TiCal’s Corner: Shandor the Great

1. Where do you reign from Shandor?

The black lava courts of Mordor were my playground… I don’t have to keep that Lord of the Rings shit going, do I? Actually grew up around Lexington, playing ball all weekend at the Hayden center.

2. A. Are you a fan of the old school NBA or New school?

B. which decade was the most exciting? 60-70’s 70-80’s 80-90’s 90-00’s or present day? 60-70’s?

How old do you think I am?

As far as I’m concerned, the golden age was the mid-80’s, watching Bird drill jumpers on Channel 56 (we didn’t have cable so I couldn’t watch the home games). I revered that team of McHale, Parish, Ainge and DJ, and later, Walton, the way they toyed with teams until the 4th quarter. I don’t think any contemporary rivalry can touch Bird-Magic (remember those Converse commercials?). I’m kinda disappointed those two old farts actually like each other now.

3. If you could only have one of the following NBA greats to start your own NBA franchise, whic player in their prime would you want to start for your NBA team Magic, jordan, Bird, Isaih, Russell, Wilt?

I’d take the 6’9″ white guy with absolutely no jumping ability.

4. Can you do the electric slide on the dance floor? (becareful how you answer this one because the next league drink nite is coming up)

So that’s what you guys do at the drink nite…

5. If you were Elmer Fudd, what would be the hardest thing to hunt : a wolverine, a big dawg, or a diesel?

So far, I’ve found the wolverine to be quite cunning.

6. There is a rumor, i dont know who may have started it, that you were seen in the adult section of Borders in the Galleria buying Kama Sutra for experts… be honest whats easier, stealing the ball playing basketball or stealing someone’s significant other?

Yeah, that was nice running into you at the store. You didn’t mind that I showed your girl that position, did you?

7. Does anyone drive to the hole better than you in this league that you have seen?

I think J-Rod is pretty tough. Cheese takes it hard, and my man Coffin too.

8. Favorite all time cartoon character?

Jessica Rabbit.

9. Do you think David really killed Goliath?

I got a better question. Who comes up with your questions? Pat Robertson?

10. Tell us something that we dont know about Shandor?

I still have my “I Hate LA” t-shirt from 1986, and I wear it.