The Wolverine Trap: JPro

A and B league star Jason Provencher.

JayPro joined the CRFC family a few seasons back, debuting in the B League and then taking his skills to the A league the next season, where he averaged 20 ppg. Highlights of his time at CRFC include his ongoing feud with the Susan B. Anthony of the B league, the Professor Jon M..

Wolverine: Thanks for being on this week’s Trap JayPro. It is long overdue.

JayPro: Yeah thanks for having me, I’m honored, shouldn’t you be studying for you ABA license exam or something?

Wolverine: Very funny, but I am the funny one here. Ok, so, as you know, I always start the interview with softball questions. Tell us something about yourself, like where you are from, what sports you played in high school, how you heard about CRFC, etc.

JayPro: Born in Nashua and pretty much lived there till I moved here (refer to question 5). I started playing when I was in 9th grade, well competitively anyways. I played CYO (catholic youth org.) for 4 years, blew out my knee my senior year, ACL, needed knee reconstruction. Recovered in a few months then went to New Hampshire Tech and played 2 years there, actually made it to Kansas for the small college national championships. I moved down to Arlington in March, when I moved down here no gyms really had any basketball so it wasn’t a difficult choice. The basketball program and people involved are second to none…..glad I joined

Wolverine: How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a day?

JayPro: You’re an ass.

Wolverine: Hey, this isn’t Regis and Kelly. I ask the tough questions.

JayPro: Ok, sober, maybe 3-5 cigarettes a day, drunk, a pack. But as of today, this week I’ve had 2, your ridiculing has inspired me to quit.

Wolverine: Well, that is great news. Where would we be most likely to find you on any given Saturday night?

JayPro: Anywhere out and about, I’m pretty new to the area I m still getting used to finding out where everything is. But since I lead such an exciting life, odds are you could probably find me in front of my computer, G&T in hand, working.

Wolverine: You have been spotted out with other CRFC divorcees such as Arnie Koh. Do you think that is a good bond to start a friendship?

JayPro: It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved…….. I didn’t know Arnie was divorced! And at such a young age, too bad. What’s Arnie, like 21, 22?

Wolverine: I think he is 73.

JayPro: Well to answer your question, it of course is the club of all guy clubs, its just too bad the membership is so damn expensive.

Wolverine: What are your thoughts on your team’s chances in both the A League and B league this year?

JayPro: A- Well I missed the first game of the season for the A league and the 2nd was cancelled but looking at our team I would have to say not many people will be out rebounding us. And of course I get to run with the likes of Wolverine / Diesel / Salazar for the first time, so it should be interesting. B- We have a solid team, even though last night we got our asses handed to us. We just haven’t played together, I think that has a lot to do with it. Very sloppy, talent is there, just need to have the team chemistry….and when you’re playing a team that has Danielson / Hanson never expect an easy time. Well be fine, well be in the top 6 in the B1 league…

Wolverine: Nice, that should get you into the playoffs. What exactly is your beef with the Professor, Jon M.?

JayPro: Well Wolverine, you’re angle of questioning has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Honestly, it’s a message board, I like the kid outside of the net, nice guy, but on the web……eh.. He writes a book every time he posts on the board and reminds me of that kid that tries to make himself look like the Mike Krzyzewski of CRFC…just some honest clean fun, nothing personal against The Professor, he does have some good points. But on the other hand, you know when you watch a movie for 2 hours and it’s just interesting enough to keep you watching, then the end comes and your pissed because you sat through it hoping it would get better, I had one of those moments from professor and a post…just keeping it interesting …besides what good is a message board if you cant talk shit. Like I said nothing personal, he’s a good guy… The OTJ/Serge battle was an interesting one as well, one for the books. But unfortunately big brother is watching the message board now. (avoided that question as best I could, thanks for throwing it in the mix)

Wolverine: Ok, here is another. I have seen the women you bring to games. I must admit that you have solid game outside of CRFC. Do you feel slighted that you are often overlooked in the CRFC stud category that includes the likes of Poulos, BRip, and KevyKev?

JayPro: I don’t know what your talking about…………………. (mid to late 1st round sleeper– maybe).

Wolverine: Who is your all-time favorite Real World character and why?

JayPro: That’s a tough one… everyone, I got hooked on that show… favorite I would have to say would be TEK from Hawaii. Only because he was in Van Wilder…instant classic. Write that down…

Wolverine: Anna Benson or Anna Kournikova?

JayPro: Ok, now you’re talking. At first I had to look up Anna Benson on the net to get a refresher before I made an uneducated guess. Anna K is gorgeous but she is getting ready to hit the wall. Her Russian genetics seem to be showing a little too much , definitely not suiting her well. On the other hand Anna Benson is flawless……..choice is easy…..

Wolverine: Thanks for being on this week’s Trap.

JayPro: No problem, was my pleasure…alright I have to actually do some work today so Im out…looking forward to running w/you in the A league.