Tical’s Corner – Trevor McAndrew

One of the leagueís premier players for the past two years, Trevor McAndrew, has thrived from beyond the arc and has been a consistent first round draft pick in A1. Today, I get him to step into the Corner to discuss my superb officiating, NBA action and CAC idiosyncrasies.

Trevor, itís a pleasure to have you in the Corner.

 Thanks for having me, been anxiously awaiting the opportunity.

1. Please, give the readers some background information about yourself. Where you grew up, how you came to CAC, sports/life highlights or lowlightsÖ

Grew up in Westerly, RI, high school there, a year of prep school, & matriculated to Hobart College (upstate NY) Found the gym through my desire to lose the 50 or so LBS I gained in college & my lasting athletics claim to fame is getting elbowed in the mouth, after getting my layup spiked, by Rocco Baldelli(DRays CF & RI legend) in high school. Lost a couple of teeth & smile has not been the same since.

Haha, great story.  Karmaís a bitch, if its any consolation I think Baldelli has spent more time on the MLB DL than I have in therapy for my bed-wetting problem.  One of these days Baldelli will play more than 20 games in a season and Iíll wake up to a dry mattress.

2. OK, worst call I have ever made with you on the floor and I know you have a ton to choose from.

I agree that there are a plethora of options but two come to mind. 1) Can’t remember the season but you called me for a moving screen, which is the only time before/since that call has been made at the gym 2) the non AND-1 call that you made last B1 league against Kneeland’s team, completely robbing my squad of our momentum & then T’ing me up because I didn’t exactly agree with your opinion. Unreal.

First of all, I said worst, which means one, but the game with the T was memorable.  I thought I was officiating a game with George Carlin on the floor with all the F bombs heading my way after the ìquestionable calls.î  But it gave birth to ìunrealî so I guess everything happens for a reason.

2a. You donít think we have a Tim Duncan/Joey Crawford relationship do you?

I would like to think we are not at that level yet but its still relatively early in our player/ref relationship

Good to know but if it ever gets to that level you need to let me know so I can borrow the Wolverineís mace.

3. Who is your favorite sports star of all time and why?

Magic Johnson, favorite player in the time period when I became a hoops junkie.

Hard not to love Magic until you watched his late night show that lasted about as long as the Sergenís Table or the Reverandís Confessional.

4. Should the NBA re-seed for the playoffs so we can get a legitimate championship game or are you a traditionalist?

I’m more for detraction, the league is way too watered down. Less teams+higher # of quality players per team=better basketball.

Interesting thing to debate on the message boards.  Prof? Cheese? OD?  Im sure you all have an opinion.

5. The Spurs got Eva in their corner, but Golden State has Jess Alba in theirs, who has the more eye pleasing fan base?

Hands down Jessica Alba, thinking a couple more years of a below average movie career then it will be time for her to get naked for some attention.

A man can hope cant he?

Absolutely.  Also, any team with Jessica Beil gets a strong endorsement from me-huge fan since her days on 7th Heaven.

6. Most entertaining CAC moment you have witnessed or been apart of, on or off the court?

Definitely had to be the other night in Charlestown, when Chris Williams nearly tore that kid’s head off after the kid tripped him. Would have been a pretty ugly scene, glad it didn’t happen, but, seriously, who doesn’t like to watch a fight?  & kudos to you for being a mediator but if Williams went after him, you would have looked like Jeff Van Gundy holding onto Alonzo Mourning’s leg

Greatest clip ever.  Zo just kept looking down like ìwhat the hell is this cracka doin?î

7. Who is the best basketball player at CAC right now?

Thats a tough question, especially because all the good ones light me up, but I would say Jared gives me the most problems, the guy is relentless.

8. Will the Yankees make the comeback this year? I am a die hard Sox fan, but also a History major and I know that a Sox collapse in July/August is imminent.

Big Yanks fan & I think the comeback is inevitable for the wildcard, especially with Abreu starting to come around & improved starting pitching but would be shocked if the Sox did not win the division. I’m planning for a Sox-Yanks ALCS.

This is true.  Iím tired of all the yahoos in Boston who declared the season over in May!!!  Itís the frickin Yankees and they always get hot at the right time and the Sox always cool down at the same time.  I swear sometimes there is a black hole of ignorance that shadows over Boston.  Oh wait, its probably the rotund cast of WEEIís the Big Show strolling in front of the sun again.

9. What is your favorite aspect about CAC basketball?

The court being 70 feet long, having no coach who is able to take me out for shooting everytime I touch it & playing no D.

Hard to argue with that, although I wonít be holding my breath to hear you say the officiating.

10. Give me your funniest drinking story and you always get bonus points for throwing any other CAC players under the bus.

Hit up the Warren Tavern after the most recent 3 on 3 tourney & had a solid time with a number of the guys. Not knowing too much of Charlestown & its demographics, I quickly realized that there were quite a few cougars in attendance. #1) Cougars are right up my alley, you cannot teach that type of experience #2) I need to spend more time inCharlestown #3) I have little to no game. I believe I had two to three, 45 second conversations with the local talent which were spectacularly unsuccessful, finished up my beer, & pulled an Irish goodbye. Can’t wait to make it back & I believe I owe Mr. Finn some beverages for picking up the tab.

Cougars make the world go round for the 20s/early30ís single man and I hope one day to have more experience with Cougars than the recently deceased Crocodile Hunter.

Trevor, as always, thanks for the opinions and stopping by the Corner, but you didnít have to flush my whistle down the toilet.  You know I never use it anyway.