TiCal’s Corner: Mike Turin

Michael Turin, or the man we all know as Hot Sizzle, has now been a long time and respected member of the CRFC basketball scene. Ever since he exploded onto the scene a couple years ago, Mike has become one of the most charismatic characters and is definitely one of the reasons why the boards are so entertaining.

Mike, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fit me in.

1. Mike, where did a man like you grow up in this crazy world? Throw us some career basketball highlights or anything else you want to share.

 First of all thank you for letting me write my own intro.  But my interview is long overdue.  The league offices have been bombarded with requests for me to be interviewed and I wind up on the poor mans Wolverine trap.

Thatís cold Mike, I guess the Trap is only reserved for good players.

Thatís even colder, but to answer your question I grew up in Brookline and my highlights are mostly outdoor pick up  games  which my knees prohibit me from doing today. However once in High School I had 32 rebounds in 1 game.

Thatís not bad at all, I thought you were going to drop something on me like Happy Gilmoreís record of most penalty minutes and the only guy who ever tried to take his skate off and stab someone.

Iím a lover not a fighter Tical, everyone knows that.

2. To be honest Mike, a young man like myself feels cheated with todayís sports stars, who are either using performance enhancing substances or just thinking about how to make an extra million on their next paycheck. Please, compare and contrast sports stars today to the major ones when you were growing up. I heard Jack Johnson had a mean right hook. (Just kidding!)

Well O’cal when I was growing up Dinosaurs were actually the pro athletes. Okay but on a serious note Larry Bird is NOT walking through that door.  It’s just not the same.

I hear ya

3. Was there a second shooter in the Kennedy assassination?

Who wants to know?

Everyone always gets so paranoid when I ask that question.  Never mind.

4. Better sports movie ñ Bull Durham or Hoosiers?

Hoosiers, because it was an alkies movie too. The defining scene in the movie wasn’t when Jimmy Chitwood hit the game winner but when Gene Hackman walked into the game absolutely hammered and stumbling yelling at the refs. I think that was loosely based on an incident in Medford approximately five years ago.

Haha, but I actually think that was Dennis Hopper if my brain serves me correctly, but youíre right, me and my friends always imitated that movie during intramurals at school.

Better actor ñ Costner or Hackman?


5. Give me one game in your lifetime that you wish you could have attended live and why?

The Bird – Dominique battle.  You know you’re on ( Bird )  when the other teams bench goes nuts when you score.

Not to mention Dominiqueís (Marv Albert voice) spectacular dunks.

6. What is your favorite aspect of the whole CRFC basketball program and why? (Pick up, personnel, competitiveness in leagues, the list goes onÖ

Well, as a washed up hasbeen it’s nice to see the stats and writeups.  However I think I got the most writeup love when I was away at the Sox game last week. 

Thereís no such thing as bad press Mike, you know that.

Also, everyone seems to know each other and share in the fraternity style  immatureness (did I just make that word up?)

In the Corner, anything goes Mike, feel free to make up all the words you want.

7. In your opinion, did Barry Bonds use performance enhancing substances?

Absolutely notÖOn a completely unrelated topic, you have anything that will make me dunk again?

Mike not over the airways, I told you Victor is going to call me back once heís done testifying.

8. Will the Celtics ever stop rebuilding and start making a legitimate run at the title?

Not with Ainge

Interesting opinion.  Iím sure Cheese would be able to add more to this discussion.

9. Give me your favorite CRFC moment, from either playing or the league night out? Brady didnít throw you under the bus, so hereís your chance to stab him in the back and give us a classic story.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to carry that kid home. Just kidding, he’s actually inhuman and can put ’em away with the best of them. However two grown men closing a bar in C-town every Monday might be cause for an intervention

Iím not here to judge Mike.  Everyone knows that I donít label.  We all have vices

10. Mike, think back on all of the advice friends, co-workers and family have given you in your life. What was the best and worst piece of advice you were ever given?

Best – Don’t eat yellow snow

Worst- Go check out this gym in Cambridge.

Mike, thanks for stepping into Corner and best of luck this season and on the upcoming League Drinking Night on June 9th

Best of luck this season and thanks for stopping by

Do you always wish people best of luck in a season where you rank them LAST?

Wow, how long where you holding back on that one?  I did you guys a favor, plus this Monday, you get your chance as putting me into the wall when we square off.

You know Iím just kidding.  Like what you’ve done with the place and hope to be back soon!

Thanks a lot Mike and weíll see you soon.