The Wolverine Trap: Jon Hanson

In efforts to continue to market the B League and give the fans more access to its players, league offices have decided to add a new weekly feature: The Wolverine Trap. In the tradition of the popular Diesel talk, a player will be selected each week to answer a few questions from the Wolverine, some relating to basketball and some not. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we welcome any feedback from the fans.

The first installment of the Wolverine Trap will be with last season’s MVP Jon Hanson. Jon was also the captain of league champs Solid Gold. Not only is he one of the most talented guys in the league, he is also one of the hardest workers.

Wolverine: First, thanks for agreeing to be the first ever guest on The Wolverine Trap.

Jon: No problem. I am currently home sick from work but I will do my best here.

Wolverine: You are playing in both leagues this year. What are the main differences between the A and the B league?

Jon: First (laughing), the refereeing is a lot better in the B league. Seriously, every team in the A league has a superstar. Guys like Feddy, Shandor, Wolverine (editor’s note). Guys that can really carry a team. You don’t get that in the B league it is more of a team game and we have to rely on passing, team defense, and a different guy every night. There are very few superstars in the B league.

Wolverine: How has winning the B league MVP last year changed your life?

Jon: Well, I have dates every night  I am turning them down all over the place. I also think it was an indicator to the A League that there are some players in the B league with some talent that can play if given the minutes.

Wolverine: Is it true that at halftime you run to the lockers and soak your shirt in the shower to make it look like you are working harder than everyone else?

Jon: You know better that my shirt is drenched by halftime! It also gives me an advantage down low in the post because I slide right off the defender.

Wolverine: Where will you be during this year’s Democratic National Convention?

Jon: At the gym practicing hoops.

Wolverine: How much would it mean to you and your family if you were the first person at CRFC to be on championship teams in both the A and B leagues?

Jon: I may get taken to McDonald’s for a happy meal. What I would really like to do is win both championships in the same season. That would be great.

Wolverine: A lofty goal indeed. Give me your top 5 B League players ever.

Jon: Andy Danielson, Jason Provencher, Charles Wong, Tom Bain, and I’d have to throw in myself.

Wolverine: Speaking of throwing yourself in, Jessica or Brittney?

Jon: Jessica.

Wolverine: Are you still mad at me for not giving you enough playing time when you were on the 74’s a few season’s back?

Jon: No, my game was pretty bad at the time. I hadn’t played since college, so I do not have any ill will. I just like being on teams that win, but with not without playing time. I am really glad the B league came along. My prediction is that there will be a C league eventually once the B league becomes too competitive. But you know more about that than me.

Wolverine: If there is enough interest, we’ll have it. What is the worst call you have ever seen the Wolverine make?

Jon: Oh, man, I remember last season I got raked on both arms right in front of you, the other team came up with a steal and scored. I expect those calls to be made.

Wolverine: Ok. You are officially out of the Wolverine trap. Thanks for participating in the inaugural session.

Jon: Ok, thanks. It was an honor.