TiCal’s Corner: Tyson Nargassans

With the first ever 5 on 5 league underway at the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club a ton of new talent has graced the CRFC brand name.  Probably the most charismatic player, who can also back up his smack talk on the boards, has to be Tyson Nargassans.  Leading 5 Knuckle Shuffle to win after win, Tysonís bark on the boards is just as lethal as hit bite on the court.  His perimeter shooting and quickness has made him one of the toughest guys to stick on D.  Today, I got him to stand in one place long enough to answer my top 10 questions.

Tyson, thanks for taking some time to throw the CRFC media some loviní

Thrilled to be in the presence of greatness ñ despite what my fearless captain, Shane says.  Heís from Saugus and would prefer to be in someoneís trap.  However, I have to share credit for our undefeated start with the team.  By no means is it one person leadingÖwe have a lot of weapons. 

Ok, Tyson Nargassans unleashed:

1.  First of all Tyson, give us some back ground on your self.  I know you had to play some hoop in your day, so where you played, grew up, etc

I am 6í2î with blue eyes and short brown hair. I enjoy watching sports and taking long walks on the beach only if they lead to something.  Ohhhh, sorry wrong description. 

Why do I always set off everyoneís gaydar?  Is it the babyface and all the smiling?ÖYou know what, on second thought, donít answer that.

Yeah, good call, I didnít want to be the bearer of bad news.  So I was saying, I grew up in Dover and went to a Noble and Greenough locally.  Some people are more familiar with the school because the 13thAmerican Idol (Ayla Brown) just graduated from there ñ why do we give so much attention to someone who finished in 13th place?  She is cute and can sing, but címon. 

You just answered your own question, sheís cute and she can sing.  If she could stick a jump shot, she would have the 3 things that Iím looking for from a girl.

Anyways, I went there when John Havlicekís kids went there ñ Chris was 2 years ahead and his sister Jill was my grade.  After an OK high school career, I went to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. That was a blast.  I played for 4 years and was fortunate to graduate after scoring a few buckets. 

Modesty will get you no where here at CRFC Tyson.

2.   Describe the whole CRFC experience to you.  I mean, have you ever played in a men’s leagues that kept stats, did interviews/writeups?  What was your initial reaction when OD told you about the league?

No, this is a first since college.  But as you know, athletes never read the papers so I try not to hear what people are saying about me or the team.   Who am I kidding?  I check the boards and read the stats all the time.  It’s fun to look back and see how far off Tibbs early season predictions were. 

In Tibbs’ defense, he didn’t know half the teams.  This may surprise you but Tyson Nargassans isnít a household name like Chris McMahon.  (You know I’m kidding)  As you can see now, after he has seen everyone, he has given you guys the props you deserve.  Can’t wait for the Charlestown match up though.  You were saying?

Oh, yeah, my first CRFC experience came in 3on3.  Played two tournaments won once.  When OD pitched the league, I said that my wife would not let me out of the house to be seen with him.  So I lied to her and now I am in the league. 

Hey I hear you.  More relationships have been lost over CRFC basketball than infidelity

Seriously, I live in Medway and it is a 45-minute drive.  But I guess I wanted one more shot at good competition before they put me out to pasture.  I am 32 and not getting any younger.  Guys like Trevor and DMac – they run around too much.

3.  Robert Frost once wrote, ìAnd I took the road less traveled and that made all the difference.î  Thatís right I got a little knowledge in me, I can drop some Frost, but from that quote, do you think he ever got any action or had any fun?  We all know that everyone travels the other road because thatís what chicks dig.

I have no idea how to respond to that.  Was that a question or were you just showing everyone that you know whom Frost is in what might be the most known line ever!

Ok, apparently Iím more transparent than I thought.  But I also know that the Wolverine once wrote, ìTo err is human, but to be the all time leading rebounder and scorer at CRFC is devine.î

4.  Name one basketball coach, college or professionally, that you would NEVER play for and why?

Any coach that would restrict my offensive game!  Mike Fratello maybe?

The Czar?!?  The guyís my boy!  I was personally hoping youíd jump all over Larry Brown, especially after repeatedly calling out my boy Starbury.

5.  If I say the name Shane OíDonnell, whatís the first thing that comes to your mind?

BalcoÖthough I have to be honest, it is tough to encapsulate Shane in one word.  Letís just say heís a man of many words.  Some of them, not fit for print.

What about Rte 1 mini golf with those queer dinosaurs?

Donít be so hard on Shane and Wolverine.  What they choose to do on their own time, is their own business.

Haha, Iím not even going there.

6.  Who are youíre starting 5 on your all time NBA team and why?

Larry, Michael, Magic, Kareem and Bill Russell.  Shift Bill over to the power forward, let Magic bring it up and Bird and Michael can work it out.  Thatís a hell of a squad.  Almost as much talent as FKS ñ relative to the CRFC league.

7.  Whatís a better movie, Gladiator or Braveheart?

Thatís a tough one ñ both great in my book.  Probably Braveheart.  I think that movie was a bit more raw, more exciting.

Who wins the heads up battle if the two squared off?  My moneyís on Wallace b/c Gibson is so religious.  Never hurts to have a god or two on your side.

I agree.  I am going with Wallace.  You get the feeling the Gladiator might be waiting for the proverbial bell to ring (being the formal Roman) when Wallace cuts his throat and slits his stomach.

8.  Give me the best pick up line you have ever used or had one of your ìfriendsî use on a chick?

My friend has a friend who used to go up to girls/ladies/women and simply state that heíd ìgo southî for remainder of the night or until pleasured.  He would get slapped 9 out of 10 times.  But there was always one.

And Iím sure that the type of girl that that line works on is the one you want to slip that ring on.

9.  If you had the choice to smack one famous or infamous person across the face, with no repercussions, who would it be and why?

My wife would say Brad Pitt or Angelina because she is a big Jennifer Aniston fan.  Thinking for myself, I would probably slap Antoine.  Used to love his game (freshman year in college).  Iíd hope it help him remember how to actually shoot a basketball and take a lay-up without some Sherman Douglas flip/spin.  Heís the only 6í9î forward who plays like a 5í11î guard.  Zermani and Satori play bigger than ëtoine does.

Although there are a ton of Toine fans, I never dug him.  My choice, personally, I would love to smack Mark Cuban the next time he steps onto a basketball court when heís not supposed to.

10.  Tyson, leave us with a moment of Zen and riddle me this, If they made a movie/book about your life, what would the title be and why?

White Men Can PlayÖfor obvious reasons.

Thatís great stuff Tyson.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck for the rest of the season.