The Wolverine Trap: Wild On

This installment of the Wolverine Trap will be last season Wolverine Award winner and hesitant superstar Klay “Wild On” Dendrinos. Wild On emerged onto the CRFC scene last season with some fantastic role play for High Five. His tenacity for loose balls is unmatched and also has pinpoint accuracy on his jumpshot. And his Wild On persona has made him one of the most popular and beloved players in CRFC history.

Wolverine: Thanks for agreeing to be on the Wolverine Trap, Wild On.

Wild On: No problem. I’m always accessible to the media (or at least my agent says it will help my next contract).

Wolverine: How did you first hear about the basketball league at CRFC?

Wild On: From reading the write-ups of the A-league, between work-outs. I didn’t have much experience with playing organized ball, so didn’t want to get mixed up with the Monday night guys. That Diesel guy looks like he could kill me if I went against him for a rebound. So when the Wednesday night league started, I was pretty psyched.

Wolverine: Were you even born in Greece? If not, where are you from?

Wild On: My parents were both from Greece. I was born and raised in Baltimore city, and moved to Boston about 4 years ago. So you could say I got the best of all worlds.

Wolverine: You seemed to have had a little extra energy last night in the game and talked a lot of trash, something I have never seen you do. What do you attribute this behavior to? Red Bull?

Wild On: Like I said, I’m from Baltimore. My favorite NFL player is Ray Lewis. Up until last night, I have felt that our team had played hard and had been competitive in every game we had been in. But without our superstars, Jay and Arnie, and with Randy struggling a bit, I felt it was time to bring it Baltimore-style. It was fun, but I much rather go back to the shadows grabbing loose balls, and letting Jay do the talking with his 23 ppg.

Wolverine: How does it feel to be such a popular figure at CRFC?

Wild On: I gotta laugh at that one. I was a member for 3 years without having ever talked to anyone, or knowing anyone’s name at the gym. I liked my anonymity, and my philosophy was that I came to the gym to work-out, not mess around. So it’s a riot now when I come to the game and people actually refer to me as Wild-On.

Wolverine: You seem to shy away from the spotlight. Are you a reluctant superstar?

Wild On: When you can’t dribble, can’t jump, have a jump shot as weird looking as mine, and when you play on the same team as Jaypro, the spotlight can only make you look ridiculous.

Wolverine: What is a typical weekend like for Wild On?

Wild On: Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that one. Next question.

Wolverine: Oh, man. That was the most anticipated answer. OK, how do you see your role on High Five’s team?

Wild On: Utility man. Defense. Getting to the ball. Pushing people around. Rebounds. Not turning the ball over. All the stuff that doesn’t show up on the stats. And trash talk, when necessary. Especially against “Serge-eons”

Wolverine: What kind of doctor are you?

Wild On: Internal Medicine, working at a rehab hospital in Roxbury right now, with plans to further my training next year when I start my fellowship in Gastroenterology.

Wolverine: What are your thoughts on the results of the election? Wild On: I guess America got what it wanted, and we’ll probably get what we deserve.

Wolverine: Elizabeth Shue or Elizabeth Hurley?

Wild On: Elizabeth Hurley, if for no other reason than she was in Austin Powers. Yeah, baby.

Wolverine: You are officially out of the Wolverine Trap. Thanks again.

Wild On: Oh, great. Thanks.