The Wolverine Trap: Serge

The fourth installment of the Wolverine Trap will be CRFC crowd favorite Serge ‘Surgery’ Gottschalk. I saw Serge play his first pick-up game at CRFC one fine Saturday morning. Let me tell you, he has transformed himself from a guy who wasn’t sure where to stand on the court to a consistent 15-20 scorer in the B League and a very capable substitute in the A League.

Wolverine: Who was the first to coin the nickname “Surgery?”

Surgery: I am not sure, but I think it was the Commish.

Wolverine: How would you rate your team’s chances in the B league playoffs?

Surgery: Pretty good, if we could start playing some solid defense.

Wolverine: How would you categorize your own defensive play?

Surgery: I usually just hope the ball doesn’t go in. Either that or foul harder.

Wolverine: Who would you rather have on your team – Charles Wong or Tom Bain?

Surgery: Charles, because I think he moves the ball around better and still gets his points.

Wolverine: How is it living with J-Rod? Do you guys stay up and watch A League videos all night?

Surgery: Only the highlights. And the bloopers when we need comedy relief.

Wolverine: I have noticed you have been taking more three pointers lately, with some mixed success. Are you trying to add an outside threat to your patented baseline spin move?

Surgery: Well, if people keep guarding me left, I need to expand my shot selection. I may even use my right hand once or twice in the next game.

Wolverine: If John Kerry had to pick a CRFC hoop player for his running mate, who would it be and why?

Surgery: Well, let’s see. I am not sure. Maybe Big Dawg, because he could get the Latino vote, and that is a big percentage of the population now.

Wolverine: Last I checked, it was only about 15% of the population.

Surgery: Well, that is pretty big.

Wolverine: Ok. The Olsen Twins or the Coors Light Twins?

Surgery: Coors Light Twins.

Wolverine: Have you given up your OJ like quest on trying to find out who the real ‘Barbie Observer’ is?

Surgery: It is beneath me.

Wolverine: Where would we be most likely to find Serge on any given Saturday night?

Surgery: Probably someplace with a beer in my hand.

Wolverine: Is it true that you and Eric Hinton are actually twins separated at birth?

Surgery: No, I have never heard that rumor.

Wolverine: OK, you are officially out of the Wolverine Trap. Thanks again.

Surgery: Ok, thanks.