The Franchise League – 2nd Offseason Update

In an effort to continually improve the off-season, the Franchise League rules have been subtly tweaked and changed to try and make the process run as smoothly as possible, while also being super, super complicated. This is a rec league after all people.

If a captain spot opens up (either Kuz or Matty’s) for the Winter 2014 season, we will have having a game of 1v1 between Noah and DRuff to determine who will be welcomed into the fold as a new captain. This WILL be recorded and posted for all the world to see, we are very excited about it.

Here are the new set of rules regarding the offseason period prior to the Winter 2014 season. Many rules have not changed, some have. Read them. Learn them. Live them.

2nd Off-season

Captains can cut 1 player under contract each season for a $2.0 penalty against the cap (cap hit) for the following season.

Captains are not penalized with a cap hit if a player decides to not return between seasons. That cap money is immediately freed up and available for use heading into the free agent period. A player not returning the following season does not count as a ‘cut’ against a captain.

No cuts can be made after free agency starts. Deadline for cuts will be determined each season (Winter 2014: 1/5/14)

“Free” Agency

Any player who’s contract has expired, or has been cut, and is also returning for the following season up will be subject to the rules of free agency.

Contracts to free agents, and auction pool players, can only be offered as a whole number or tenth of a decimal

To sign a player captains must also have enough cap space to sign additional players to get to the required 6 players

All bids are made known to all the captains so each captain has a chance to bid on each player. Free agents are given the option to sign with any team that makes a contract offer that is within $1 of the highest bid.

Free Agent Xavier Holland
Offer 1 – From Matty Bells – 1 season @ $14.5
Offer 2 – From Sam Boyer – 2 seasons @ $13.6 and $16.6
Offer 3 – From Nate Mendes – 1 season @ $10

STAT could choose Offer 1 or 2 and Offer 3 would not be eligible as it isn’t within $1 of the highest offer.

A 24 hour Counter Deadline will be set when a High Offer has been made on a Free Agent. The Deadline will only be extended if a new High Offer is made. Any Offer that comes in below the High Offer does not affect the Deadline. When the Deadline has been reached the Free Agent has a maximum of 6 hours to announce the team it will sign with the following season, if there are multiple offers to choose from.

Free Agents are not eligible for contract extensions after the free agency period is over. Captains that wish to retain the rights to free agents for 2 seasons must include the second season in their offer.

“Free” Agency period will be determined each season (WINTER 2014: 1/5/14 – 1/10/14)

*NEW* Rules regarding captains options and powers during Free Agency:

Counter Deadline is only advanced when a new High Offer is made on a Free Agent.
Captains cannot lower their offer on a Free Agent once it has been made.
Captains that wish to withdraw their bid on players can do so, but they cannot bid on that player again until a new High Offer has been made.
Captains can bid on only the number of players they need to round out their roster, plus 2 additional offers. If a captain has 3 roster openings, he can only have 5 bids out on players at any given time.

Contract Restructuring
Any player on a 2 season (non Bird Rights) deal can have their contract restructured provided a captain has the salary cap room in the current season to offset the cost of the next season. At no time may the value of the first season of the contract be equal to or exceed that of the second season

Example: Player A – S1 – $24,4000,000 S2- 29,400,000
Contract Restructure – S1 – 26,800,000 S2 – 27,000.000
This is provided that the captain in question has 2.5 in cap room in the CURRENT (S1) season

Bird Rights Contracts are not eligible for Contract Restructuring.

Bird Rights
Any player that has played 2 consecutive seasons on the same contract (either for the same team or, if traded, playing out the second season of a contract) is eligible to be resigned by the team that holds that players rights for a discount over two seasons. Bird Rights contract offers are a MATCH of the highest bid offered on a free agent, with a 25% discount. Bird Rights contract offers are not eligible to be used to make offers that would price other teams out of making contract offers on that free agent

Offer 1 – non-Bird Rights high bid – 2 seasons @ $8 and $10
Offer 2 – Bird Rights Match – 2 seasons @ $6 and $8

This allows the free agent to always choose which offer he wants to accept. Teams with a player’s Bird Rights cannot offer a discounted contract worth more than the maximum amount offered by a team that doesn’t have his Bird Rights.

A captain can rescind their Bird Rights on a player if they wish to try and price out other offers by offering $1.1 more than another player can. Once a captain has rescinded a player’s Bird Rights they cannot be reclaimed that off-season.

Bird Rights contracts cannot be restructured.

Additional Notes
Trades can be completed until noon on the day of the start of the regular season (WINTER 2014: 1/21/14).
Contract extensions to rookies must be made by noon on the day of the third week of the regular season (WINTER 2014: 2/4/14).
The Auction Draft (WINTER 2014: 1/5/14) marks the start of the Off Season period.