Ticalís Corner: Callie

The new opening game of the Womenís League at CRFC is upon us this weekend.  Even though it doesnít need it, my first installment of the Summer edition of Ticalís Corner will be used to hype the much anticipated Womenís League.  Here to help me is Callie Durbrow

Callie, thanks for stepping into Ticalís Corner.

No problem, how could I say no to such an honor.  And youíre right, the womensí league doesnít need any extra hype, itís gonna be hot.

I donít know if youíve read any of my work, in fact, Iím pretty sure you arenít the one that has, but hereís the deal.  I got 10 burning questions here that Iím going fire at you and all you got to do is answer them to the best of your ability.  Youíre not under oath, but I will remind you that lying to the media can result in negative PR for you for the rest of the season.

Fire away.  Iíd say Iím a pretty honest person, besides my memory is too bad to keep track of any lies I may tell.

By the way I am sorry for stopping you on your way into the gym the other day.  The Commish makes me be the pit bull at the front desk, not that I mind the role.

Hey donít worry about the pit bull action, someoneís got to do it. No one really sees me at a normal hour of the day anyway.

Ok, here we go, Callie Durbrow uncut and uncensored:


1.  Callie, how bout you tell the CRFC faithful some background infoÖwhere you grew up, college, basketball background.

Well Iím originally from the sticks in Vermont, you know that state just a little south of Canada, made famous by ice cream and last year a small upset of a Big East powerhouse in the NCAA tournament.

Not to mention maple syrup, foliage, and I believe the state in which the movie Super Troopers takes place.  You play any ball back in your day?

I played my college ball at Western New England in Springfield, MA.

Alright WNE, lets go fightingÖahÖeh, well, that doesnít matter.

2.  Whoís your favorite basketball player of all time and why?

Iíd have to go with MJ. Always a competitor and never afraid to stick it in your face at the end of the game, youíve got to love that confidence.

Iím sure Craig Ehlo shares your view.

3.  Are women smarter than men?

Of course! Iím not sure how to answer that one, itís just common knowledge.

That question was a pitfall for you to do some major male bashing, but way to stand clear

Iíve always been a good defender.

4.  Tell me who you think your main competition will be in this league and why?

To be honest I havenít gotten the full scouting reports yet, and I know at this point I can speak for my whole team when I say weíre ready for any gamers in this league.

5.  I donít know about you, but the last time I was being interviewed, I was in cuffs at the Boston PD station in regards to a keg party at Northeastern.  Be honest, you feel like a big deal right now, I mean what other basketball leagues do this?

I feel like Will Ferrell in Anchorman right now, definitely a big deal.

6.  Give us a funny drinking storyÖthat you can share.  Feel free to say ìmy friendî if you want to deflect blame or shame.  For example, at the last League Drink Nite out, yours truly proceeded to take in Irish Car Bomb after Car Bomb until I took a cab home and puked all over my steps.  Living at home made it even worse when my father woke me up at 8am to clean it up.  Not cool.

Yeah puking usually tops off the best of the best nights. Many of which canít be shared in this public interview, or recalled for that matter. Iíd have to say the night I consumed all the alcohol in Vermont in the form of shots and then proceeded to projectile vomit all over my friendís white bathroom.  I had to keep up though, I had some hostile pressure from a certain current G Bears teammate. Everyone in the league will know her name soon enough.

I like the suspense, but just for future reference, if you see me at the next League Drink night with a Car Bomb in hand, stay clear.

Thanks for the heads up

7.  Whatís more exciting, hitting a buzzer beater to win the game, or hitting a game winning free throw?

Well Iíve done both and Iíd say they are both pretty sweet, a win is a win.

Wow a born winner, like your style.

8.  Name the roles that each person will be playing on your team.  Any emotional spark plugs or Lambeer esque brusers?

Weíve got a small squat numbers-wise, I guess the Commish could see the talent oozing and realized we can run with 5 instead of 6. Weíve got my ex-WNEC teammate Lindsay Barnes, sheís traded in her Nikes for running shoes, just completed the marathon, but I know sheís still got some fire. Never afraid to throw an elbow or two in the paint and Iíd take her on my side in a dark alley any day. Sarah Creighton will most likely run the point for us, sheís small and somewhat unassuming but sheíll throw a dagger in your heart and never break a sweat.

Wow, Sara sounds like one of my exís, but anyways, you were saying?

Liz Butler is our big girl, from what I hear sheís got good skills and has been schooling the mensí league. Hallie Spierings Van Der Wolk is our youth, straight from Brown University sheís the defensive stopper and will provide a few fist pumps to keep us all fired up.

Itís a good thing the Commish doesnít put names on the back of the jersey.  I donít know how he does the price break down for them, but Iím sure he would have charged her extra to get all that on there.  Sorry to interrupt again, sometimes these things just pop in my head, please continue.

Then thereís me, well I guess Iíll do a little bit of everything and try to keep these crazy girls in check.

9.  If I may emulate Stephen Colbert for a moment, what is your view on the war on Iraq?  It seems that the evil doers are winning the battle, donít you think that people who bring this up should be imprisoned under the Patriot Act?  Donít you think that their negativity could compromise our freedom.

Wow, heavy question here SeanÖabsolutely agreed, send ëem all to a deserted island together and have at it.

Thatís right.  The Commish didnít hire me to be eye candy.  He knows I can ask the tough questions

10.  I just graduated college, please, leave me and the viewing public some words of wisdom that will help steer me towards the road of making millions

I think columns like this are your ticket to riches.

That doesnít sound like it was taken from a book of ancient proverbs, but Iíll take it.  Callie thanks for stopping by and good luck this season