TiCal’s Corner: Al Smooth, Alex Delpleche

With two straight titles under his belt, Al Smooth has become the hottest player in A1.  We know he can his business on the court, but to know what makes Al so smooth, we just had to get him in the Corner.

Al thanks for stepping into the Corner for a few.  I get email after email asking me to get the skinny on youÖWell, I actually made that last part up.

It’s ok, it’s my Pleasure, Tical

Alex Delpleche ñ live and uncut

1.  Al give us the low down.  Where you grew up, some basketball highlights, and anything else you wouldnít mind sharing with the CRFC addicts.

Well I grew up in the heart of Mattapan formally known as Murderpan, Ma on Norfolk Street and this is where i began playing ball. I played high school ball at North Cambridge Catholic then a year of Juco before I ended up at Zoo Mass.

2.  I love watching you and Gary Fisher play.  You guys grow up together?  That may explain the constant badgering of one another that you both seem to enjoy and actually feed off of.

I met Gary in college playing basketball, I crossed him up and then jayed him and ever since then we have become cool.

Thatís funny, when I asked Gary about how you guys met, take a look at what he said:

I met Al in college playing basketball, I crossed him up and then threw a jumper down in his face and ever since then we have become cool.

Iíll leave it up to the public on who crossed who up, you were saying.

Nowadays we have joined forces to conquer the evil out there, lol. I pick on him all time.  Granted he is older than me but he is still like my little brother, lol. I am just trying to bring out the best in him as a ball player, so Iíll tell him he sucks and then he plays harder. He actually has an alter ego in this league ìKeith Thompsonî

* And what do you say to the people who echo from the balcony that itís ìGaryís Teamî this season?

Itís funny because we were talking about this last night; itís like the whole Shaq and Kobe fiasco. I donít have a big ego so it can be his team as long as win another brick. Just like with the infamous ìHood Angerî team, we were pretty stacked that year so I just played my role and enjoyed going undefeated that season. I have to give a shout out to my former team mates on hood anger, I know Ramon ìThe Broncoî Penrose is trying to come after my brick this season but I canít have that sorry Bronco Fans, go Titans!!!!

3.  Whatís more important to you right now, winning a 3rd brick or winning the most Wasted Award at the upcoming League Nite Out, tentatively scheduled for June 9th?  35 days and counting.  And just an FYI, all winners of the MWA have won a brick at CRFC:  Wolverine, Hartenstein, myself etcÖ

Wow, this is a tough on for me because you guys donít want to experience the wrath of ìDrunk Alî

That bad huh?

Yeah, so I guess I will go for the 3rd brick for now, but when its all said in done I might win the MWA too, lol.

Always shoot for the stars, thatís what gotten me where I am today.  22 and still doing the same job I was doing at 16.  Talk about progress.

4.  Off the top of your head, give me one word to best describe your game.

ìSmoothî nothing to fancy just smmmoooottthhh, lol

Everyone knows that, damn, that was a stupid question, you can say it.  Feel free to be blunt with me Al, I wonít do you like the Boston media did to Ted Williams when he was playing.

Donít sweat it Tical.  I got you.

5.  Do you think President Bush will be happy when the entire world hates us (Americans) or do you think he is content with only parts of the world hating us right now?

Like Kanye West said ìPresident Bush does not like black people, lolî Ö No really, I think he doesnít care who hates us as long as he finds ìWeapons of Mass Destructionî or did he find that already, lolÖ All I know is he better do something about these high gas prices.

I said it before in regards to the gas, itís going to end up like the Mel Gibson movie The Road Warrior, with Josh Smith playing the part of Lord Humongus!

6.  Nas or Jay-Z, whoís better?

Jay-Z every time, look out for his new album in store, December 06î produced by Kanye West!!! He is going to put the rap music back on the map.

I thought he was retiring!!!  You see, thatís why Iím a Nas man.  You can never believe anything Jay Z says and you know Iím not the only one who says that, but I still got respect for him.   

7.  What is your favorite aspect of the whole CRFC basketball program and why?  (Pick up, personnel, write ups, stats, competitiveness in leagues, the list goes onÖ

I am just feeling everything about CRFC, it feels like I am playing intramurals because you know everyone in the league after one season but then you add the write up, stats, the draft and the fun of the league. (Ramon Sucks!!!!) See I can talk so much trash and not get fined!!! I love this league, lol. Not to mention the Commish has showed me a lot of love here. I had to through that in there just in case I am not getting any calls next game, I will just talk to the Commish and he will take care of everything, right Dave, lol.

We donít play favorites, but we do play    

8.  Can a real man wear pink?

Thatís a tough question because Camron (For those who arenít hip to the streets, Cam is a rapper) is ìMr. Pinkî and last I checked he acts like a real dude.

I know but if Camron jumped off a bridge would you???

9.  If the Commish established the CRFC All Star Outreach program to todayís youth, what would be your message to them?

Donít ever become a Denver Broncoís fan!!!

I love it Al!  With all the fluff topics that threaten todayís youth:  drugs, violence, teen pregnancyÖYou chose the one thing that can really scar a child for life.

10.  3 things here, ok, so just fill in the blanks.  And one better be about making it with a supermodel (J/k)

Before I leave this life behind, I want to Write a book about my on and off relationship with Halle Barry, go to Brazil and shag some beautiful woman (can I say that, I guess I can now, lol) and finally I guess break the scoring record for a single game at CRFC, dam I sound like Kobe right now, lol

Thatís good stuff Al.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express myself Tical.  Dam should I cry now like at the end of every great interview?  lol.

I donít know if a real man can wear pink, but I do know that a real man CAN cry so feel free to shed some tears on my shoulder any time Al.

Thanks dude, that means a lot

Al, thanks for sitting down and talking with me.  Good Luck this season.