TiCal’s Corner: Tibbs Lite

Ticals Corner – Shannon Tibbets AKA Tibbs Lite AKA the TIbbs with Game

Todayís guest is none other than Tibbsí kid sister.  Sure she may have a lot more basketball talent than Tibbs, but that doesnít make him a bad guy (there are plenty of his other traits that do so). Shannon is going into her senior year of college and has been a staple at the lunch pick ups, unfortunately usually getting stuck on my team.  Today, she steps into the Corner to give us someReallllllllll Talk.

Shannon, thanks for stepping into the Corner, lets get this shindig crackiní

1.  Please give us some background on yourself (where you grew up, basketball highlights/funny stories involving Jason/Caitlin/Bball or CAC)

I was born in a small town, and I live in a small townÖalright enough Mellencamp, Iím sure my terrible voice comes through in the e-mailÖbut we are from the boondocks of Warren.  I started ballin at the tender young age of 4 practicing on the sidelines of Tibbsí practices.  Almost quit playing for good on the second day when I was dribbling up the sideline, tripped on my shoelace, fell down, and knocked the wind outta myself.  As I lay on the ground gasping for breath I thought my short-term basketball career was over.  But I stuck it out and look at the kid now.  Growing up involved getting my butt kicked playing 1 on 1 against Tibbs; that is until my J got to be the best in the family and I started sitting on the three point line making the net splash.  Yet most successful was HORSE, I think heís beaten me once to this day.  Nine times outta ten last shot to knock him out was a three from the top of the key taken kneeling down (cheap I know, but it got to the point where heíd try crazy dunks to beat me). 

Funny, Tibbs strikes me as the type who would be right at home doing almost anything on his knees.  You probably would have been fucked if he had to hit the shot with a banana or hot dogg in his mouth.

Lucky me I guess.  In high school I got to play with the famous OíKeefe sisters at Quaboag High School we won the state championship one year and lost in the state semis two other years to Lee High.  After already being more successful than Tibbs I took two years off after high school as I switched colleges three times and finally rejoined a team.  In my sophomore year we won the NAC conference and got an NCAA bid where we got our ass kicked 78-32 by Amherst.  My all-time highlight was against Anna Maria when I shot 9-9 including 4-4 from three and had 25 points in 22 minutes off the bench that year.  But then last year I pulled a Tibbs choking in the playoffs, shot a horrendous 1-11 as we got knocked out in the first round.  One year left to redeem myself before Iím stuck playing in a crappy gym competing with other washed up players, trying to get the most shine in write-ups written and read by the same 10 people every week.     


2.  Ok, right to the hard questions that everyone wants to know the answers to:  Will anyone in your family ever get a tan?

Look no further than this kid here, one day after I get burned it turns to a tanÖI think Iím adopted haha.  Tibbs is a ghost, to a lobster, to peeling lobster, back to ghost.  Has anyone introduced him to fake-n-bake tanning lotion or something?   

Haha, I would pay money to see Pack A Vestal spraying him down with some tanner.  Hereís what it would probably look like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItJwxcd958I


3.  Are you returning for your senior season or will you be entering the WNBA a season early? 

I will be returning for my 5th year senior season and attempting to better our one and done playoff appearance last year.  

See, this is what Iím talking about people.  So many athletes are criticized for leaving school early to make that quick buck and here you are, putting your education in front of making millions of dollars. (Tical begins a slow golf clap)

Yeah…that or I donít think the WNBA wants a lazy out-of-shape 22 year old. 

Hush now.  If you are going to live in this world you got to learn how to spin things.

Like how you say you a family man and not a loser for being 25 and still living at home?

My spinning can get dizzying.

4.  Can I win a title with your brother in A1 this season?  Am I crazy for thinking heís a first rounder? 

Iím gonna go with a bold yes here, although if our pickup games the other day were any indication, it might be a back-and-forth type of season that all comes down to production in the playoffs, which has been proven to be a sore spot.  However even I have heard how excited he is to be on your team, and that fact alone just might be the motivation to produce as he wouldnít want to let the great tical down.  But Iíll give him credit, his J has improved a great deal since high school and I think heís a first rounder and it was a good pick.  Good luck Air Jortan!  (and no I wasnít paid or blackmailed to say any of that, I swear) 


5.  How has Pack a Vestal influenced your life?

You mean besides showing me up on the court the couple times I filled in for her team?  Well actually thereís some written-for-movie stuff here ñ she graduated from Bromfield high school in 2000 and in 2001 my freshman year on varsity we lost to them in the first round of the playoffs.  Ok so she didnít influence me then but I just thought Iíd throw that random strange fact in there. Letís seeÖthe infamous weekends at her cape house has influenced me during which sheís given me an appreciation for cheap vodka and large amounts of zantac popped to prevent heartburn from it.  Thatís the weekend I was pressured by Gripp, Jizzy (JBerr), and Tibbs to skip my conference soccer game to get hammered and pass out on the beach at 2am only to wake up and have Tibbs Tandem kill everyone in pong all day Saturday. 

House in the Cape AND pong?!?!  My invitation must have got lost in the mail!!!


6.  How would you get drunker, if you played a drinking game where you would have to take a shot each time a Peyton Manning commercial comes on during football season or every time Kendrick Perkins gets whistled for an illegal screen?(feel free to write another in) 

Out of those Iíd have to choose every time a Peyton Manning commercial comes on during football season, which is wayyyyy too much ñ plus seeing him alone makes me want to drink myself into a coma to begin with.  But overall Iíd have to choose every time Mannyís name gets brought up in the next 50 days during his suspension as we all try to figure out wtf he was doing taking womenís fertility pillsÖ

See, this is the double standard that I hate.  Sure if a woman sleeps around she should be labeled a whore, while a man doing the same thing should be labeled ìthe manî, but when a man wants to get in touch with his feminine side, he catches hell for it.  Men can never win.  Poor Manny, and now that he canít take his fertility pills how is he going to get pregnant!?! Huh?  Riddle me that Batman. He aint no spring chicken and with each year his biological clock is ticking….


7.  Are ladies down with Jorts (jean shorts)?

Thanks for the explanation, but donít you know I follow CAC basketball and the world with which it revolves very closely? I know all about your struggles being accepted wearing the jorts to league night out and suchÖ.and Iíd have to say it all depends on the person, and Iím not so sure youíve got the calves to rock the jorts well.  Hate to say it, but someone had toÖor well another person had to.  

Calf implants, tweezers, Extenze, and Cocoa Puffs….Sweet, my laundry list of things for my Mom to pick up next time sheís out is complete, thanks Shannon.


8.  Do you think James Bond ever got VD?

Oh hey youíre randomÖIíve never been a Bond fan, but from the couple movies Iíve seen, Iíd have to say for sure.  That man gets around more than Hef himself. 

I can see him giving MoneyPenny Crabs and it being really awkward in the office for a while, but at least he has the perfect excuse.  Could always pull the ìI had to do her raw to save the world.î  How can you get mad at a guy for giving you full blown AIDS if he had to save the world?

(Tibbs Lite is not amused)

Um, yeah, no, I donít care who it is, if someone gives me AIDS I have the right to get heated.



9.  Cavs or Lakers, who would you hate more to win a championship?

As bad as this sounds, I have strong hatred for both Kobe and LBJ, even though I respect both their games.  And with the Cavs now sweeping through the first two rounds Iím really pulling for them to get knocked off.  And I love that D Wade has a ring and Lebron doesnít.

Kobeís ìDoin Workî was such BS.  I thought it was going to be about how Raping that chick changed his life.  Just canít wait till Kobe follows OJís route and writes his book, ìWell, if I did rape that chick, this is how Iíd do it.î  (Paperback only $9.95 but supplies are limited so act fast!!!)


10.  Finally, give me dirt on Tibbs, I want an embarrassing story about him, either from last week or from growing up.  Give me something about a soiled mattress or a how he use to wear your moms make up, please…

Letís see, I have a bad memory and am struggling to think of stories, but since my mom never wore makeup I can knock that out right away (sorry).  Well we come from a really small town where everyone knows your name and is in your business, and one time in 7th or 8th grade he was walking home from school with his girlfriend only to get scolded by our mom because someone drove by, saw them, and called to tell her they were holding hands.  This was also the phase in his life that he wouldnít wear jeans – he had an entire drawer of black sweatpants heíd wear everyday along with a Christian t-shirt (yup, pkís and look at us now haha)  Luckily this was the girlfriend that broke him outta that extremely awkward fashion phase.  It could be right up there along with your jorts.  SorryÖIíve got nothing else from when we were youngerÖ.but I did hear he passed out by 8pm the other day.       

Haha, great stuff.  Christian T-shirt just may be my next team name.  Shannon, Tibbs Lite, the Tibbs Good at Basketball, whatever you want to be called, it was a pleasure having you step into the Corner and best of luck with your final season.