Top 10 Basketball Movies of All Time: #’s 6-10

Welcome to my 2-part series laying out the top 10 basketball movies of all time.  These are based solely on the opinions of this humble(well maybe not so humble, but you know) blogger and are in no way affiliated with the opinions of the CAC, any of it’s staff or players.  I know that Rory did a top Sports Movies blog before, but I figured since we all try to be good at basketball, many of us failing, we might as well chronicle movies in the basketball realm.

Here were some of the criteria for my rankings:

– Comedy:  If the movie was funny, whether intentional or not, it got bonus points.  Even in dramatic movies slipping in a little comedy gives it an extra entertainment value.
– Cast:  Whether they be superstar cast members, basketball player cameos, or ironic cast members.  Extra bonus points for clever character names.
– Drama:  Whether it was a spin on a real life story, or a great plot that kept you engaged, a movie that draws you in making you want to know what’s next and engage with the characters is always good.
– Nostalgia:  Was the movie set in a time period that had some flux and based around a big movement, was it popular when I was growing up, did it hit home with my roots, etc…
– Many other factors went into it, ie. can you make a drinking game out of it, was it so cheesy it was funny, do I stop and watch it over anything else if it’s on TV, etc…

Now without further ado, I give you movies 10-6.

10. Teen Wolf –
You can’t go wrong with MJF back in his Back to the Future days.  He was a stud back then, starring in some classic films, way before he ruined it by starring in Mars Attacks.  I mean, what’s not to love about a movie with a teenage boy, confused by his puberty who turns into a werewolf which subsequently makes him an incredible basketball players.  Maybe you can argue this was more focused on being a teen flick, but it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine which is why it makes this list.

9. He Got Game – Jesus Shuttleworth, what a name.  Ray Ray decides to try out an acting career and pairs himself with one of the greatest actors of our generation, Denzel Washington.  Quality film top to bottom, you’ve got drama, romance, a bit of comedy, and some quality basketball.  Top notch film in my book.

8. Celtic Pride – So I almost put this in the honorable mention category, then it was on TV a couple weeks back and I instantly knew it had to make the list.  The combination of Dan Aykroyd and Daniel Stern is dynamic, those two guys epitomize the stereotypical “Southie” Boston fans and crack me up.  Not until today did I realize Judd Apatow directed this film, no wonder I love it.  I’ve never told anyone this before, but I actually love Damon Wayans in comedy films, between Celtic Pride and Major Payne he stars in 2 of my top 10 all time guiltiest of the guilty pleasure films.  Not necessarily considered a “good movie” but definitely fits in with living in Boston now as well as liking the actors involved.

7. Love and Basketball –
So this definitely gets an ace in the Drama category, the childhood neighbors falling in love.  They went through turmoil as they both filled different roles on their college teams, trying to make a name for themselves and turn pro.  They had their issues, but eventually went on to face each other in a one on one matchup to end the movie.

6. Coach Carter – Samuel “Haven’t you seen my movies, this is how I talk” L. Jackson was great in this one.  A coach that you sort of wanted to hate, but yet you respected him and took his side when the parents tried to kick him out of town despite him turning the team around and keeping the kids out of trouble.  The tough love on his players was the right way to coach them and seeing that it turned out well for many of the players makes it even better. Don’t forget, this was based on a true story and was just a feel good ending.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.  Look for movies 5-1 to be posted sometime next week.