TiCal’s Corner: Dave Kichen

Since Daveís early beginnings being the captain of the Atlanta Hawks of CRFC, Tempest Bledsoe Project, he has always been a prolific scorer and entertaining on the boards.  Now with the surging Bingo Long in A1, Dave looks to capture his first brick this season.  Today, I got him to step in the Corner and talk about his hair, his band and some hoops.

Dave, thanks for taking some time to shed some light into your life.

Entertaining on the boards? You mean it’s funny watching me try to grab a rebound? But it’s a privilege to be in the Corner. 10 questions might be a problem though, because I only know 9 things.

Dave Kichen, The Greaser, coming at you in High Definition interviewing:

1.  Dave, give us some background information on your self.  Where you grew up, some lifetime achievements or lowlightsÖ

I moved around a lot when I was little but spent the good part of my formative years in Framingham. My lifetime achievements and lowlights are actually one in the same. I pitched in Little League, and during the first game of the season when I was twelve I had a perfect game with two outs, two strikes in the 6th (we only played six innings back then). Sure enough, I plunked the kid on the elbow and lost the perfect game. Still got the no-no, but no perfecto. I’m still mad about that.

I remember reading about that in the Globe back in day.  If you were juicing, maybe you would have gotten that perfect game.

2.  Ok, the hair Dave, youíre blessed with a CRFC nickname for looking like Ralph Macchio from The Outsiders and you ditch it for this more commercial/suburban look?  Are you selling out or did the Hyphen groupies think it was getting played out or something?

If you want to make an omelet, you’ve got to break some eggs. (I’ve never understood that expression, by the way. Who gets upset when they have to break an egg?) Anyway, one day I looked in the mirror and realized I looked like I had gone to the barber and said, “Give me the George Washington.”


(after two minutes, the laugher subsided)

That’s when I knew it was time to cut it. Don’t worry, the rockabilly look will come back, the hair just needs time to grow

I will sleep easier at night now

3.  Give us some insight into your band, the Hyphens.  What instrument do you play and how did you all get together?

I sing and play guitar for the train wreck known as The Hyphens. It’s not that interesting of a story, really. I wanted to start up a band a couple years ago, put out an ad or two and the rest is history. We’re kinda a rock & roll/garage/punk rock thing

I guess youíre lucky, every time I put out an ad, say in the Phoenix for a SF N/S, I find myself repeatedly disappointed, but enough about the skeletons in my closet.  When can we expect a CRFC Behind the Music on the Hyphens?  Iím thinking if I produce, we could make the second coming of Spinal Tap, except you have a real band.

“Öbut things wouldn’t remain all wine and roses for The Hyphens. Or would they? No they wouldn’tÖ”

4.  Word Problem for you:  I take a pitcher of beer and I fill a glass half way up, is the glass half full or half empty?

If it’s in front of me, it’s probably completely empty. Or it’s half full of coins and I’m about to get kicked out of the bar for playing quarters.

Quarters is fun, but Iíve always been partial to the Germanyís past time, Beirut.

5.  Who was/is your favorite sports star/persona?  Swift told me that you were a die hard Carl Everette fan when he was on the Red Sox.

How can you hate a guy who refuses to believe dinosaurs ever existed.

Or that we didnít land on the moon.

But my favorite athlete of all time is, of course, Larry Bird. You just couldnít help being a huge Bird fan growing up around here. Going to the Garden in the mid ’80s was about as good as it got. Especially during playoff games when the temperature INSIDE would routinely get in the high 90s. I was also a big Drazen Petrovic fan. And not just because he was a stud in Lakers vs. Celtics.

6.  You and Erik Swift seemed to have very turbulent relationship on and off the boards.  What is it about him that gets you riled up and vice versa?

He refuses to learn how to read. I keep saying I’ll tutor him, but he insists he’ll get along “by instinct.”

Illiteracy is a pet peeve of mine too, but if Swiftís reading instincts are as good as his court instincts, heíll get by.

7.  What has been the most entertaining (good or bad) moment that you have witnessed here at CRFC, whether itís been in pick up, league play, watching a game, or at a league night out?

Every moment on the court with The Preacher is about as entertaining as it gets. He kinda reminds me of a non-stuttering Kenyon Martin. When he and Kurt were jawing at each other, I was ready to smack both of them (and then get my ass kicked tag-team style), but the whole “MVP? When?” comment still makes me laugh. Ya gotta love a guy who taunts his own team during a close game. I mean that genuinely.

Hey, you guys have been playing fantastic since.  Itís kinda when Larry Bird called his team out against the Lakers.  If its good enough for Larry the Legend, then its good enough to grace the walls of CRFC.

8.  Journey or Def Leppard, which band represents the 80ís better?

Drumming with one arm. If there’s a better metaphor than that for all that was the 1980s, I haven’t heard it. By the way, did I ever tell you about my idea for a kids cartoon? The Amputeens. A bunch of kids with missing limbs, and who are outcast by all their high school peers go around solving crimes. Can we get this into production?

I donít know, the Commish would probably demand script approval, just to make sure no one gets offended by anything the crime solving amputees says.  Donít Stop Believing or Pour Some Sugar or Me, which one have you witnessed more drunk people do karaoke to?

Pour Some Sugar on Me, definitely. Don’t Stop Believin’ is really hard to sing, but that doesnít stop most drunks from believin’ they can belt it out. I’d say the all time #1 karaoke song is Livin’ on a Prayer. God I hate that song.

I know that there are a lot of Bon Jovi fans here at CRFC, but Dennis Leary said it best, ìWith all the tragedies to happen to musicians in the air (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn), we canít get Bon Jovi on a helicopter.  What do we have to do, tell him thereís a hair stylist on it or something?

9.  Are you a practicing Scientologist?

Yes, I’m actually a Level 7 Thetan.

If I didnít know any better, I would ask if you couldnít be within a mile of a playground and have to go door to door in your neighborhood to tell them that, but sometimes my youth and ignorance is apparent.

10.  Ok, final question, hit us with your favorite song quote from one of your songsÖ

It takes one to rub.

It takes one to strangle.

It takes one to love.

But it takes two to tangle.

And it takes two to make the Corner what it is.  Thatís deep, Dave, I never thought about it like that, but it does take two to tangle.  Best of luck this season and one of these days I hope to be getting a back stage pass to the Hyphens when you play at the Garden, but only if youíre rocking the ìGeorge Washington.î