The Draft Recaps – Part I

B Draft League

I know the new season is always imminent when the Draft Leagues hold their online drafts.  Like the first leaf you see that’s red instead of green, it’s a sign of change.  Personally, after having been away from the Draft Leagues for nearly a year (Fall 2010 Champ yo!) I was amped to get these underway, even if it meant I’m probably a bit behind on getting everything ready for the Fall 2011 season.

That’s probably more my fault than anyone else’s.  Onto the recaps!

B Draft – 10 AM Tuesday

Everyone was on the Draft board by 9:45, except half the captains of course.  Throughout the Draft we had about 20 pairs of eyes watching the goings on and trying to keep up.  I’m shocked, and a little sad, that Kap didn’t poke his virtual head in and call us all losers.

This is the first season we’ve mixed up the Draft in a major way.  The Captain’s pool of APR was tight enough for the League to approve a snake draft, AND a random draft order.  There were some big winners (Matty, Noah) and losers (Linton, Kolbe) effected by the changes, but in general, I thought it was going to work out really well. Matty went the extra step to provide you all with a video breakdown of the Lottery. Let’s see that again.


Great work Matty!
To start the draft, Serge doesn’t know anyone, so he took the best player in the league #1 and the newest CAC househould name, Mike Strange, since he’s in both Drafts this season.  Serge told me to pick the rest of his team if he wasn’t around.  With 18 more picks until he makes one, he has a LOT of time to kill.

With two teams to auto-draft, I pick STAT with the #2 pick and hand him the reigns to the Castaways to draft for himself.  The first round guys in the A Draft love that, they get to pick who they play with and almost always pick guys who won’t shoot nearly as much as them. Don’t worry, Stat has learned well in his short time at CAC and followed their blueprint.

Matty Bells, the self proclaimed “Master of the Draft”, the Grand Poobah, the Fantastic Florist (ok now I’m getting carried away) gets another one of his ‘boys’ in the first round that could turn out to be the best player in the league.  This season, it’s Josh Barrett.

After the top 5 picks, it’s a mess at the end of the first round. Almost everyone is trying to trade down or out of the first round completely.  No dice for any of them.  Jtho, normally a reach at 6, is actually good value and McCauley, Barrett and Joe Z are no-brainer first rounders

Jesse surprises everyone by going Rookie/Rookie.  I didn’t think he had it in him to adapt to what was available on the board. Maybe he learned from last season’s mistakes after all.  I mean he does have 1 of the 3 B Draft Titles under his belt.

The trades start to come hot and heavy in the 2nd round.  After speculation that there’d be a ton of trades, and then no action in the first round, we were all a little disappointed. But then Matty flipped his 2nd and 5th picks to Ian-Auto (ME!) for my 3rd and 4th and the frenzy was on.  Drew, a little upset about his spots, flipped 3 trades over the course of the next half hour to draft a total of 5 players while trading away 6 picks.  That’s impressive work for a guy in just his second season as a captain.  Will it result in his first playoff appearance at CAC though?

As we got into the  third and fourth round, guys started taking longer to draft players. Reading bios on players and doing a quick google search takes a bit longer than just looking at a guy’s past and expected numbers.

As always with the B Draft, it’s these rookies that are going to have the biggest impact.  This is still a young league (for CAC) so guys aren’t as ‘established’ as they are in the A Draft, and honestly, I think that’s a good thing.  There are 18 complete noobs to the CAC experience with another 6 guys that are new to the B Draft. That’s 24 of the 50 guys that are being drafted.  Flyers are taken early and often on guys based on their league sign-up.

Here are some of the captain’s favorite lines from the rookies that signed up:

“Im a big fat guy that likes to foul and get fouled” – the hit of the draft that was quote and reworked about a few dozen times
“I started playing basketball about 20 years ago” – so, what happened since then?
“…don’t count on me for scoring.” – good, there are enough chuckers in this league
“guaranteed at least 2 WTF bad moments/game” – oh Rugga
“Comments: im a point guard” – we knew someone was trying to sneak someone else past us, and we all knew it was Jamil.

Once again the draft took just under 2 hours, and compared to the 4 hour affairs of last year, we’re moving in the right direction.  The goal is to start and finish these things in an hour.  We’ll get there, hopefully next season.  But in the meantime, you all have 9 regular season games to play, plus the playoffs.  Here are my quick rankings for the teams in the league. I’m sure Jesse and Matty will give you more in-depth analysis later in the week. Stay tuned for the full league schedule.

10 – The Bad Guys – Noah sacraficed the middle of his draft to pick-up Reaves and I don’t know if it was worth it.  Not that Reaves shouldn’t have been taken at #11, he definitely is a steal at any point in the second round, just if the sacrafice was too great. Noah didn’t pick again for 20 spots, and I’m not sure if the bench and rookie are going to be able to carry the load.  Yes, Burridge, defense, blocks, blah blah blah, but Reaves is going to have to make another ‘leap’ for this team to make the playoffs.

9 – The Comeback Kids – Kolbe’s first season as a captain got off to a bad start when he slipped from the expected #4 pick in the draft all the way down to no-man’s land at #7.  That was the one spot where I had no idea what to do in the mocks.  So yea, this team has a long, tough climb ahead of it to make the playoffs. I know McCauley came on strong last season, but he’ll need to average 35ppg on this team.

8 Revenge of the Rippers – Jesse needs a new gimmick, but he’s not going to drop it until he wins another ‘chip.  What he did change this season was his willingness to go after rookies early and often.  His first 2 picks are complete unknowns and will completely control how good this team is or isn’t.  For the love of christ, can we keep Jesse out of the ASG game this season? Complete embarassment!

7 – Supertastic Pseudonyms – Drew hasn’t made the B Draft playoff his first 2 seasons but I think he has enough fire power on this team to squeak in. Matteson could be the STEAL of the draft at #24 and I’m shocked that the Fantastic Florist didn’t take him @ #23.

6 – Castaways – STAT puts up the numbers, as his nickname suggests, but can he be the player that makes his teammates better, leading them to playoff wins, while still getting his? We’re going to find out this season, as the team is was hand selected by the man himself

5 – Choke on This – Noah is all fired up about Khamal (despite having done his google homework on him and trading away his #24 pick when he could have stolen him from Linton) but with Jamil missing the first 5 weeks of the season, it won’t matter.  That means he’d need to play in 4 games in a row just to qualify for the playoff roster and has Jamil ever played in 4 games in a row?  I think the early schedule will provide some setbacks in such a competitive league, and the team won’t have enough time to successfully add Jamil to the chemistry mix to do damage in the postseason.

4 – Fraggle CAC –  Randall sent me a list of guys he wanted and I did my best to follow it. “Best Available” = Gam, “Size”=Aziz, “Rookie Flyer”=Koeris (who can’t get enough of CAC already despite having yet to play a game), and “Whatever”=handing the reigns to Gam the last 2 round.  I like this squad, Burke was an unreal steal at #36 and will never be drafted outside the top 20 again.

3 – The Good Guys – I don’t actually like this team or what Matty did this season, but given his history (2 B Draft Titles – 1 face plant) I had to put this team at either the top of the league or the bottom.  You never, ever, EVER put a team with Josh Barrett at the bottom of the preseason rankings. Dude’s a beast and can single-handedly carry a team for 40 minutes. I think Matty over thought this draft so don’t be surprised if he follows up another ‘chip with a 1 win season either. No idea about the rooks on this crew, but SanClemente at 38 is intriguing enough for me to think Matty did another bang-up job.  Man I really can’t decide how I feel about this team.

2 – YEAH BUDDY! – Just ask Serge how often I rank his Draft teams high, it’s never.  But I think the new Snake rules actually helped him out, a lot! I made sure that he took a couple CAC vets in Nolan and Rugga (even though he ‘doesn’t know who anyone is’ and Rugga claims “I shouldn’t be drafted before the backboard’).  Do you see the team Strange carried last season? Yea, I’m mocking you Matty! Strange has a better supporting cast around him this time and they’ll challenge for the title.

1 – Kickin Rocks – the team name comes from Bachelor Pad (great trashy TV show btw) and was the auto-draft team I hung onto.  After swindling Matty Bells out of his 2nd round pick, I reunited former teammates Brian Barrett and Tom Walles and provided them with the best PG in the league (Extreme Speed – no it’s not KingReaves). Plus I’ve done my homework on the rookies, they’ll contribute immediately and Rubiano is vastly underrated.  This team walks away with the title.
Part II (The A Draft) coming later today!