Thanks to the CAC

This weekend, I popped my fundraising cherry and you CACers did not disappoint, except the B2 South, whose league I run and bend over backwards for.  One way street!!!  You guys didnt even fake it for me you self centered, pro-cancer dueshes!  Ok, that’s a tad harsh on my boys from the Dirty, Dirty, but in all seriousness, got to get my thank you on.

Mazz, JPress, CPW, RoY, and Watchel

Spinney, Dirtybrow, Lee, Larkin, and James

Preston, Royce, Kreg Peerless, and Fizzle

You guys made it to the final four and the final 6 and I was pulling for you.  Despite the fact that I lost my side bet to have a CAC team win it all, you guys lost to the team that has a legit 17 year old heading to Notre Dame next year to play ball (except for SPinney’s team, you guys lost to the other High School team who hit 3 game winners at the last second on the day).  This kid was throwing down dunks, ally oops and draining 3’s.  He grew up in that gym, so it was rigged.  He must have been getting the Jordan calls to best my boys.  Either way, guys, thanks for putting teams in and thanks for balling hard.  Shout out to Mazz, who loves to fcuk with me when Im on edge, which rarely ever happens.  Dude is like a shark smelling blood.

Kenon from the Women’s league.  I never met you and you brought up 2 teams from Providence, one of which made it all the way through the winner’s bracket, but lost to kid Notre Dame in the championship game.  You rock and thanks for contributing.

To Josh and Tibbs, you guys definately hooked it up with the Tommy Points and for the Raffle Prizes.  Way to come through for a great cause.

To the other staff that hyped up the tourney (LWeezey, Wolverine, BFab, and anyone else who I forgot)

To Bob the Ref, if you werent already the man for holding it down with me on Tuesday nights, you are more so for volunteering to REF all day.  Yes, there is someone alive who would voluntarily get yelled at all day.  But, you are married, so you must be use to it.

To all those who attended the after party and got DOWN…Mike Gerrity, the AK, Spinney the Pooh (who laid out a high school kid at the tournament with a hard foul….hahahaha Cmonnnnnn Mannnnn), Dirtybrow (who continues to get it done with the ladies no matter how many marbles he talks with in his mouth), James, Lee, Macho, the Ripleys, Fizzle, ZParker and anyone else who you brought and tossed some money around like PacMan Jones at the Raffles and 50/50, you guys rock.

It was a great time and a great tournament.  Most of you dont even know my boy Al, but still treated him like fam, so if I can ever return the favor without being on my back or knees, please let me know