TiCal’s Corner: TLayman

Today�s guest is one of CAC�s new staff members who has been holding it down on Monday nights with the 5 on 5 C league.  He plays on_X-JV in the C league and after playing employee pick up with him, I have to say the man can ball.  We are glad to have him on board and just like so many new staffers, he is being baptized with a blog so here we go.


T-Lay, it�s a pleasure to have you in the Corner even though you had no idea this place even existed until 2 days ago…


1.  Please give us some background info on yourself (where u grew up etc…) and how you came to CAC.  Remember this aint your dissertation so please, keep it under 1000 words.


Well I�m originally from Pembroke, Mass., and I attended the Harvard of Mass. State Schools-Westfield State College.  Now I�m in the journalism grad program at Emerson and write high school sports for the Herald.  (Thank you BFab.)


My older bro, J-Lay, recruited me to play on X-JV last winter and I�ve been playing ever since.  Love the C League, because I didn�t play a lick of high school ball, but can still hold it down. 


I actually started scorekeeping last session for the C West.  So I�m not a complete rookie.  It�s a good time.  Good to keep my writing skills fresh and I won�t be lost when I�m covering games for the Herald.


2.  I have noticed that you use a picture of Rocky (III?) as your avatar. Give me your favorite quote/scene from Rocky and why?


Love Rocky movies.  Anytime the day-long Rocky marathon is on I�m watching and  I�m probably shedding tears. 


I know the feeling.  Any time Lifetime does a tribute to the vagina marathon, my eyes are glued to the TV and my mom asks me what happened to all the lotion and tissues.


Different strokes I suppose…As far as my favorite scene, I got to love when Mick is on the table breathing his last breath.  Stallone�s performance is Oscar worthy in that scene even though you can barely make out what he�s saying.   Gets me every time.


Best Rocky movie and why?


Tough to beat the original, but this question is like asking a parent which kid they like best.  Rocky V is out of the question, the worst, but that�s a hard question to answer.  If I watch them all one after the other does it count as one movie?  Yah, it does. 


3.  You are working the 5 on 5 Monday night C League.  Who are big wigs over there (individually, team or entertainment wise) and who brings a lot to the CAC community?


Last session listening to Commitment and Gary Fan was comical.  Got to give it up to Filosa for dealing with a lot complaining.  No real heavy hitters yet so far this session.  The teams are still trying to figure out each other.  We will see how the season pans out.


4.  What is the most challenging thing about being a CAC staffer?


I had a scoreboard not work last week and had to go old school and keep time with a wrist watch.  Fun for all involved.  Nothing has been that difficult other than figuring out which color lines the Kennedy uses as its basketball court.


Just another added bonus from CAC.  No Extra Charge!!!  Besides getting to know me, what has been the best benefit of joining the few, the drunk, the CAC staff?


I haven�t had the pleasure of attending a  LNO yet, due to working my ass off, but I will enjoy watching people throw beer at me for all the stats I make up, errrr, record with diligence that is. Just joking Tibbs.  I wish I could enjoy the benefits more, but real life likes to boot me in the ass.


5. You and Kanye enter a Duesh contest and you both have made it to the finals of the Duesh-off tourney….How do you out-duesh, probably the biggest dueshbag in the world?  (Hide the walker on some blind guy?  Replace a friends birth control with roofies?  Not pick up your dirty towel in the CAC locker room?)  Feel free to add something a little comical if need be


Is it douchish, yes I made up a word, to say that Kanye isn�t a douche and MTV wanted him to make a splash because people my age (25) or over are talking about MTV again? Really think about it, when�s the last time anyone said the letters M, T, and V together.   Probably before the term douche-bag was invented. 


I agree.  If you want a good joke, all you have to tell someone is, �To tell you the truth, I didn�t even really like Kanye until 2 weeks ago.�  People get really heated.  Who knew this would be such a hot-button topic.  Some radio stations are even refusing to play his CD.  Again, I HAVE to be the voice of reason in this stupid world:  Look, I don�t need Kanye to be a good guy because I will never have contact with him in my life.  I need that douche to make hit songs like he use to.  If he makes something that is bumpin�, I will be all for it and I can still think he is a douche.  You�re telling me all those Doors fans out there thought Jim Morrison was an outstanding citizen?  Drugs, public exposure, domestic abuse are just some of the things that man did, but do any radio stations refuse to play him? Wait, let�s play the race card!  Its because Taylor Swift is part Native American isn�t it?


(Tical looks flustered- deep exhales) Wow, I worked myself into a nice little lather on that one.  Hey, wait, I need to know how you�d out-duesh him.

I was about to answer before you got your panties in a twist.  To answer your question, I would show up to the douche-off with a blow out, wax my eye brows, big rocks in my ears and a spray tan, and I would probably just walk around and do everyday things.  Because everyone knows that people who dress like that are douchebags.


6.   How do you rate President Obama�s first 100 days so far?


Lot thrown on the man�s plate.  I guess we will see what happens with this health care issue, and the death of that many soldiers in Afghanistan probably doesn�t look to good.  But the cash for clunkers, which I didn�t take advantage of, brought a little bit of life, hopefully not false life, back into the auto industry.  Let�s give him a B, because there is always room for improvement when it comes to Presidents. 


Really?  Maybe someone should inform our Player President about that little nugget of information.


7.  Besides Chris Brown (the Rhianna beater, not the running back), Lady GaGa has been one of the most influential people in, fellow CAC staffer, PStone�s life as her fashion and music really dictate his style.  How has �Poker Face�, �Just Dance�, and her flamboyant choice in hideous fashion influenced your life?


I don�t pay attention to her at all and if she was to influence my life it would be in a negative way.  I pay more attention to my bowel movements than to pop culture.


I wish I could say the same.  Unfortunately, I try to emulate her every move on the basketball court.  Every time-out, I change into a different outfit to show my stylish side.  I think I almost saw D-Mac throw up when I came out wearing these ones:



8.  �Stanky Leg� or �Soldier Boy�, if you got to choose one to Serve someone on the dancefloor, which you going with?


I�m repping the Soldier Boy and throwing in some T-Layman�s finest two-stepping.  Suckas won�t know how to react.


9.  Which basketball players at CAC have really impressed you with their skill?  Gimme a top 5 at least.


 1. Leng Tang


My man Pootie!!!  Dude is legit!  Love his game.  Sorry, please continue…


 2. Jamey Guess

 3. John McEnelly (man just doesn�t slow down)

 4. Steve Barbuto (give some love to my teammate)

 5. Covered one A 5 v 5 game with you, and I�ll just say everyone on the court.


10.  Homestretch, time to dig into the REAL T-Lay.  Let your guard down and tell us the worst or best place you have ever woken up and you can�t say �Boston.�


Wow.  I have woken up in some weird spots.  Some I could probably tell you off this thing without incriminating myself.


I woke up in my front lawn in the mulch after a long, looong Sunday Funday at Alex�s and the Foxy Lady.   If I woke up in the Foxy Lady after not being there it would have been a better story.  But, ya, probably slept a good hour or so outside in my lawn face down in a fresh batch of mulch.  (Note: That was the PG-13 version of the story)


Haha, ya, I�ve been face down in �mulch� at a strip club before.  Had the sore to prove it before I got on the Valtrex though.


Tom, this was a pleasure to have you in the Corner and an even greater pleasure having you as a co-worker.  Best of luck with your team, your work as a CAC staffer, and get your ass out to a LNO!