TiCal’s Corner: Dan O

To begin the Fall of 09 season, we have arguably CACís greatest Ginger Kid to ever play in the Wall Ball arena.  Dan O (Danamal as he is known on the message boards) has carried his family, and more importantly, Mike D, to numerous championships, but more importantly, Dan O rivals OD in being one of the most entertaining Saugonians on the message boards.  In the Fall, Dan O will be playing on B2 NWO & has been apart of the banner raising MULLETS (see CAC banners) franchise.


1.  Dan O, please give us some background information on yourself:


I am a tall sexy ginger much in the way that Tibbs is himself, thatís right….sexay (a intentionally thrown in there for some added sass).  I am the best OíConnell playing basketball right now. Josh (the Commish) should put my artwork the CAC hallways for some exposure. I like Barney because he is big and purple.


2.    The MixTape loves to dump on Saugus (pardon the expression), but when you think about it he has a point.  Besides the orange dinosaur and easy women, what has Saugus contributed to the benefit of society?


We havenít.  I think Saugus might take away some points in life.


Even the fabled GOAT 2 on 2 tourney upgraded to Lynnfield these past years I hear.  If you didnít have to go through Saugus to get to Cabaret, Iíd say take it off the map.


3.  I reffed one game this past season on a Thursday night when you and Lawson were on the floor at the same time and I honestly thought this was the 2nd sign of the apocalypse (the 1st being a Wolverine wedding).  How did you keep focus knowing this game was for CAC Ginger domination?


I can take Lawson anytimeÖit was, at the very least, a better game than Tibbs getting CRUSHED by Gerrity!!! Also us gingers are one, we do not oppose each other.


Do I sense a Ginger faction being unified here at CAC?  Hmm, Ginger Faction, did I just spring a team name next season captainíd by Dan O?  Only time will tell…


4.  Who are your favorite rivals at CAC and why?

Whoever talks jive to me because Iím a gingerÖI have a short temper. I used to like bald Brian (the ref), but he gave me no calls the other night so I think it might be him. There is really no one that I get revved up forÖI mean Iím only in B2..Serenity Now(still) and The Evil Empire still grind my gears


5.  Your reactions to the tape of Lebron getting dunked on at his basketball camp this past summer….


The guy sucks, just because he is the biggest guard ever, jumps higher than Mj did, dunks with the power of Shaq, has the handle of Mugsy Bouges, and passes like Stockton. Iíd like to see him go by Pippen.


I was disappointed to say the least.  The way they (the media and Lebronís actions) portrayed the tape, I was expecting that this kid basically tea bagged Lebron en route to the dunk.  When I saw it, I was barely excited.  This tape reminded me of the Pamela Lee Anderson sex tape.  There was so much hype and then when I saw it, I wasnít blown away with Pamela getting railed.  The tape was all Tommy Leeís trouser monster.


6.  Saved by the Bell or Beverly Hills 90210 (or a write in) which show would you rather have been on and why?


Ö.ooooh maybe Melrose Place only because they had a gay guy on thereÖand if not I could be him. Gotta say Saved by the Bell though.  I mean Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, Slater. Iíd do em allÖplus Jesse in the pool(yes Showgirls)!


I always knew Jesse was going to be the one to get naked first.  She always had that ìI am woman hear me roar nakedî swagga on Saved by the Bell.  I wasnít buying Kellyís bad girl transformation when she joined 90210.  Besides being in How High, Lisa has done dick (unfortunately not literally).


7.  Saugus lighting round.  I am going to say some of CACís favorite Saugonians and you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind.  Ready…Set….Go….


Chise – Most down to earth guy with all I heard about him growing up.


The Wolverine – WTF? UmÖWho is he? I donít think Iíve seen him since the shower incident


Shower incident?  Hmm, which way to go with this one.






Or maybe even the Seinfeld where George pees in the gym shower?


On second thought, the Corner is a family program.  We donít want to hear anything further about the Wolverine and his shower incident.


Jay Sar ñ Only Saugus guy with maybe a bigger nose than me. I think of $hit alsoÖ


Mike D ñ YOU CANNOT TEACH AN OLD DOG ANYTHING! Nice dropstep though.




8.  Who takes longer to do their hair, you or your brother Chris?  Are you a rinse and repeater?


I havenít done my hair since 2003


It shows.


9.  There is 10 seconds left on the clock and you are down 1 point.  Which CAC player (in any league) do you want taking that shot?


Mike D. He misses I can make fun of him and he buys beers; He hits it, it makes his season and I get to celebrate him and he buys beers.


Nothing like a win/win situation…


10.  Ahhhh, the age old riddle….Is the scoreboard at CAC homebase half on or half off?


Riddle me this Riddle me that get a third world kid and tie him up over there for the 4 hours of games, have him hold his fingers up to keep scoreÖgive him a stick of gum at the end of the night. Oh here is another idea, FIX IT! What are we paying you guys for???


For stylish interviews like this and a jersey every 3 years.  Dan O, it was a pleasure having you step into the Corner  and best of luck this season.


(If you think you would be a great guest in the Corner please hit me up on the private message board system and bring your A game)