To C League Thanks for Everything, JBerr

Itís been a pleasure moonlighting over @ the Kennedy School this season to cover the C League. Iíve shared so many fond memories with everyone over the past few months that I thought Iíd recall them here in appreciation and recognition of all the players.


Tick/Tock: Carrying the damn portable scoreboard to and fro got to be rather a rather arduous task that I wouldnít do for just any league Iíll have you know. What I donít understand is why the KennedySchool wouldnít allow us use of their electronic scoreboard? You know that gargantuan of an eye soar towering over the back wall. Theyíve been so hospitable all season, sending their janitors over to keep me company during games, providing me with chairs to sit onÖwait, no-BYOC. There were no chairs, which reminds me, I still need to submit my chiropractor bills to Commish for this season. But back to that decrepit scoreboardóa few wires needed to be tightened, maybe a bulb or 2 replaced, no difference between that one and the one we have @ CAC!!


Pavlovian Conditioning: The Wolverine is a creature of habit, and as soon as 5 representatives from each team were present he was ready to get the ball rolling, ahead of schedule or not. It took a few teams a lesson or two in timeliness to figure this out, but wouldnít you know in subsequent weeks players were showing up to their games EARLY. Bet you guys didnít know you were part of a classical conditioning experiment bred from the genius mind of the Wolverine and funded by your CAC league fees. So thanks to all of you, our research couldnít have been conducted without your gracious support and participation!


Twilight Zone: I donít quite know how to explain it, but some how the time/space continuum over @ the Kennedy school is warped, suspended it its own black hole. Iíve kept the time on my watch as itís ticked off the clock and the minutes donít add up. Itís still a mystery, but it explains why players who think they are showing up 5 minutes late for a game, that really started 5 minutes earlier almost completely missed the first half. Itís a trick of the mind.

These are not the droids you are looking for


Not So Famous Sightings: Leave a Message @ the Beeeeeep


°          Hey, Jesse LaFlamme, Ron Jeremy called, He wants his mustache back!

°          Hey, Cabral Brothers, The Gottiís called, they want their blow outs back!

°          Hey Mike Jones, Mike Jones called, he wants his name back!

°          Hey Lewandowski, Val Kilmer called, he wants his face back!

°          Hey Wolverine, John Travolta called, he wants his toupee back!

°          Hey, Bugbee, The Lumberjack called, he wants his beard back!

°          Hey, Ocal, Tibbs called, he wants his girlfriend back! (oh wait, this has nothing to do with the C league)

°          Hey John Carolan, Master P called, he wants his song back! Uuuuuh!

°          Hey Marc Frail, Wolverine called, he wants his miniature dry-fit baby-tee back!

°          Hey, James Hemphill, Avril Levign called, she wants her sneakers back!

°          Hey JayLay, Genzyme called, they want their virginity back!

            Ok enough fun with that, the message machineís full!


Highlight Reel: What would a memorable re-cap be without some season highlights?!


°          Tom Layman earning his nickname ëLay ëEm Outí as he bulldozed through the Kennedy concrete wall to save a loose ball and maintain possession for his team (expect a mysterious increase in league fees for ërepair & maintenanceí charges)

°          Leo ìRed Hotî Rosales hitting back to back buzzer beater walk-off 3spots 2 weeks in a row after I CALLED IT. Wolverine can vouch for this.

°          Chris Cheney  week after week smothering the boards and coming up with 2x the amount of rebounds over guys 2x his height!

°          Will Hudsonís wind-up, crank style DUNK over Genzyme in week 6 that neither Wolverine nor I saw coming, nor did Genzyme for that matter!

°          Archemixís elaborate play which in a span of 7 seconds got the ball all the way up court to Mike Jones for the go-ahead lay up over Bad Boys for the WIN!

°          Jesse LaFlamme ìstealingî his own players baskets with his goal-tending ëalley-oopsí ñhe canít help that heís tall!

°          JLays 23 point night over Genzyme will forever go-down in the CAC history books!

°          Mike ìGodzillaî Gerrity  filling in for Genzyme against Commitment, need I say more?

°          Wolverine proclaiming he has ìblue ballî and Genyzme feeling ìsorryî for him. You had to be there for that one.


That about sums it all upó Itís been a real treat, fellas. I hope youíll all be returning to the leagues next season, now that Sizzler has been ousted, Iíve been replaced and the promise of Wolverineís return!!