The Mailbag VII

Boom Boom – Fire Power!!

Wow I need a life, I’ve done VII of these?? Yikes.  Oh and yes, I’m going to refer to every number in this mailbag as it’s roman numeral equivalent.  For those of you that think I live and die by # LIV (54 – both my high school AND C.A.C. number, by pure coincidence, as the Commish simply handed me the first XL he came across), you’re wrong.  VII has been my favorite number since I don’t know when.  I wish I had some great story about when that happend, but I don’t, it was a religious thing, and as you can see here ( where my sister put that down in great detail.  Thanks Tibbs Lite, that’s just what I wanted everyone to know!
Anyway, last season I did a mailbag after week II and it seemed to go over really well, so here’s a cross sampling off all the emails, texts, voicemails and gchats that I get on a regular basis.

Dude, you were in my DREAMS last night, so was Caitlin and Boot ~JBerr
I liked where that was headed, but alas, it was somthing about killer basketball monsters or some such nonsense.  It had potential though, just like this mailbag! In the end, both will dissapoint.

Off the Record?

-Everyone that talks to me on GChat
At least it feels like it’s everyone that talks to me on GChat.  The mailbag is a double edged sword, guys go out of their way to email me random ridiculousness, but on the other hand, they know any dirt they spill could make it here. A good many chats go by the wayside because they’re ‘off the record’.  Good thing I don’t have that much integrity, or this thing would be boring as hell!!

In an effort to be more like ‘Fingerroll Jackson’ and ‘Deuce Steals’, I decided that I want to be the first player to be known strictly by their given nickname: ‘Drama.’
Call it a take-off on the European/Brazilian soccer one-name characteristic.  Call it Edison Arantes do Nascimento or Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima.  Pele and Ronaldo, respectively.
Either way, I figured this might be a pain, but if it is not too much trouble, I think it would be funny and, maybe(?), good for the league. Let me know if this can be done.

Hell yea I can do that!!
In fact, I’m all for Balboa starting this trend.  Who’s next? Sure you won’t be able to google your stats by your name if you make this change then you’d be forever as Loaf, or The Ghost, or Double Clutch, or Jumpman, or whatever other ridiculous nickname a scorekeeper has given you.
Don’t believe me? Check it out

Yo Tibbs, this is Sean Murray…The Boom King
Voicemail left by the Boom King

See what I mean?? I love it when C.A.C. guys refer to themselves as their nicknames. That had me cracking up for a while.

Ken: Yea Raj said they were good but drinking buddies and out of shape
me: hahah nothing like working their way back into it then
Ken: These two dudes are going to be studs I can feel it

You know how I know ken likes his studs?  I told him that was going to make the next mailbag.

An entire blog is just SO MUCH EFFORT – JBerr

I feel your pain JBerr and I’m only halfway through this one…

Hey Jason – I had sent Tibbs an updated roster and team name, that I am not seeing in this email…not a big deal, but I think taht should be remedied- the guys on my team are going to be wondering where their names are at. Thanks, please let me know if you have any questions.  ~Anon
Someone clearly doesn’t know that jason and tibbs are the same guy.  But really I blame the plethera of email addresses I have.  To make things even more confusing, I’ve got one final email change to throw at all of you.  Forget ALL the other emaill addresses, and send everything to Thats right, I’ve changed it again. I just love gmail and am sick of you all using my personal address.  I know you think I have no other life outside C.A.C. but I do, sometimes, and want to be able to find it amongst all your ramblings, complaining about stats, courts and refs.  Is that too much to ask?

I am trying to add an outside shooter and a 6’6″ guy. My goal is to be the next Genzyme. I have told our group here that we need to recruit people to work here that have previous experience in playing internal basketball and have held D1 scholarships!! ~KWest
So they want to be Genzyme, but hopefully without all the hate. I can get behind that, keep recruiting Westy!!

hey, it is E-Love from committment. haha. I have registered for the board few months ago, but it still doesn’t work. Do you know why? 
Like hey, guess what, dont make your screen name sound like a porn sign up, and i wont delete it!! Seriously, I just assume it was one of the dozens of internet porn sites that the message board gets bombarded with on a daily basis.

Can’t do this sunday. My bro’s bachelor party is in Vegas, so I’m hittin up Sin City for the weekend. – O’Cal
Every time I get an email like this from someone I ask to fill in it just pisses me off. Oh you’re going to Vegas, great that means I’m the one stuck at C.A.C. watching more games.  Don’t tell me your going to Vegas, at least tell me you got crabs so I don’t envy you.  Plus, it being O’Cal, that’s a believable excuse.

Yep. Is Layman the tall guy? I guess there are a lot of people out there
who are looking for me to either get together (cougars, ex’s, CAC ballers)
or kill me (cougars, ex’s, CAC ballers)…

Technically no, but he is one of the newest C.A.C. scribes, and he’s covering the C5v5 West this season.  As for all those people out there that are stalking the Wolverine, well now he knows what it’s like to be the prey for once.  Seriously though, about 40 people a week find the website by google searching the Wolverine, that’s a scary thought…

You will get a kick out of this – my wife and I are trying to move from Charlestown out to the burbs.  The only reason I dont want to leave the  city is because of CAC.  It sounds as ridiculous as it is. – Anon
He’s just another guy taking in his weekly dose of CACaine, as Gripp so keenly coined it in one of her write-ups last week.  Oh that’s right, not only do I pen about 24 of those a week, I also take the time to read everyone elses.  Yea, talk about being way too involved.  Even the Commish thinks I’m micro managing at this point.

This will sound gay – but not trying to go Bromance on ya.  I respect everything you do.  I just want to clear the air and any perceived ìdisrespectî on the chat boards is just that – perceived.  For the two of us to ìhate on each otherî makes for better copy and banter on the boards.  You know that and we play the roles well.  But thatís all it is ñ roles. ~The Emperor

Ha! did you hear that! He admited it! BFab likes me, he really, really likes!!

I still hate the Evil Empire, for those wondering…

So Tibbs…I was just chatting with JBerr about the Womens 4v4 league and how much it sucks that they only have 5 teams and there’s always a bye week. Jokingly, I said that we should put the 6 worst guys from A1 together and fill in the last w4v4 team slot. She thought that was a great idea.
Cake & Sprinkles

Hahaha, of course she’d think that was a good idea, but how would we pick those 6 players? Put 10 names in a hat? Ask them if they wanted to play? Bribedd them? Hmm, I’ll have to think this over some more.

“Tibbs, I’m so sorry, I’ll never doubt your skillz again” FHF
At least, that’s what he will be saying after I whoop his @$$ before the lunch run pickup today!!

I love passing out early day drunk ~M3
If you’re reading this I assume that you do too, which actually seems like a good idea right now.  Everyone enjoy their Memorial Day weekend, and don’t forget to keep the emails coming!