Tical’s Corner – Mike MJ Dinh

This weekís guest is none other than Mike Dinh, who is in his sophomore season at CAC.  This season, he has become RoY of the A1 and is leading his other squads towards playoff glory.  Mike is one of those players who seems to excel at every level he plays at with his ankle breaking shifty handle and constant thievery on the defensive end.  Today, I get him to talk about his teammates, playing for Tibbs, and the Olympics.

Mike, it is a pleasure to have you in the Corner.

Tical, ìMy Cornerî is long overdue but I forgive you.

  1. Please give us some background info about yourself (where you grew up, some life/bball highlights/lowlights)

Letís see I came from the Hood and was recruited by the Harlem Globetrotters at the tender age of 7 and have been balling since. Back in the day they called me the lilí Asian Sensation.

Some CAC highlights to wet your whistle would be beating my rival T-Hend in Week 1 of last yearís playoffs with Employee # 8 (See below) by my side.

Last weeks Buzzer beater in the first round of the playoffs was pretty great too and you had a front row seat for that one

Buzzer Beaters = the Best because no overtime for the ref.  Not that I wasnít happy for you and youíre your team anyway.

Of Course, but just to let you know, my basement dwelling friend, it hasnít all been lollipops and gumdrops for me at CAC.  My lowlight came in last yearís playoff when we lost @ the buzzer to the Firm with Employee #8 complaining by my sideÖ

  1. You play on a lot of different teams here at CAC.  Please describe some of your teammates in the most unflattering way possible, except my man Pootie.  There is nothing bad to be said in the Corner about my man with the sick handle.
    1. Thuy ìEmployee #8î –  Voted by my teammates as ìmost likely to get thrown out of a game..easilyî.  The dude is a firey beast and canít control is temperÖ

Happy Gilmore led the league is penalty minutes and once took his skate off and tried to stab someone.  Just saying…Please go on

    1. Jason ìABC**î Chan ñ no description necessary, see asterick below
    1. Victor Fabian ñ never breaks others people ankles but breaks his own

3.         Are you going to watch any Olympic Sport other than Basketball?

Iím biased.  Iím watching the only three sports that represent my peeps from VIETNAM: badminton and ping pong.  That commercial with David Ortiz and Urlacher is complete BS.  Even with the Gatorade there is no way no way they walk away from the badminton table smiling against my boys.  Oh yeahÖmake sure everyone catches the silver medalist in this year weight lifting competition ìHoang Anh Thanî

Does that mean this is ìWell Hungísî year for the gold?

Iím not participating in the Olympics, Tical.  How did you Mike Dinh meant Well Hung in Chinese? 

I do get out of the basement every now and again for a little culture.

4.         Was playing for Tibbs as bad as everyone says it is?  Your assist totals would sure be higher wouldnít they?

Yes it is because this guy is taking 4-5 of my assists away from me per game.  He should be taking layups like a big man is supposed to instead of jacking up 3ís.

5.         Will there be enough interceptions to go around in the AFC East with Wonderbread Pennington and the Gunslinger Brett Farve in the same division?

Who cares.. itís ALWAYS about the Pats

6.         Do you agree with Hugh Heffner switching to Brunettes?  (ìSeems Hugh Hefner needs more than three hot blondes to keep him satisfied. Perez Hilton says he’s been romancing dark-haired Ukrainian model Dasha Astafieva and ‘The Girls Next Door’ are not happy. Three’s company, four’s a crowd, but five’s just greedy. [Aug 11]î)

Heís the MAN.. the dude is older than Methuselah and can still use his piece, thatís frickiní amazing!  He can date whomever he wants, red heads, blue heads, whatever

7.         What would you like so see more of at CAC?

Bring back ìCeddy the Cell Phone Teddyî.. (Mike holding back giggles) just kiddingÖ itís to have more refs like you and DMac.  (Mike holding back giggles)  HAHAHA, I almost said that one with a straight face too.  Youíre ok, but itís, yea, definitely more D-Mac!!!

            Wow, I usually get the ìyouíre ok, but I want [insert any guyís name]î line from the       ladies.  Next, youíre probably going to tell me you like me but its more how you like your brother.

Damn, Tical, you mean to tell me you donít bring any ladies back to the basement         after reffing their Sunday games at CAC?

They are smarter than they look.  (Just kidding ladies you know I love you all despite the fact             science has proved the womanís brain is at least a quarter of the size of the manís)

a.         What is the best aspect of CAC?

Reading Tibbs weekly lines and favoring us all the timeÖand never winning ever when we are favored!

            Tibbs wrong?!?  I am shocked.

8.         You always have someone filming your games.  How often do you guys sit around and

mock my officiating?

It kills time at work and we have a blooper reel about ourselves.  But overall no mocking.  We like u..

            Now thatís what Iím talking about.  Blooper reels.  You got to throw me and Tibbs on that email chain.

9.         When itís all said and done, who will have the more impressive basketball career?  Yao, Yi, Pootie, or MJ Dinh?

None listed above.. gotta go with my man Employee #8.. he is the heart and soul of        the team.

10.       Any drunken stories you can tell all the while tossing a teammate under the bus?

Getting my man the Secret Asian Man WASTED on his wedding day and I have pictures to prove it!

(Mike hands me the pics)

Well hot dang.  Is that a real goat?

Straight off the farm man!  Blackmail is a bitch.

Mike itís been a pleasure to have you in the Corner and best of luck in your remaining playoff games.  (Please continue to keep Thuy from assaulting me!)