The Wolverine Trap: The Professor

In efforts to continue to market the B League and give the fans more access to its players, league offices have decided to add a new weekly feature: The Wolverine Trap. In the tradition of the popular Diesel Talk and T’Cals Corner, a player will be selected each week to answer a few questions from the Wolverine, some relating to basketball and some not. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we welcome any feedback from the fans.


The first installment of this season’s Wolverine Trap will be with Jon Mozenter. He may be the best GM I have seen in any league at CRFC, and his game has also improved over the past few years. It is time we sat down and found out more about the man whom we have come to know as simply the Professor. As usual, he was not at a loss for words.

Wolverine: Thanks for agreeing to be in the Wolverine Trap. What have you been doing all summer?

Professor: Um, yeah, well lets see I performed in cirque du soleil, ran a brothel, and learned to fart on command. Ya know typical B league player off-season behaviors. Actually I spent the summer doing things relating to my recent condo purchase – moving, buying new furniture, setting up the mortgage ya da ya da ya da.

Wolverine: The first part sounds like a typical Vegas summer. What are your thoughts on the upcoming B league?

Professor: Parity – It looks like there will be a lot of good teams. Also I’m going to miss getting to play each team twice in the regular season, which was good for creating rivals and enhancing the fun.

Wolverine: Yes, expansion of any kind has its downsides. I hear you work with High Fiver Randy Clark. Do you guys spend time at the water cooler discussing the league and all of its intricacies?

Professor: Man I try and avoid that hockey goon whenever possible – he is always trying to practice his checking on me.  Seriously Randy kept me in the loop over the summer about the B league I imagine their will be plenty of B league talk this fall on my floor as I also work with B-leaguers Dave Kramer, Scott Cunanne, and Fred Mottley.

Wolverine: You have continuously fought for equal B League rights and are being compared to the likes of Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony in some civil liberties journals. Where does this fire for equality come from?

Professor: Geez your asking me to get all introspective in this frivolous interview, where are the fun softie questions like choosing between Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson? I guess my parents always made sure to treat my sisters and me equally. Plus both of my parents are social workers so I guess fighting for the little guy is just a family value.

Wolverine: I hope you meant frivolous as in playful, not as in thoughtless. Much like Kevin VanStry, you have your own website and domain name called What is it for?

Professor: Actually the website is, a subtle yet important difference. Before I accepted my current position I was an independent organizational development (OD) consultant. I still keep the website in part because it houses a couple of articles I wrote/published in OD journals. One is on Trends in OD and the other is on the leadership skills I used when creating and growing a local professional OD group called the OD Learning Group. Information on that organization can be found at:

Wolverine: Nice plug. What B League Player would you most want on your team?

Professor: Given that I didn’t see any B league games over the summer, the spring league is my only real reference point. Not to be too political, but I’ll go with my current teammate Pierre. He can score, play good D, and is a cool guy. It didn’t hurt that he told me would set me up with some French cuties if I put in a good word about him. I’d consider Hanson, but he sweats too much – he’d probably stink up the huddle.

Wolverine: Pierre? Really? Were you also responsible for the Portland Trailblazers 2nd pick in the 1986 NBA draft? Tell the fans something that we don’t know already about you that we might find interesting or just may want to use against you in a court of law.

Professor: I quite passionate about Organizational Development (OD) and I contribute my coaching success more to my knowledge of OD than my knowledge of basketball. OD consultants are trained to enable groups of people to fulfill their dreams/visions. My philosophy is to create a team culture where everyone is trying to make everyone else “look good”, make sure everyone is “well used”, and have people feel like the team belongs to all of us. This is done in part by allowing team members to give their opinion towards the team strategy, asking each person how they would like to contribute to the team, and what kind of help they need to perform at their best.

Wolverine: Wow, sounds as if BU Business School really got through to you. What would satisfy you more – a Red Sox World Series Championship or a B League Championship?

Professor: The one Boston team I am passionate about is the Red Sox. So I would choose them, but I’d choose the stick over a Celts, Bruins, or the Pats title for sure. The only other professional Boston team I root for is Boston Butt Cheeks of the co-ed naked shuffleboard league.

Wolverine: OK, here you go – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, or Kristen Davis?

Professor: If I’m basing this on their Sex and the City personas then I’ll go with Carrie Bradshaw (Jessica Parker). If I were basing this on looks of the actresses – well their all freaking hot, but I’d say Kristin wins out in a close call over Parker. Besides while Parker is married to Ferris Bueller, I hear Kristin is single. Kristin if you are reading this give me a buzz – I’m at 555-8675-309 (CELL) or 617-HOT-PROF (H).

Wolverine: Always make decisions based on looks, Prof. What part of your body would you most likely want Nipped or Tucked?

Professor: Excellent at long last I have an opening to discuss my fantasy to get a &%$# ring in a public forum! Seriously I’m not into the body-piercing thing. Maybe a tummy tuck can get me cool abs like Ripley.

Wolverine: Three Red Bulls a day would do the trick as well. You are officially out of the Wolverine Trap. Thanks for the knowledge.

Professor: Thanks! I don’t want to come off as political again, but seriously you do a nice job running the B league!