The Wolverine Trap: Loaf

In efforts to continue to market the B League and give the fans more access to its players, league offices have decided to add a new weekly feature: The Wolverine Trap. In the tradition of the popular Diesel talk, a player will be selected each week to answer a few questions from the Wolverine, some relating to basketball and some not. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we welcome any feedback from the fans.

The third installment of the Wolverine Trap will be Maverik Howe, also simply known as “Loaf” Loaf is a quiet guy on the court, but a very loud guy on the website boards and league nights out. Always a valuable asset in the A League, he has recently joined the B league and has become a feared scoring threat for Franks and Beans.

Wolverine: Loaf, thanks for agreeing to be on the Wolverine Trap.

Loaf: Hey Matt, what’ up man? You are even louder on the phone than you are at the bar.

Wolverine: Very good, but I will be the one making the insults from here on in. Get your own show! So, what is it that you do all day again?

Loaf: Other than flirt with the secretaries, sleep in the stairwell for half hour naps, I pretend to do work as a mechanical engineer. I work for an engineering consulting firm hired by architectural firms. Ends up to be about 8 hours of work per week.

Wolverine: Nothing like outing yourself on the Internet. Hopefully your boss won’t Google you. Why did you decide to join the B league?

Loaf: I need to get into shape. I am trying to get a cardio in for the B league. In the A league, I can get 28 minute abs in most games.

Wolverine: Who came up with the nickname Loaf and what is the story behind it?

Loaf: I think it was Joey Diesel. Let’s just say he likes potty humor.

Wolverine: Why did Terry Francona take out Lowe and put in Pedro in the 7th?

Loaf: He didn’t want Lowe to hurt himself, and Pedro needed to make the game more interesting. It doesn’t really matter when you are up 8-1. Francona is a horrible coach.

Wolverine: Why did you shave your head just as the Bill Walton comparisons were taking shape?

Loaf: Ya, the short Bill Walton. Actually, I didn’t know that they were and my boss was bugging me about it, even though I greased it up for meetings and stuff. I might just have to grow it back to protest my raise.

Wolverine: If you were a celebrity, would you get married to a supermodel while you had the chance like Tiger Woods did, or perennially play the field, like George Clooney does?

Loaf: I don’t know Dude!! I’d rather not answer this one. You never know who may see this. (laugh)

Wolverine: Oh, is there a, uh, Mrs. Loaf?

Loaf: No, I am enjoying the single life for now.

Wolverine: Is there any truth to the rumor that you also maintain CRFC website aliass Toilet Bowl, Observer, and Barbi?

Loaf: No, they are annoying.

Wolverine: What is more important this year – who wins the Presidency or who wins the World Series?

Loaf: Who’s running for President again?

Wolverine: Who is the best player in the B league?

Loaf: Yo Man, who do you think? I am and I am the best in the A league too, other than yourself of course.

Wolverine: Of course. Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Anniston?

Loaf: Jennifer Garner only because Jennifer Anniston is a little too old.

Wolverine: Tell me one thing about Loaf that the fans would be surprised about?

Loaf: I like to keep a low profile. I can’t reveal my secrets.

Wolverine: You are a mystery, that is unquestioned. You are officially out of the Wolverine Trap. Thanks again.

Loaf: No problem dude. Have a good day. Do you tape record this or something?

Wolverine: I tape a lot of things