The Wolverine Trap: Arnie Koh

The third installment of the Wolverine Trap will be CRFC favorite Arnie Koh. Spend one minute off the court with Arnie and you will realize why he is one of the most well like guys in the gym. Spend one minute on the court with Arnie and you will realize he has some solid hoop skills.

Wolverine: Arnie, thanks for agreeing to be on the Wolverine Trap.

Arnie: No problem. I’ll try to be witty and funny. I am in the park eating lunch watching the girls go by.

Wolverine: Life is good. Is it true that you are actually 73 years old?

Arnie: Yes (laughing), it is true.

Wolverine: What is the secret to keeping yourself looking so young?

Arnie: Genetics and the Asian skin, man.

Wolverine: How would you describe your experiences in both the A and B leagues?

Arnie: I definitely get more playing time in the B league. The talent isn’t as good, but it definitely is improving this season. I also do not feel guilty of taking too many shots instead of other people who may be better than me, like in the A league.

Wolverine: I just looked up the word ‘happy’ in the dictionary and your picture was there. Are you ever in a bad mood?

Arnie: Not really, I live the life. I work from home half the time, go to the gym, eat lunch in the park-nothing could be better.

Wolverine: Who will win the B league title this year?

Arnie: Damon’s Disciples, no doubt, in a close one with Midweek Schwag.

Wolverine: You took yourself out of a close game last week with 2 minutes to go and your team ended up losing – What was your strategy? Did you bet a brick on the other team to win or what?

Arnie: I missed a shot last week at the buzzer that would have won it, so I decided to give someone else a shot at winning it. Plus, I was on a respirator by the end of that game.

Wolverine: You are a single guy and have been spotted out on the town with the likes of CRFC leading scorer (and I am not talking about basketball here) Brian Ripley. Can marriage be in store for you in the future with this kind of lifestyle?

Arnie: It has to be – I am desperately looking for the future Ex. Mrs. Arnie Koh.

Wolverine: Ex?

Arnie: Yeah, Ex.

Wolverine: Ok, I will leave it at that, but this is exactly why we have these talks, to find out more about our players. You have been around here a while – give me your all-time starting 5 by position at CRFC, excluding the Wolverine?

Arnie: McMahon at center for sure, Poulos at small forward, McLaren and BRip at the guards. Let’s see, power forward, uhh, well, let me give Diesel some props.

Wolverine: Diesel?

Arnie: Yeah, put him in there. I told you I’d try to be funny.

Wolverine: Well done. Do you think Kobe will be back with the Lakers next year?

Arnie: He will not be a Laker next year ? I’d say he ends up in Phoenix.

Wolverine: Beyonce or Shakira?

Arnie: Beyonce, definitely.

Wolverine: You are officially out of the Wolverine Trap. Thanks again.

Arnie: Oh, great. Thanks.