TiCal’s Corner: PStone

Todayís guest is a man who is taking A1 by storm and has become one of the few CAC employees to morph into an instant Icon.  PStone is a fellow NU grad, in fact, same exact class as yours truly.  He helped keep the ladies coming back in the Womenís league and has already become a CAC favorite.  Today, I get Preston in the Corner to clear the air with his alleged ìGP bashingî, reminisce about the NU days, and critique Kanye/the NBA.


Preston, it is a pleasure to have you step into the Corner….


The pleasure is all mine O’Cal, but did you really have to keep me waiting outside for 10 minutes?  Didnt you hear me knocking at the door?  (Preston looks around and notices a lot of crumbled up tissues besides a portrait of Larry Bird)

(With beads of sweat dripping from his forehead) Oh, my bad man.  I just like to calm my nerves before any interview.  Just like going out on a date, you should never interview with a loaded gun.


I think I’ll just stand for the rest of the interview.  I don’t want to stick to anything.  

Cmon man, I’m a straight shot.  There is no way I left any wounded soldiers on the upholstry.


I’ve seen your jumper and you are far from a crack shot.  I’ll stand thank you.

When you have a point, you have a point.  On with the interview then.  

1.  Please give us some background info on yourself…


I was raised by two happily married Cape Verdean parents in the upper class suburban town of New Bedford, MA (for those who donít know what Cape Verdean is, get your Wikipedia on).  I have one younger brother who is two years younger than me.  We were allowed one hour of Nintendo or Sega Genesis a day throughout our childhood so we spent most of our time playing sports with the kids in the neighborhood.  You actually start to question whether or not your parents love you when they lock you out of the house for hours at a time! 


My family is littered with basketball players so Iíve been around the sport since I was born.  Iím actually one of the worst players in my family if that isnít too hard to believe.  I played my high school basketball at New Bedford High School and compiled varsity career stats of 13 games played and 33 career points.  My high school was competitive and I wasnít up to snuff. Unfortunately, I was a late bloomer.  My basketball skill level increased dramatically between my senior year in high school and my sophomore year of college.  I attended Northeastern Universitywhere Iím still surprised that we didnít cross paths over the 5 years of drinking and working out at the Marino Center. 


Well if you had stepped into the library on any given Friday or Saturday we probably would have crossed paths.


2.  I have only done this once before (See Corner with Dart Dainer).  PStone, I give you the open mic.  Clear the air with what you need to say about your recent alleged ìGP bashingî that some have claimed you are guilty of instigating.


GP deserves to die and I hope he burns in hell!!!  No, just playingÖ. I have no problems with GP.  Despite what I said, I know that heís a really great player and one of the best to ever grace the wall ball arena.  I hope that he doesnít torch me next time we play against each other.  Actually, I think Iím going to extend an invitation to him for drinks on me right after this interview.


3.  The Wolverine once got a non-golden shower.  My life has been threatened 2Xís from the balcony.  Give me your funniest or (scariest for that matter) reffing story from CAC or outside in the real world.


I was reffing in Melrose one time and my partner threw out a mother because she was talking sh*t to a 12 year old on the other team.  Her husband wasnít too happy and came after us after the game.  We quickly grabbed our stuff and headed for the back door.  Then there was one time when I first started that I called 5 seconds on a trap in the backcourt.  Thereís no such thing as 5 seconds in the backcourt.  That day I learned that making up your own rules on the fly doesnít go over too well with the coaches and fans.


4.  Kanye Westís ì808ís/Heartbreakî new record…are you feeliní it?


I am a big Kanye fan, but Iím not feeling 808.  I donít like this direction but heís the artist and he can do what he wants to do.  People do funny things when theyíve gone through some heartbreak. I just came off a relationship (HINT HINT Iím single HINT HINT!!!) so I feel his pain and Iíll give him a pass for this album.  His last album ìGraduationî is a classic.


Yea its like heís turning into P Diddy when he wrote a bazillion songs about J-Lo.  I know he wasnít going to score another booty like J-Lo but after the hundredth song it was like to quote the great Lighthouse Bermont, ìCCCCCMMMMMMONNNNN DIDDY!î


5.  As a fellow NU Husky, do you care to admit that you woke up next to a ìHuskyî or two back in your college days like yours truly?


Iíve woken up next to a husky before.  My ex-girlfriend was friends with the school mascot and she slept over a few times.  Thatís it.  I donít want to comment on other ìHuskyî allegations.  Iím not here to talk about the past.  Iím here to be positive and talk about the future.


Lies make baby Jesus cries.


6.  Did OJ do it?


Yes, he did it.  No doubt about it.  Put it this way, if you have the balls to come out with a book called ìIf I Did ItÖî then youíre certified crazy and capable of doing anything.  Did you hear the audio tape of OJ in the memorabilia shop ìaskingî for his stuff back?  Donít mess with the Juice, he means business.


Haha, it was like someone stole his last pair of Isotoners or something.


7.  What do you want more, D-Macís Lexus or his Jumper?


I want his jumper, that thing is pretty.  So so pretty.  I could never pimp DMacís Lexus even if I wanted to.  I donít have his swagger.


I would settle for either.  My Bentleyís muffler makes me sound like Iím pimping the ole ghetto ìRice Rocketî while my jumper is about as useful and lucrative as a baby dick in the porn industry.


8.  Favorite aspect of CAC?


Thereís a camaraderie around the gym that is unmatched by any place Iíve been to.  The players genuinely enjoy the whole experience of coming to the gym, playing their games, reading the lines and write-ups, and cutting it up with the fellow players and staff. 


The League Night Outs are great too.  We need to have another one soon.  Itís about that time.  Whose birthday is next?  Hell, even if there isnít a birthday I say we all just go out anyway!


What would you change at CAC?


I would fix that one light on the scoreboard.  That is the black eye of the gym.


You would only be the 800th person to say that.  Are the higher ups listening?


9.  Do you feel MLB is getting a free pass with the steroid era?  For example, if steroids were ramped in the NBA do you think there would be a greater backlash against the sport and players as a whole?


Iím not advocating steroids but since everyone was doing it, I canít see how they can persecute a select group of guys (Bonds, Clemens, Tejada, Arod, etc) and let everyone else off the hook. Juiced pitchers were throwing to juiced batters.  Thatís the bottom line.  Unfortunately players have cheated since the beginning of competition.  Iím more disappointed that everyone turned their back on the issue for so long.  I donít think steroids would help basketball so I doubt it will ever be an issue.  Regarding basketball, no steroid in the world could get you a jumper as sweet as Ray Allenís.


The one issue that basketball gets a lot backlash on is fighting.  James Harrison can beat shit out of a Cardinals special teams guy and get a 15 yard flag.  Zdeno Chara can fight someone and only get a 5 minute penalty.  But if Carmelo Anthony and Nate Robinson slap box for 10 seconds, they get a 20 game suspension and the story is the headline on SportsCenter for two weeks.  I guess thatís another story for another day.


The reason why NBA players get suspended for 20 games is, with the exception of the fight in the Detroit/Pacers game, NBA players never throw down like men.








10.  How have you dealt with your iconic status as a CAC legend?  The womenís league almost collapsed when they found out you were no longer the ref.


The womenís league almost ran me out of the gym a few times so Iím going to say that youíre gassing me up.  The eye rolls that I usually get from them are not of the friendly variety. 


Please, PStone I gas no one.  However I have been known to ìdutch-ovenî many a women.  The ladies loved you.  Hallie wanted to have your babies and probably still would had she not found the man of her dreams.


Iím far from a CAC legend like Wolverine or JBerr.  I just hope that Iím recognized as someone who plays hard and takes the game seriously but still has fun doing it.  Itís a young mans game and we only have so many years to play so why not enjoy it (though 4 on 4 wall ball can add a few years to oneís playing career!).  I also would like to be known as a ref who calls the game fair and doesnít try to interfere with the players on the court.  I always go back to the quote ìLet a playa playî.  It applies in so many walks of lifeÖ..


No arguments here.  Preston, it was a pleasure having you in the Corner.  Best of luck in your quest for the brick this season but beware of the Baby Face Ride.  It’s more punishing then people think.