TiCal’s Corner: Ramon


1. Tell us some background info on yourself (Where u grew up, where u playd ball etc)

That’s a tough question. I grew up in Cambridge.. Right on Western Ave.. My family has been there since like 1492 or something like that. I played ball everywhere. I played in high school at Lexington Christian Academy many years ago.

2. Be honest with me, it just came to me last Friday, Doesn’t Dave Clinton look exactly like Jamie Foxx? Has anyone else ever made that comparison?

Now that is funny. Dave seems to look like several people, but the funny thing is the people he looks like do not look alike. We called him Redman for a little while, and then he was Marbury, and recently he�s been called T I. Not sure about Jamie Foxx though. I�m all for calling him Foxx in the write ups but I wouldn�t say he looks like him.

That is really eerie because he does look a little like each of them. Especially Marbury.

3. Who has impressed you the most with their game since you got here last yr.

Truthfully there are so many good players which surprises me all the time because usually good players don�t prefer to play in a reformed racquetball court. My favorite player though has to be Rip.. I usually pass him the ball, clear out and see how the other team is going to try to stay in front of him. Mike Turin is the man for his entertainment value. I could watch Turin aka Hot Sizzle all day.

I, personally, always enjoy watching people that are combustible, like my man West. Real livewires.

4. Since when and how did you become a Broncos fan? Is Shanahan over rated, I mean he had Elway, TD, Sharpe, Rod Smith, Easy Ed McCaffrey, the list goes on, when they won those super bowls?

I�ve been a broncos fan since 87. it was a hard time for us broncos fans but I made it through. Shanahan isn�t exactly over rated.. He was a good coach but I think his time has passed him and it�s time to retire..

5. Kiss and tell books have become popular in today�s mainstream, what was the atmosphere playing for that championship UCC team. I saw a lot of yelling and a lot of winning, care to comment?

Now that was entertainment. I loved those guys man.. I had such a good time on that team. Luckily I knew what my role was so I didn�t get frustrated. It�s hard when you put Kevy Kev and 508 on the same team. They are like the same person so you will have a lot or arguing, but also a lot of winning.. So what are you gonna do.

6. Who was you single most important hero in your life growing up?

Jordan was the man.. He was your hero to O�Cal. How could he not be.. It�s just amazing how he could do what he has done without great speed or handle. Just a real good first step and all the endless moves once he got to the hoop. Crazy!

I was always a huge fan of Jordan on the court, but not as much as off the court. I would love to go to a bar, being the greatest baller ever alive and see what type of num nums I leave with at the end of the nite.

7. Do you think we should test for performance enhancing drugs at CRFC, I mean wouldn�t you feel cheated if it came to your knowledge that say for example, I was juicing and led the league in scoring and assists?

Nah man, we do not need testing in the CRFC. That is funny though but as you know Dart is my friend and I wouldn�t want him to have to deal with random tests and lying to congress..

8. How would you rate the following about the CRFC league/BBall and Why 1-10:

  • The pick up: 8.5. Pick up is why I got my membership..
  • The leagues: 7 I think there are one too many leagues, but it�s definitely a lot of fun.
  • The refereeing: 7 where do I begin.. Truthfully they do a good job for the situation they are put in. I get frustrated some times because I am still learning how to play under CRFC rules..
  • The scorekeeping/stats/writeups: 9 I give you guys a 9 because you keep score and stats while holding conversations with everyone up there. I did one game and had a hard time talking to anyone.. it was crazy.. Plus, seeing the stats and the write ups make the league interesting.
  • Level of play: 8


9. What does this country need right now the most?

Well, I would say gas but I just passed a gas station that had regular for $2.25 so I need to think of something else. How about politicians that don’t lie.. That would make life real interesting.

Where is this gas for 2.25? I think soon its going to turn into scenes from the Mel Gibson movie the Road Warrior. Crazy stuff this oil.

10. Ok, it’s league drink night and I come up to you and tell you I messed up your assists from last game, I offer to buy you anything in the bar and you tell me:

Well seeing how it was just an assists I would say a Corona, but if you missed a blocked shot i would need a Henny and Coke for that.

Ramon you are officially out of the Corner, drink and be merry!