The Wolverine Trap: Viera and Moreno

The second installment of the Wolverine Trap will be with last season’s Wolverine Award winners Fernando Viera and Andy Moreno. The Wolverine Award is given to the toughest and most hustling player(s) in the league. Fernando and Andy typify the award with all-out hustle on every play on every night without complaining about anything.

Wolverine: Thanks for being on the Wolverine Trap.

Fernando: No problem.

Andy: Yeah, it’s a pretty slow day over here at work.

Wolverine: How would you guys compare this season’s ALS team to last year’s?

Fernando: We are missing our leading scorer Andy Reed big time!

Andy: I think we are getting a lot better, but the problem is, the league is a lot better too.

Wolverine: Fernando – do you think will you ever use your left hand to dribble the ball?

Fernando: I am working on it. I was telling my teammates today that I can now dribble once with my left – but then I have to pick it up and shoot.

Wolverine: Recently New Jersey has reinstated ‘ladies night’ at local bars – what are your thoughts on the matter?

Fernando: Free entrance for ladies is always ok by me.

Andy: I think it’s great.

Wolverine: Andy – is it true you spend hours memorizing the league write-ups and then corner ALS staff in the break room to recite them back?

Andy: No, that is definitely not true.

Fernando: Actually, he does.

Wolverine: Fernando, I hear you are going to Harvard Medical School in the Fall on a full scholarship – what was it like growing up and feeling not as smart as the other kids?

Fernando: I still do feel not as smart as the other kids.

Andy: No, he’s really a smart guy.

Wolverine: Now that your team is having some struggle scoring, do you regret placing last season’s leading scorer Andy Reed on waivers?

Fernando: Yes, every now and then we’d like to have his 18 points.

Wolverine: Last season your team invited a few ladies from your company to watch you all play. Your team proceeded to lose by 40 points. When is the next ‘Come see us play’ night for ALS?

Fernando: Only if we get to play against ourselves.

Andy: Oh, man, I forgot about that.

Wolverine: What percentage of time would you say that you spend emailing friends at work?

Fernando: I don’t � I mean, I don’t want to get fired.

Andy: A good part of the day.

Wolverine: Where would we be most likely to find you on any given Saturday night?

Fernando: Florida – I have family, friends, a girlfriend, and a bunch of other things down there.

Wolverine: Well, pardon me. Can you define ‘a bunch of other things’ for our fans out there?

Fernando: Well you know, the weather is better.

Wolverine: Right, the weather. Andy?

Andy: The daddy thing I have a three year old daughter. So I am either at a park, watching movies, birthday parties you know, kids stuff.

Wolverine: See, this is the stuff we like to know about our players! Fernando you played pick-up for the first time this past Saturday. How would you rate the experience?

Fernando: It was a good learning experience everyone was great, except when I got slammed down to the floor.

Andy: Fernando, didn’t you say that the Wolverine had a lot to learn from you?

Wolverine: Dr. Melfi or Mrs. Soprano?

Fernando: I don’t have HBO.

Wolverine: Don’t worry, things will pick up for you, Fernando. Andy?

Andy: Dr. Melfi for sure.

Wolverine: Ok. You are officially out of the Wolverine trap. Thanks for participating.

Fernando: Ok, thanks.

Andy: Thanks, Wolverine.