Tical’s Corner: Dart Dainer

Last Seasonís MIP was my man Dart Dainer, who seriously stepped his game up under the tutelage of the MixTape.  This season, Dart’s back with the MixTape on A1’s Cousin Gilbert and having another colorful year.  So far, I can tell you that Dart has a lot to say about a lot of things in CRFC.  So here we go, I unleash, Dart DainerÖ

1.  As always Dart, please, give us some background info on yourself. (where u grew up, some highlights, lowlights).

Full time graphic designer born and raised in Somerville. HighlightsÖgraduating college and landing a career right away. LowlightsÖIíll keep that w/ meÖlol.

Smart manÖYouíd be surprised how many people I get to answer with the lowlights, but I was hoping youíd tell me the all time low light is when, foolishly, I took a charge on you a few years ago and I was bleeding internally for a week.  AnywhoÖ

Oh, yeah lol!  I remember that, my B

Hey itís only a spleen, its not like its important to live or anything.

2.  Ok this is what you wanted Dart, Open Mic what do you want to say and to who?

I been putting the vice grip on allot of over rated players since the league opened its doors to myself and the rest of the general population.  I aint had the opportunity to draft not one season. Gimme my respect Commish lol! (Oh yeah, I did say I graduated from college rightÖI have yet been given the opportunity to draft my own team) there it is, thatís better.

3.  Starting a CRFC franchise you only have one pick between two players, the Razor or his RoyAl Smoothness, Ramon or Al, who do you take and why?

Damn! Batman or SupermanÖHmmmmmÖStatistically one would say I pick Ramon cause I got a brick with him already. But I never really got the chance to play a season w/ Al yet. So my answer is a bit biased. For now Iíll go with Batman.

In your mug Al!  J/k  You know I got love.  I can relate. Same thing happened to me on prom night except my date choose a broom handle over me.  Anyways…

4.  Durant or Oden?

Durant!!! No question!

5.  If, hypothetically of course, last Friday night, a girl laughed at me when I told her I write write ups for a living, whatís my course of action?

Thatís where you screwed up. Next time say, ìI do Sports write-upsî and leave it there. If she continues to question, say: ìenough about me, what about you?î

Wait, women love to talk about themselves?  No way?  Next I bet youíre going to drop the bomb shell and tell me women love to gossip, nag, and watch Sex and the City.

LOLÖgood point!

6.  What is wrong/right with rap today?

Itís soft!!!…Thereís no hunger and no raw talent. Back in the day, you had to earn a rep before you could even see what a mic looked like. Now the industry is allowing anyone to jump on and spit. (By the way, my record is about to drop next season)

Thatís right, I heard you were on the Commishís new label ìThird Legged Recordsî.  Congrats and Im jealous.  But since youíre a back in the dayer, riddle me this, Pete Rock and CL Smooth ëWhen they Reminisce Over Youî or Eric B and Rakim ëJuiceí?

LolÖyou think your slickÖlol. It aint what you think man… Aint no ëJuiceí over here, lol. Next question!

7.  Are you a Kobe Hater or is he the second coming of MJ?

Should he be MVP this year?

I could never hate the boyís game. He may be a bit of a b!@tch at times, but Iím not about judging the boys characterÖlol.

Heís pretty damn close to Mike athleticallyÖBut I watched Mike when he was called ìJordan.î Jordan never let you win a game when he felt had control over it. Kobe can score, but he doesnít have ëcontrolí over a game like MJ did.

Kobe for MVP?…, after the last four games, sure why not.

8.  Is Streetball (AND1) good for the game of basketball?

Donít know about some of the and 1 ëantics,í but REAL streetball takes REAL heart. Lets take a field trip to Washington Park this summer.  (lol)

Mike Turin already took me there (See Training Day ñ Camp Turin).  I donít think Iíll be voluntarily heading back there without my ghetto pass AKA the Hot Sizzle.

Lol ,  I feel thatÖlol!

Real streetball is whatís missing from basketball.

Explain the difference, for our viewing audience, what IS the difference?

Thatís simple, I can explain it in one wordÖIntensity! 

9.  Take me through a typical Dart Dainer day from sunrise to sundown, or maybe even sunrise to sunrise?

5:30am Iím up and in the gym for an hour, (Mone stop running!!!). Then Iím on lock from 9-5. After five Iím all about MY business. Looking for ways to make real C.R.E.A.M.

10.  Dart, as a young person coming into his own, leave me with a great piece of advice that will steer me towards prosperity.

Donít give a flying ratz @$$ what the people think. Do you

A pimp and a scholar, Dart, thanks for stopping by and please, donít wake my parents on your way out of my basement.

You donít have to worry about me waking your dad, but your mom on the other handÖ

Whoa, be easy.  Linda is a Saint.

Iím just playin thanks for having me.