TiCal’s Corner: Dave Clinton

Winning an A1 championship with Ramonís Hooded Anger team put him on the map, but it wasnít until Dave started playing a little pick up and watching some of the games with me from the balcony did I realize that he had a little comedy to his step. So, for entertainment purposes, I had to get him in the corner to talk about CRFC, guarantees and some pop quiz questions

Dave, nice to finally have someone with some class in the Corner

Always pleasure never business Cal

Ok, here we go, Dave Clinton sounds off:


1. Dave, give me the dirt on your self. Where you grew up, some life/basketball highlights, etcÖ

I was bred in Mattapan. I’ve played every where from Norfolk park to the comfortable confines of Quincy YMCA.  

2. What has been your favorite aspect of the CRFC experience (pick up, write ups, stats, personnel, etcÖ)

CRFC is an experience with in its self..ahhhh I’d have to say the pick up.Only in pick up you can be the star one game and heckled to death the next. Pick up is where under ground CRFC stars are born.

Thatís true.Pick up is where the Macho Man, Chris Machado made his name dunking on Kev, Poulos and Dirty got mixed up on a saturday (Spawning a Jim Desilva writeup that still exists under the News section of the website), Just last Friday Dave Macís boy Cedric, the ref, was dropping floaters, bank shotsÖ the list goes on.

Sure you have all the bright lights and the write ups in the league……But you can’t see great talent like “rest in peace” RIP in the league. Only in pick up baby!!

And when Ripís in the first 8, you donít see sandbagging like that unless thereís a flood or a hurricane coming.

I wouldnít put my man on blast like that Cal, címon.

3. What was a more impressive guarantee, Joe Namathís Super Bowl guarantee in Super Bowl 3, or his guarantee to never give up drinking?

He backed up both in pretty entertaining fashion, throwing for a couple of TDís and trying to grope Suzy Kolber on national TV.

Man are we talking about Broadway Joe!? Broadway Joe? I think Joe was the first dude to wear Ice and furs to the games.

He was the original ìGlimmer manî

Suzy knew what she was getting into, thatís like Tayra Banks going to a keg party and sticking a mic in your face o’cal.

I donít know about that Dave, Iíll have to ask her when she gets home from work tonight.Tuesday nights are usually our nite away from the kids.

If the man doesn’t want to give up drinking that’s just a testimony to his never say die legacy.

Something kids everywhere should admire and stride to be like.

4. Ok, pop quiz. This came up in a discussion with my friends this weekend and I want to see if you know the answer off the top of your head. The Fugees (for those who donít know, they were a late 90ís rap group with hits such as Killiní Me Softly) were made up of Lauren Hill, Wyclef Jean, and who else? Who was the other guy?

Praz …hahhhaha I think. Dude that not important, I have a better one. Who has better disappearing act when the pressure on!? David Blaine or Dirk?

Haha, I donít know, Dirk delivered in game 7 last night against Duncan.But in game 6 you were right.He took an awful shot with plenty of time left on the clock.

5. Have you read the Da Vinci Code and do you believe in it, the fact that the Holy Grail is supposed to be Jesusí bloodline?Are you like a lot of the idiots that have taken the elements from a FICTION book to be fact?

I can’t say I’ve read that, have you read the book about Cody Scott? It’s called “Monster”

Ah, I actually had to read that for a gangs class when I was in school.The Crip from the 70ís, it was a really interesting.And Iím pretty sure that Jamie Foxx did an FX movie based on the book a while back that I also saw.Which brings me to my next questionÖ

6. Ok, when I had your man Ramon in the Corner I asked him if he thought you looked like Jamie Foxx and he told me you get mistaken for a lot of people, such as the rapper TI. Who do you think you look the most like?

I get Stephon Marbury a lot.

I hope Larry Brown is never walking down your street and throws a hot cup of coffee in your face because he thinks youíre Stephon.

7. Favorite Hoops Player of all time and why?

M.J! That was serial killer, he should of came to the games with that

Jeffrey Dahmer mask on. Never will you ever see dudes get dunked on night in and night out like he did. He was talented in ever phase of the game (and he punched Kerr in practice lol). Not only can he score but then he turned around and Dee’d your best player. Now a days your best player sticks a bum so he can have a good offensive day.

I blame it on my generation today, Dave.Like my father always tells me, ìIf it werenít for your generation paying for Social Security right now youíd guys be friggin worthless.î

8. God forbid it Dave, but if your crib catches fire and you rush back in to save one thing, be honest, itís the CRFC brick you won from the A1 Hooded Anger team?

I’d grab the brick because that was a ground breaking team. Youíre never again going to see that many shots under one roof. That team had more guns then a shooting range!

Let me see if I remember, you, Ramon, Al Smooth, Kenny Rivera, Dirty and Dave T.Yeah, you guys should have been sponsored by Verizon Long Distance.

Absolutely, I’d grab the brick, but it would be wrapped up in my Pats through back! GO PATS!!

The ole Red and White jerseys were sick, but we never won with them.

9. What would you do for a free tank of gas nowadays, keep in mind, you got to keep it PG 13?

I’d go to one of the most cupcake areas in Boston (Milton). Then I’d sphere some lames for gas (les).

Viva LA Les!!

10. Ok Dave, every time someone leaves the Corner, I ask them to leave me with some words of wisdom, that hopefully will lead me to success in my coming years. What is the best and worst piece of advice you have been given in your years?

Best has to be it’s cheaper to keep ’em.

The worst has to be just keep drinking.

You never cease to amaze me, Dave.Thanks for stepping into the Corner and good luck with Donít Get Smurfd this season.Canít wait until your return to A1.

Like wise Cal.