony it might scare the other teams away, which sadly has not worked out.  It could be because our ëfansí are just not that intimidating.  Perhaps they should all wear black suits and black shades.  Hmmm, that might just work


So a little Crazy 88s action? 

I’ll admit that I can only find one weakness.  The lack of signs supporting you guys on the balcony.  Surely by now youíve noticed that the womenís league has started hanging signs.  Whereís the love for the Steamboats and TBD up there?!?

Annie: No signage by me theyíre too much work.  I already hold up the camcorder, what more do you want from me?!? We wouldn’t want to embarrass any of them, now would we?!? HAHAH

Eric: Please Note: our spiritual leader and elder statesman is also our graphic designer. Signs will be forthcoming.

Mike: Donít worry; weíve got signs and posters soon!


I expect big things and can’t wait to see them represented on the Balcony!  I have a feeling there will be plenty of embarrassment to go around.  Thanks for putting up with all of my probing inquiries, and hopefully your increased attention in the publicís eyes wonít lead to a melt down of your clubs.  Heck I might keep this up as a weekly thing now, since you guys did all the hard work.