TiCal’s Corner: Steve Brueger

Steve Bruger stepped into Tical’s corner as soon as Shandor stepped on out. An added bonus

1. Where does Steve Bruger hail from?

Buckeye country, the heart of it all, Columbus Ohio.

2. How can a lady be once, twice, three times a lady?

I think I understand this, because something similar happened to me on the way home from the last league drinking night. There was only one lady, but I saw 3 of her. Or was that a parking meter? Hmm…

3. Are you scared that the DNC is in Boston this week?

No, but I am a little nervous for Serge’s speech. Did you hear he’s introducing Bill Clinton on national TV? What an honor.

4. You’re one of those wicked smart guys from MIT right? Then riddle me this steve, if a train leaves Boston at 3pm going 50mph and a train leaves Seattle at 2am traveling at 60 mph, at what time do the two trains meet at Omaha?

Sorry, Mayor Menino ordered all calculators shut down for the week of the DNC. Let me take a guess: C?

5. The super bowl, the Final Four, the NBA Championship, the world series, stanley cup and the Masters are for some reason all on TV at the same time, what do you watch?

Final Four, unless the Sox are in the World Series, but that doesn’t seem all that likely.

6. How hard has it been on you lately now knowing that your girl mary kate has an eating disorder and a coke problem? do you have trouble even getting out of bed in the morning.

You know, a friend of mine named Steph used to babysit for the Olsen twins back in the Full House days. So frankly I put the blame on her. Are any of your babysitters famous? Just kidding OCal, enjoy your youth while you’ve got it.

7. How long do you wait to go swiming after you eat? Are you a live wire and not even wait or do you wait the standard hour like your suppose?

At the pool, I wait. At the beach, anything goes. Regardless I pretty much sink like a stone (must be all the muscle mass).

8. Who is your favorite player to watch at CRFC?

For awhile it was Ol’ Dirty, but I’d have to say Diesel. No one goes through a wider range of emotions, or skin tones, in the course of a game.

9. Are the 74s going to make it to the championship this year?

When we get it going, we’re the best team out there. When we lose, we lose big & ugly. I think we’re coming back together, so we’ll be there, probably against the Ruffians or the Beavers.

10. Tell us one thing that we dont know about Steve Bruger the person?

I’ll tell you 2 things: Outside of CRFC, my last name is pronounced “burger”, and I used to have a talk show on Boston public access TV called “The Buerger and Fries Show”. It didn’t last long, but you’d have loved it.