The Box: Kellie Fournier

For those who don’t know, Kellie is probably the most talented female baller of the women’s league and arguably the men’s too, she would def go first round in the A1. Sadly, sunnier skies and southern living have lured her away and she will be leaving us, but I want to make sure CAC sends her out with a BANG!

Kellie, we’re breaking some serious ground today. Not only are you the first guest I’ve brought into the Box but you are also officially the first female and the tallest!! So, thanks for taking some time out of your busy moving schedule to sit down with me and rattle the skeletons for our CAC audience. It takes a brave soul to participate in a pilot interview with an envelope pusher such as myself. Luckily, like most of my other material, I’m ripping off TiCal’s interview format since I’m familiar with it and it gets the job done.

1)      Formalities first (hands Kellie a robe). Sorry, rules are rules, but while you get comfy, please share with the CAC audience a little about yourself, where you grew up, how you got so tall, some details about your bball career and why you turned the WNBA down, you know all the stalkerish kind of info that facebook asks you to list in your profile.

I grew up in the small town of Westport, MA, which is about an hour from Boston.  I went to Bryant University in Smithfield, RI where I played on the Women’s Basketball Team with fellow teammate Colleen Mclaughlin.  I don’t know how I got so tall but I was average height until I grew 6 inches during my freshman year in high school and never looked back.

Must have been those vitamins you were taking. So how about off the court, what tickles your fancy?

In my spare time, if the sun is shining, you can find me at the beach.

Amen to that. I’m a sun-worshipper myself. God knows I wasn’t born with this evenly glowing radiance.

2)      So What brings you south? What state was it you’ve left us for?? Will you miss us and keep us updated on any other rec bball leagues you are destined to dominate??

I am coming to you live from DC where I just moved and had to search 15 minutes for a pair of clean underwear which I fished out of a trash bag of misc. clothing.

Sounds like the start to my every morning.

I moved to DC for a bunch of reasons including continued education, warmer weather, and of course the obvious, free museums.(cough) overrated (cough)  I will indeed miss the CAC and my team, who better win the whole thing or I’m going to be pissed, and I’ve found a couple leagues down here I’m hoping to play in. 

Well, If the Pink Ninja’s have anything to do with it you might want to line things up with a therapist down there, cuz Ladies First is goin downnnn.

3)      You’ve had an extremely successful career at CAC, often sitting comfortably at the top of the player rater and yet no MVP nods, do you feel as though you’ve been robbed of this award??? After all Pack-A-Vest sleeping with the Prez!!

The only reason I’m ever at the top of the player rater is because of blocks.

[shudders] please, don’t remind me. You’ve served me up a number of those only blocks more times than my mom can stand to hear about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone home crying.

 I’ve never been the leading scorer on any of my teams.  I think I actually got co-MVP with Magic one time but I’ve also been known to think we won games which we lost so who knows.  You can ask Erin about that one.  As far as being robbed, there are plenty of good players I’ve played with who have rightfully won the award, even if they are sleeping with Tibbs.  Mostly, I just don’t care what anyone thinks about my game. 

4)      Tell everyone a little about your Ladies First team. What brought you all together and how you’re just so damn good??

Ladies first has evolved over time.  It was originally Erin’s team I believe.  Colleen and I met Erin in college because she was good friends with one of our teammates.  We were in Boston, she needed teammates and it all kind of just fell into place.  I believe Erin was also responsible for Danielle, Laura, and Fay.  We needed another so I called Ashley, who also went to Bryant.  Most of us played in college. 

Never hurts to have connections, how else would Tori Spelling escaped her mother’s womb alive, nevermind onto a 1990’s cult television show that they are reviving and STILL letting her star in??

5)      You’re leaving your team high and dry with play-offs right around the corner. Have any of them attempted to pay you off to stick around a few more weeks? Do you think they will be able to defeat my team, the Ninjas without you this time around??

As much as I wish I could stay the timing just didn’t work out.  There are a bunch of strong teams capable of winning in the league but I’m hoping they can pull it out. 

6)      Ok, enough about on the court stuff. What about off the court…where are the predators of CAC likely to find a bunch of fine athletic women to prey on? Explain a typical evening out with the finest of Ladies First

To be completely honest I don’t really see a lot of my teammates, Colleen excluded, outside of the CAC but have been known to hit up Warren Tavern for a few frosty brews. 

WT! That’s a fine place to grab a brew, or a cougarówhichever satisfies your pallet. It’s too bad you’ll be missing the next LNO.

7)      If you’re a Boston Sports fan, will you continue to maintain a faithful long distance relationship with the Sox, Celts, Pats??

I am and always will be a New England sports fan.  I hear there is quite a Red Sox following here in DC so I’m hoping to become friends with a few of them. 

As long as you stay away from those sausage swallowing political piranhas in blue dresses, those are not the kind of folk you want to be befriending.

8)      Do you have any strong feelings regarding the Manny Ramirez Situation?

I don’t really have strong feelings about it.  I think Manny is a great hitter and he’ll certainly be hard to replace.  I haven’t really been following how Jason bay has been playing with the move and all but if he didn’t want to be in Boston then I think it’s best he left. 

9)      Who will you miss most from CAC…Tibbs or Ocal??

I’m not even sure who Ocal is so I guess Tibbs wins by default.

Tibbs by default; that’s the story of his life. And it’s not surprising that you probably couldn’t see OCal from way up there.

10)   What Will you do with the extra 500$ a year that you normally spend on CAC bball?

Hmmm, I’ll probably spend some of it on the leagues down here, maybe I’ll use the rest to buy myself a decent pair of basketball sneakers. 

As long as your expectations aren’t too high I’m sure those rinky dink leagues down in (Ooooo) DeeeeeCeeeee (OOooooo) can’t offer nearly as much as CAC can. But then again you always seemed like one of those less fuss & frill more bball kinda playersóas anyone of your caliber would be.

Any last words for the establishment??

In closing, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone at the CAC and kick some ass Ladies First. 

Thank you, Kellie. It’s been a pleasure playing against you. On behalf of CAC we wish you the best, and don’t forget we’ll leave the light on for yaÖ