TIbbs & Duyon’s Combined Co-ed Rankings – Week 3 Edition

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Combined Co-ed Rankings Week 3 edition

Three weeks into the season and one thing is clear.  This is the biggest and best co-ed season the CAC has ever seen.  Three divisions, 24 teams and countless possibilities as to how this thing could end.  No fewer than a dozen teams have a legitimate to win the coveted co-ed title. 11 teams have at least one player from one of the last four co-ed champs (Genzyme, Shirt Before The Shirt, Weapons of Mass Seduction, Just Look At It).

One look at the standings gives you a pretty good idea of where you rank within your division, but Tibbs and I have taken the liberty of putting you all together and separating the contenders from the pretenders.  Besides, what good is winning a division title?  Nobody wants to be the Buffalo Bills or the Atlanta Braves.  It’s all about the Unification games.

Before jumping right into the rankings, I want to point out something I mentioned on the boards yesterday.  On Wednesday night, Nibs the Baller made co-ed history, becoming the first CACer to score 1000 career points in co-ed.  It got me looking at some of the other all time cumulative stats.  Nibs may be the point king, but with all the other categories, one thing is clear…Nate Dogg rules.  Take a moment to enjoy some top 5s

1.  Nibs               1009
2.  Reddick          687
3.  P90X Brown    670
4.  The Minotaur    652
5.  Monroe             605

1.  Nate Dogg        723
2.  P90X Brown    656
3.  The Minotaur    642
4.  Boozer             542
5.  Duyon              457

1.  Nate Dogg        271
2.  Doherty           170
3.  EJ                   167
4.  RoY                 160
5.  Johanson        152

1.  Nate Dogg        144
2.  Johanson         132
3.  Monroe             127
4.  P90X Brown      96
5.  Doherty              93

1.  Nate Dogg        87
2.  Tibbs                74
3.  P90X Brown     68
4.  Reddick            57
5.  Roberts            43

We’ll be ranking again after week 6, but for now, feast your eyes on the week 3 edition of co-ed rankings!

Group IV – The Slow Starters

24 Dizzy Llamas Black
Duyon:  On one hand, P-Mills should be very pleased with the work he has done with DL White.  On the other, DL Black has clearly become the red headed step child of Llama Nation
Tibbs: Why do people assume redheaded step children want to feel love like anyone else? Can’t you just leave us alone in peace and ignore us? That’s clearly what Mills has done with this squad.

23 Crunchy Ducklings
Tibbs: Meg Berry is the saving grace for this squad (why do the bigs only show occasionally?) and the rematch in week 8 against the Monstars will be their best chance for a win this season.
Duyon: I haven’t seen this team in action, but the numbers speak volumes.  I promise you the Monstars will be hungry for that one on the heels of a 6 game skid!

22 Monstars
Tibbs: Oh how the mighty have fallen. There is much gnashing of the teeth and rending of garments and not even a sacrifice to the pagan CAC gods will deliver them from the hands of the South. TJ, Rory is not your savior.
Duyon: Sorry Monstars, I lobbied the best I could for a higher ranking, but Tibbs drives a hard bargain…that and back to back losses by 30+ are tough to justify.  If we rank teams on drinking games, alcohol tolerance and overall hilarity, the MonStars would be number one!

21 Genzyme
Duyon:  Seems like so long ago that this team hoisted the completely imaginary co-ed trophy (we need to do something about this by the way.  Oh that’s right, BFab DID when he bought the DAS BOOT trophy, and SOMEBODY refuses to award it to it’s rightful owner!!
Tibbs: I see what you did there, I’m actually staring at a BOOT that has collecting wine corks, for abotu a year, in my living room. Weird how coincidences work like that. Oh Genzyme? Lawson and Tran are solid, but where’s the help?! Corporate cutbacks, as always, screw the pooch.

20 Dizzy Llamas Orange
Duyon:  White and Purple…sorry, Plaid have really flourished over the last couple of seasons with some major roster additions, but DL Orange continues to struggle.  This team has lots of new faces.  Give them sometime and maybe they can become relevant.  A win over Genzyme is a nice start, but in a division where the Wheels could be a six seed, it’s going to be a struggle to get wins.
Tibbs: All I know is that the East is a tough place to play, why do you think the JShore Franchise relocated (then relocated again).  Too much competition brings out the worst in yours truly.  Oh and the playoffs, those too.  With one win under their belt it will be interesting to see if they can build on that, or if they’ll get any mid-season acquisitions like DLG received.

19 Dizzy Llamas Green
Tibbs: I feel like we’re piling on here with 3 DL teams in the bottom 6, but I like the moves Mills made, picking up Genzyme cast-offs Jakeen and Brent. This team has a chance to move up at least one grouping by the time we roll out the next edition of these rankings.
Duyon: This might be the most intriguing team in the league to watch over the next few weeks.  With the addition of Jakeen to play with Dustin and Enright they are going to do a LOT of running.  If he and Brent have any success shooting from the outside, they are going to be a scary first round playoff draw for a good team.
Group III – Feisty Fighters

18 Above the Rim Jobs
Duyon: This tidbit is brought to you by five hour energy. I don’t think there is a team anywhere in co-ed that is as good at sucking you into playing their style/pace of game.  This team will finish in the bottom half of the standings, but they’ll scare the bejeezus out of some good teams on the way there
Tibbs: With every team making the playoffs, this is a team no one is going to want to play against in the post-season.  Playoffs, we’re talking playoffs? That’s right, look for the new playoff format to be released next week.  Oh and Celli’s 700th Co-Ed point, apparently. I didn’t know that was a milestone we were tracking, but Roberts is weird like that.

17 Boom Goes the DynaMIT
Duyon:  This is the point where I realize just how good the competition is in co-ed from top to bottom.  Kari’s team is a very good team, and they are easily capable of beating some of the top half teams.  They actually gave Just Look At It a solid run in their head to head meeting.  They are the victims of tough scheduling, and they defend with the best teams in the league, but what they need is a second shooter.  Kimi is deadly…WHEN she can get her shot off
Tibbs: The only thing I assumed Kari’s team was good at was beating up on Tommy.  I didn’t know they had a nice little squad going on, but I should have expected as much from Kari, who’s put teams in other levels before.  But as this list shows, the competition in the Co-Ed leagues is getting a bit tougher, I think it’d be amusing to bring back the first team to win the Co-Ed league and see how they’d do in any one of these divisions.

16 We’re Not Drunks, Just BOOZERS
Tibbs: Love the make-up of this team with the Bolls and Boozers (keep bringing beer!) to go along with Loren and Erica. Johanson is so underrated and the way he’s shooting the ball this season is starting to turn some heads. Mostly mine, I’m a sucker for a good jumper, that’s how Caitlin bagged me. If only they had someone to play D on this squad.
Duyon:  The move to Tuesday appears to be a really good one for this squad, and the addition of Loren is huge.  So many shooters and not enough capable defenders to cover them all.  If they can continue to effectively stretch the floor, Chris Boll is going to have a field day.  Maybe he’ll beat Tommy for the MVP again.  The South looks kind of deep.  I wonder if Tommy is even top 5 at this point.  To his credit, he is certainly top 10…among the guys.

15 Wheels of Steel
Duyon:  No doubt a tough start for the Wheels at 0-3, but this team has had the toughest schedule of any team in any division, taking on three teams ranked in the top 8.  I hear that Brad Coffee will prove to be a nice add and bring back some of the interior toughness that they lost with Arndt.  Also, the Pegasus is capable of taking over a game when you piss him off.  I hear he’s also capable of bringing a ref on the verge of tears if you piss him off, but that’s another story
Tibbs: With Turner and Pegasus on the same team, you now know why I have to rotate refs every season.  Loren’s record since leaving the JShore Franchise? 1-5.  I’m not saying, I’m just saying.  I’m sure this team will right the ship at some point, champs usually do, but until they do, they’re really beneath my notice.  3 regular season loses after an undefeated run and choke job in the playoffs? Please, I’d never lower myself to something like that, you’ve got to be able to retool Nick!

14 ToonSquad
Tibbs: Mighty impressive that a free agent team, despite a tough opening sched, and seemingly no subs, gets off to quite the promising start that the ToonSquad has done so far.  I’d compare them to WUD, but they’re their own team with their own expectations to defy. But seriously, anyone want to get another run in on Tuesday night? They could use another body.
Duyon:  I’m only playing for two Tuesday night teams right now, so ToonSquad, GET AT ME!!! I don’t know much about this team, but I love newbies that like to make a little noise on the message boards.  Welcome to the league, Bigro!

13 Premature Shooters
Tibbs: No doubt Reggie will feel disrespected after a 2-0 start and pushing the champs for the first 22 minutes of they game last week, and just to be clear, yes, the Shooters are being disrespected.  The Ladies, are, without a doubt the engine that drives this team.  As they go, so goes the Shooters offense.  At some point teams are going to wise up and lock them down. Can Carlos and Demitri pick up the slack when that happens?
Duyon:  Okay, calm down Tibbs.  “Look at me, I shut down Greg Barr!!”  The guy showed up at halftime and had ZERO warm up time.  I watched as this team steadily got better every week last season as Kiss Our Passes.  I think they can continue to do that this season as well.  They will contend with the better teams when it matters most.
Group II – Upsetability

12 Team in 1st Place
Duyon:  12 feels a little low for this team, because once they get back into basketball shape they will be strong and Slim JIm is playing like an MVP…but if nothing else they deserve to be low as a penalty for false advertisement
Tibbs: Team in 12th Place just doesn’t have that same ring or swagger that their false advertising has lent them.  I haven’t seen this squad play, but I do know that self-promotion is half the battle (thanks for teaching me that Tommy!), so this squad is off to the right start.

11 Pumped Up Kicks
Tibbs: Man, Xavier sure gets around a lot.  The man known as STAT has been in the league for 2 seasons and he’s already being recruited to play Co-Ed? That’s where Legends go to retire (see Sweet Lu, The Little Big Hurt, Gripp) you’ve got to master Wall Ball before heading to greener pastures, you can’t just jump in and try to dominate.  Making the rest of us look bad, STAT is.  Oh but who else packs an offensive punch on this team? I fear we’ve ranked them too highly.
Duyon: STAT is easily one of the most talented players in this league, but the depth may be a factor.  I’m bummed I wasn’t around to see him battle Nate Dogg last night, but with Plaid getting the upper hand, it shows the PUK may not be in the top HALF of the East standings.  Finishing top 2 is going to be crucial in the East, but PUK and the Wheels could be first round opponents for the 3 and 4 seeds!

10 Swingers
Tibbs: That’s right, a 1-2 team has cracked the top 10 of the rankings.  They’ve easily had the toughest schedule in the South to date, and will have Dajuan (one assumes) for the rematch with 2Y4UB and That’s NAS. Should go 5-0 against the rest of the league. Could be unstoppable by season’s end, then who’ll be laughing? Oh right, Heather.
Duyon:  This is another team I don’t know an aful lot about, but Marino doesn’t mess around.  This is the girl who brought Rocco and Will Diieso to the WOMS before Celli and me were brought into the fold.  I expect them to really step it up as the season progresses.

9 Dizzy Llamas Plaid
Tibbs: If you can’t beat ‘em, make them join the Llamas! That’s basically what PMills did with this group when we pulled half of JLAI over to Wednesday nights, but now we see why Steph didn’t go with them.  Kantor and DWill make this team easy to root for, as does Nate usually, but did anyone else see Nibs play up the ankle injury through the first two weeks? He just wants to feel needed.
Duyon:  Anything for an excuse to wear another brace/sleeve/band/sock!!  All in fun Nibs.  Tibbs can hate all he wants, but Nibs the Baller is shooting lights out right now, and this team will contend in a top heavy East division.  Forthrizzi, Nibs and Nate make just about any team a dangerous one.

8 Weapons of Mass Seduction
Duyon:  I may be biased, but I think the WOMS are a title contender. If they can win a championship with me, they can CERTAINLY win one with Rocco…the only thing missing so far is…well…Rocco.  Gotta be in it to win it brother!!
Tibbs: Yea if we’re basing this on the first 3 weeks of play, and we are, then I couldn’t justify including them in our top grouping.  Rory and I did plenty of haggling over positions for these teams, we put in more effort than we’re probably willing to admit, but the leagues have gotten better.  Without Rocco so far, this is where they belong.  No disrespect to Thunder Thighs, of course.

7 Western University Dolphins
Duyon:  I’m convinced that somebody on the Dolphins has SOMETHING on Tibbs.  Not only did he put this stellar team together, but he has assembled a schedule that would make the Harlem Globetrotters chuckle for the second season in a row.  In the past two seasons, WUD has played four teams twice in a season…DL Black, DL Black, DL Green and Kiss Our Passes…coincidence that they were named after a movie college team that was surrounded by recruiting scandals?  Something isn’t right here.  If Tibbs agreed to rank them below the WOMS I probably would have kept this conspiracy theory to myself
Tibbs: Look, I’m not going to tell you if you’re right or wrong, but let’s just say that ‘scandal’ doesn’t begin to touch the tip, of the iceberg.  Everyone assumes that making the schedules is so biased, but guess what, you think I care? you think I do this on purpose? Man, you people give me way too much credit.  WUD backed up last season’s record by getting to the West Finals, don’t forget, so they feasted on more than just Llama meat last season.
Group I – First Class

6 That’s NAS
Tibbs: Two Reddick teams in the top 6 of the rankings really pains me.  He was a complete non-factor last week and his team almost loses you’d think that would mean his team needs him, but not really.  SaDoh is having a career season so far, and Celli is playing like a man that wants to get his PS3 online.  That double double isn’t going to be easy, but he’ll be close to getting it.  I love what SJ Roberts and Neville bring to this team too, and that’s before we talk about LRapp being back!  On the sidelines she’ll crack wise and has inspired probably half of my write-ups for the team so far this season.  Good to have her back.
Duyon:  The best thing about this team is the return of L$ after missing a season and a half with a broken foot.  I’m hoping she can stay healthy and on the court, because there is nobody more fun to be around!  Tibbs, I don’t mean to twist the knife, but Reddick just won my 12 team franchise fantasy baseball league for the second year in a row…and it SUCKS!

5 RainDance
Duyon:  This team name reference totally missed me until captain Sarah Wood told me where it came from.  Now, I know it’s from Along Came Polly.  Really good namesake, even better team.
Sidenote:  I hear Moneyball is a great movie but I haven’t seen it yet.  You think Art Howe is a little pissed off that they cast Phillip Seymour Hoffman as him?  “What hell, Beane gets Brad Pitt, and I get P.S.H?”
Tibbs: Speaking of sports movies that are probably terrible, well I’ve got nothing.  Sorry Rory, I tried to play off the movie angle since I know nothing about this team and really, unless you’re able to beat 2 Young 4 U Bro in the playoffs (any team in the South) you’re probably not that good. I trust your judgement, and good stat-keeping, to keep this team at 5.  Plus I couldn’t bare the thought of That’s NAS being higher.

4 Child, Please
Tibbs: Speaking of references, I think Mills was the only one who didn’t know where this name came from, and I’m pretty sure Patriots Nation has told #85 off with it already. Austin and Grubb are telling off the rest of the East by bringing Bryan Moore into the Co-Ed ranks and he leads all scorers with 28 points per game.  I might have to check out the week 8 rematch with DL White, should be the game of the season.
PS – FREE GRUBB campaign is still going strong, anyone heard from that guy’s jumper?
Duyon: Fact…2009 was all about “Child Please” and “Kiss Da Baby”, 2010 was all about Cromartie’s Daycare Center, 2011:  There was no hard knocks, so Mills gets to catch up with the rest of us.  We’re being awfully hard on the Llama Basketball CEO this week.  All in fun buddy!  This team is going to be tough to beat once they have a month under their belts together.

3 2 Young 4 U Bro
Tibbs: I’m not going to lie, fully staffed I love this squad.  Hallie and Brian add a nasty streak that we’ve been missing since the departure of Mr. You Know Who (I’m talking about AK people!) and I think that will be enough to get us back into championship contention once the playoffs start.  This whole thing about throwing away regular season records once the playoffs start is stupid, The Team in First Place should get a Bye to the Finals.
Duyon:  This team has been a regular season juggernaut since their inception, but ever since they downgraded from Terry to Tommy they’ve been unable to win in the playoffs.  Maybe the addition of Hallie and Brian help to fix that, but I’m starting to think a certain c-word may be in play if they fall flat in the playoffs again…No Loren, not THAT c-word, the CURSE of Terry Henderson!!

2 Dizzy Llamas White
Duyon: I talked to Roberts’ fiancee the other day and apparently his behavior has been a little stranger than normal lately.  Holly told me that he dressed up in a suit the other night and conducted a mock press conference in the mirror, referring to himself in the third person as “Geno”.  If that’s not bad enough, Roberts went out and bought the same sneakers as his new star player last night.  He claims he bought them before she joined the team, but I’d need to see a receipt to believe that.
Tibbs: Where to start with this team? I saw my first glimpse of Nicole Wolff last night, and I’ve got to say, as long as they can find a way to keep Roberts in street clothes, I think they have a shot to win this thing.  That sneaker info is just, well, creepy. Mark Claffey has really stepped his game up as well, scoring at will this season with all the extra attention Nicole is drawing, the pieces are there for a big run.

1 Just Look At It
Duyon:  At this point in the spring/summer session, JLAI looked like as big a disappointment as the 2011 Red Sox turned out to be.  I stayed on the bandwagon, and they’ve made me look like a genious, rattling off 13 straight wins since last session’s 0-3 start.  The WOMS won a built a championship on fundamentals and chemistry.  Ever wonder what it would be like if a team with a little more talent found that same level of IQ and chemistry as the WOMS?  This might be it…look out.
Tibbs: I have no qualms with ranking the defending champs #1 at this point, considering that two of their wins have come without Nibs, and one of them against what could be one of their biggest threats in the West. But if they stumble, I’m tossing them down the rankings.  I knew Rory would bring up WOMS ‘chip’ as often as possible, must be nice to win one without having to play the best team in the other division! This team somehow has great chemistry. Nibs could teach Tommy a thing or two about occasionally passing the ball to keep your teammates happy.
Duyon:  Gimme the f&$%ing boot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tibbs: No.

Rory took the intro, so I’m taking the outro.  In summary, it’s been a hell of an entertaining first 3 weeks of the season, and anything can happen going forward.  The teams across all leagues are a pleasure to watch and participate in, and I’m shocked at the rapid growth of the Co-Ed leagues. That’s all on you, the players, for making it a league that everyone wants to play in.  Sure, sure, guys like Rory and Mills (and in the past, BFab and JZuk) have to be on point with the coverage, but the players are the ones that make this league the place to be.  Don’t forget to hit up your local watering hole (whether it be Tavern on the Hill, Sunset, or TDs) after the games to keep building the camaraderie within each league!

Oh, and obviously 2 Young 4 U Bro is taking this thing.  Tibbs OUT!