Top 10 Basketball Movies of All Time: #’s 1-5

Not sure if you read my last blog with movies 6-10, but you should check it out to learn the criteria I followed when putting this together as well as the movies that couldn’t quite crack my top 5,

5. Space Jam

I had this movie in the 4-6 range all along and it finally settled at #5.  Then I realized that I no longer owned this movie, somewhere in my many moves it got lost.  Lucky for me I was roaming around Best Buy while a friend of mine was getting some stuff taken care of with her phone and I came across the bargain bin of DVD’s and it caught the attention of my ADD.  Then bam, I find Space Jam for $4.99, I mean of course I had to buy it, it would have been fiscally irresponsible had I not purchased it.  Who can argue with this film, it’s a classic from most of our childhood’s(well except for maybe Matt Roberts, he was probably about 29 when this came out).  You’ve got the Looney Tunes playing basketball against an evil set of aliens trying to kidnap them.  Not to mention Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Patrick Ewing and Bill Murray’s heroic in-game performance to help the TuneSquad win the game right before he retired from the game of basketball forever.  Instant Classic!

4. Glory Road

I’m a sucker for “based on a true story” sports movies.  Especially ones that have the added drama of the turmoil caused by racial tensions from the mid-late 1900’s.  This was as good as any to fit in, the basketball equivalent of Remember the Titans.  Josh Lucas was great as Coach Haskins.  The scene where the team sat in the bleachers and Haskins told them that he was only going to be playing the “black players” in the national title game was amazing, especially the impassioned speech that Armstrong gave about how badly he wanted to play but still fully supported his coach and teammates.  Still gets me all fired up.  Not to mention Jon Voight mean mugging it on the Kentucky bench as Adolph Rupp.  Actually, I think I might throw this movie in the ol’ dvd player right now.

3. Blue Chips

Nick Nolte in his prime, before he went “kerouac on everyone’s asses”(if you get that reference we just became best friends) over the past decade.  The only good movie Shaquille O’Neal was ever in(I dare you to say Kazaam was good, I dare you).  Al Bundy, umm I mean, Ed O’Neill was great.  Don’t forget Penny Hardaway, before those stupid Lil’ Penny commercials came out and ruined his chance at an acting career after basketball.  Awesome movie with quality basketball scenes and drama.

2. White Men Can’t Jump

Billy Hoyle is still a chump.  Gloria probably still remembers all those foods that begin with the letter Q, even 20 years later.  The basketball movie that taught people how to hustle on the playground courts.  Outside of Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson there really weren’t any big names in this flick but it still managed to be great.  I still remember Wesley Snipes trying to help Woody dunk to win the bet after they won the 2v2 tournament, my cousins and I used to try that same technique(it’s definitely one of those don’t try this at home kids type of things).  I instantly drop everything I’m doing if I see this movie on TV, one of the best parts is you don’t have to watch from beginning to end, you can just stop in the middle and catch parts of it and still enjoy.

1. Hoosiers

I don’t think you can really make an argument here.  I would venture to say that a large majority of movie critics would have this listed as their top basketball movie of all time and one of their top 3 sports movies of all time mixed somewhere with Rocky, Miracle, Rudy, Remember the Titans, etc…  This movie also hits a bit home for me, I’m from Indiana, a small town at that so it gives me that nostalgia vibe.  If you haven’t seen this, first of all shame on you, second of all watch it.  Get it on Netflix, if you don’t have a Netflix account sign up for one, grab that credit card and you’ll have the movie in 2 days.  Then sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Hope you guys enjoyed my two-part blog.  I’m open to new ideas for different blogs, I’ll write about almost anything sports-related and am open to other subjects too.  Look for me on the message boards, username ‘diamndking11’.