The Mailbag XI Part I

I owed you one

Mailbag XI Part I

I started this Mailbag at the beginning of the Winter season, and as usual, the follow through leaves something to be desired. Kind of like my jumper I guess. Since I’ve gotten a lot of new material these last 6 months I’m going to pump out a mega two part mailbag.  Man I really need to stop deliberately ripping off better writers.

By now the Roman numeral thing is getting silly, but has that ever stopped me before?  There are some gems and some duds in Part I, pretty much like all the others. Remember people, you’re the ones contributing to this thing, so get at me!  There are literally like 5 ways to reach me (emailfacebooktwitter, text or call – just don’t expect me to answer your phone call or check my voicemail).

Before I get to all of your b!tching and whining, I’d like to get a little something off my chest.  I’m getting old, mentally and physically, I know this, but I was so wrecked by a hangover all Sunday Morning that I came up with a Tibbs Top 5 reasons he Hates Going Out in Public

#5 Cabs/the T – Boston Cabs suck and the T is never where I want it to be, when I want it to be.  God I’m getting old and cranky.
#4 The Touching – look I know it’s crowded but at least make an effort not to molest me on your way to grope that 24 year old 5th year senior you saw across the room broseph.
#3 Hangovers – took me til 3 pm the next day to function
#2 I literally do NOT know how to not say “put it on my tab” #doublenegative
#1 Expectations – I’m not single and 24 any more (thank god on both accounts) so if I say I’m coming out, it’s only 50/50 that I actually am, and if I do, well then I better get plastered to make it ‘worth it’.  This inevitably leads to soul crushing hangovers the next day. Man I hate going out in public.

Yea that was from like a month ago – this thing is so scattered. Anyone know a good editor?  Onto your emails!

Don’t know if anybody will read this…but damn I miss cac!  Best league ever.  Continued success to you guys this new year! ~Akhil
Just when I was thinking that no one read or responded to the newsletters that I work so hard on, I got this unexpected email. Makes my day when people send those (they’re few and far between) so had to include it to kick things off.

This shall ruin productivity today/tomorrow- 
That’s actually from me, to all of you, you’re welcome. Also, wildly underrated show.

Our rival’s best player was suspended for tonight’s bball battle. We asked to have him reinstated. That takes BALLS. (And was not my idea.) ~altschuller 
One of my favorite tweets my you mother CACers from last, last season. Altschu let it be known that his team wanted to play and beat the best. What a silly rookie squads, clearly you take any win where you can get one!

@CACBasketball I cannot WAIT for thursday night bball to start ~greenwood2325 
One more tweet, but looking back, maybe #WC wished they had played B1 instead of A2.  Nah, nothing like grinding your ax against the best there is at Wall Ball.

PR – 11th, OPR – T-13, DPR – 11th, 3s – 10th, Rebs – 18th (8.4 at my size!), Asst – 4th, Stls – 1st! ~AllStar SNUB
Someone who I wont name (hint: rhymes with CRAP and he’s clearly not a Legend) thought he should have been an A Draft all-star last season, clearly he’s wrong. If he was right, he wouldn’t have been a fourth round draft pick this season!

U can take me off this list given my early retirement due to my hip ~The Original NateDog
God I hate it when that happens, first Filosa retired due to a receding hair line, and now Nate is done because of his old man hips?? Who’s next, Kap’s hump getting hurt? Maybe

When are the A 5V5 Awards coming?  I know no one really reads them but hey Capital P and I did the B1 5v5 East awards and no one read those so that shouldn’t be an excuse.  Especially since I think the GM of the Year award should be coming to yours truly.
Lastly what happen to the Championship game videos online?  As a suggestion, I think the stats should be included somewhere too.  You know how I love stats. – DRuff
Quite a mouthful from DRuff.  Hey did you know we have our own youtube page now?  Champ videos from the Winter 2011 season will be posted there by the end of June and we’ll have quicker turnaround time next season.  Stats? eh that’d be tougher, I’m developing an idea (so really, haven’t done much) for upgrading the wall of champs to include box scores and write-ups as well. All in good time, you know how long it takes to get champ apparel around here.
As for part 2 of your email (in part 1 of the bag!) Coverage of the A 5v5 has been taken over by CAC rook Roache, and he’s done a solid job so far, I’m going to give him the reigns for the foreseeable future.  Awards a plenty to go around. What’s that, Ruff isn’t playing this season? That’s too bad.

The quadruple double would’ve been nice.   Jtho is padding his own stats tho, he just moved up the player rater over night. U gotta fix that kid. ~JMAse
This is not the first time I’ve heard accusations of staffers changing their own stats.  JTho joins the prestigious list of RoY and KAP as guys looking out for #1.  I’d accuse Five Hard Fouls of doing the same, but his stats are abysmal, no way he’s making them worse, right?!

OK, so first you write that you predict that I’ll take the invitation to e-mail with feedback to heart, then you leave me off of the stats sheet so I HAVE to write in.  Here you go, Nostradamus…
I think you gave my stats to Matt Cuccaro. I had 5 points and don’t recall Cuccaro shooting any 3s.  Also, thank you for not keeping track of missed 2 pt field goals. Thanks! ~Joey B – GNats
Heh, poor Joey, I pick on him when he sends me emails and when he doesn’t. Then I go and forget to enter him in the box score.  Whoops.  Keep sending me feedback people, I enjoy it and it gets me through my day. I might complain about it, but it’s not like I have anything better to do.

Just got finished day 3 of P90x – brutal ~BFlab
I’m pretty sure that only lasted 3 days and need not say more.

I forgot to mention that we’re (the Big Drift) now on itunes for easier download! Happy Holidays! ~Jono
Figured I’d throw Jono out to the masses and see if we can help them get them a couple more facebook Likes.  Dude’s been working his tail off in A Draft for like 3 years now, about time we did something for him!

Was one of my 10 3-point attempts you counted the half court heave I had in the closing second of the first half? If so, that shouldn’t count as a 3-point attempt. The rule is if a 3-point shot is attempted at the close of a period it doesn’t count as a shot attempt. I’ve copied Tibbs on this missage because he is very familiar with this rule and can vouch for this ~DRuff
DRuff is right, that’s the actual rule, but unfortunately for him, RoY hadn’t counted that 3. I’m pretty sure D went 1-10 in this game too. Ah well, it’s not like he’s going to stop shooting anytime soon!

In case you haven’t seen my message for you on the message boards here is my beef. As grateful as I am to be on such a talented squad (Brick Squad to be exact), the FREAKING 6 games at 9:00 are going to kill me, if my wife doesn’t first. You know I like early games. Add the fact that I’m working the night before and this makes a perfect recipe for divorce (know of any good lawyers). I’m hoping you could help a brother out and alternate 2 of the 4 games between Feb24th – Mar17th (see screenshot below). ~Andre the Giant
Oh Andres, how I’ve enjoyed your ranting and raving over the last year.  Someone has got to keep me on my toes.  Gotta say though, everyone should, by now, know that scheduling is randomized as much as possible. Sure I make the occasional exception for requests and stat-keepers, but in general, you get what you get. I don’t do it on purpose or because I hate you or am malicious. It’s just blind luck most of the time. Oh and no, once the schedule is set, I’m not changing it for you, deal with it!

I talked to my team today after looking at the stats from last night’s game, and we’d rather have accurate vs inaccurate season stats and have made the corrections in an excel file (attached, see correct stats in bold)…
I’m definitely going to stop that email right there.  This is definitely the most common email ever. People, the Stat Sheet Never Lies (unless Gerrity is your scorekeeper).  Basketball players in the heat of the moment *might* be able to track one category of ‘their’ stats during a game but no more.  And don’t get me started on assists, I know what one is, I don’t need to be told while you’re in the middle of your game (note: some noob scorekeepers might need to loosen up a bit, but that’s another email).  More to come in part 2.