The Wolverine Trap: Tom Bain

The fifth installment of the Wolverine Trap will be Super 88s Bain Express Tom Bain. The Bain Express exploded onto the B League this year with as much fury as a runaway locomotive, averaging over 25 points and at least 10 rebounds a game. I can tell you that many A League captains have their eye on him for next season’s draft.

Wolverine: Why the FCUK are you in the B League again?

Tom: I couldn’t do the A league in the beginning of the season because of a class I had to take for work. Plus, I wanted to pad my stats.

Wolverine: There is a new law in Massachusetts that pit bulls have to have muzzles on them at all times when in public space. We may have one at the desk for you at CRFC. Is there anyone who can stop you one on one in the B league?

Tom: Jason Provencher did a pretty good job. But I get pretty amped for games, so it’s tough.

Wolverine: What about Andy Danielson?

Tom: Solid player. He belongs in the A League as well.

Wolverine: What sports did you play in high school and college?

Tom: I played lacrosse in college and hoops, tennis, and football in high school.

Wolverine: Tennis? I played tennis in high school and college. You don’t look like a tennis player.

Tom: I know. Yeah, we should hit some time.

Wolverine: What reality show would you most want to be on and why?

Tom: I would say the Bachelor. Where and when else do you get 25 girls that want to go out with you.

Wolverine: I’d imagine that happens to you every time you go out.

Tom: Well (laughing) I don’t get out as much anymore.

Wolverine: Who has impressed you the most in the A League?

Tom: I played pick-up a few weekends ago with McMahon – he is by far the best. And Feddy St. Pierre has it all, and the thing is, he doesn’t even look like he is trying.

Wolverine: Yes, I am aware of that, thanks for reminding me he wasn’t trying when he dropped 38 on me Monday night. What would the MBTA be most surprised to find if they searched your gym bag next week on the green line?

Tom: I always have a basketball book – a Jordan book right now. But they’d be most surprised by my Palm Pilot – I am not that tech savvy.

Wolverine: Super 88 is playing the best ball of any team going into the playoffs. How do you evaluate Super 88s chances in the playoffs this year?

Tom: We are starting to come together and finally learning how to play each other – we have to get past the Schwag. Hopefully, Danielson will pull a no show in the playoffs.

Wolverine: What have you learned most so far this year from John Kneeland?

Tom: No comment. No just kidding, I like John. He has shown me that at any age you can still get out there, run around and have fun.

Wolverine: Lindsay Lohann or Hillary Duff?

Tom: Lindsay Lohann

Wolverine: Where will you be during this year’s Democratic National Convention?

Tom: Right in town playing in the playoffs at CRFC – and stuck at this desk in my office.

Wolverine: You are officially out of the Wolverine Trap. Thanks a lot.

Tom: Ok, thanks.