Top 200 All Time Co-Ed Scorers (No. 20-11)

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As you can see, I’ve been stretching this out quite a bit to build suspense, and I originally planned to the top 20 all at once, but it only seems right to finish this list during championship week…this has nothing to do with the face that I get paid per blog…nothing at all…Besides, what is Tommy going to read to his kids for bedtime stories if I stop telling the story of the All-time top 200?  We’re going 20-11…I guess this sadly means that I can’t save myself for the last blog.  I didn’t make the cut 🙁

20 – Sara Doherty (WOMS, Rim Jobbers – 76 gms) – 570 points – In addition to being the second all time leading female scorer, she is the only girl with over 300 rebounds (303).  In fact, if you add points, rebounds and steals (even I’m not psychotic enough to go as deep as steals and blocks) she is the all time female TOTAL PR leader (11th altogether).  My first CAC game ever was against the quieter Doherty lady and I vividly remember her ripping it from me once.  She is a smart gritty player with sick post moves and a crazy competitive streak.  She just needs to bone up on her general Bruce Springsteen knowledge

19 – Nick Bruce (DL Franchise – 65 gms) – 572 points – Talk about a bulldog!  Nick isn’t the most polished player in the league, but he makes up for that with ferocity that is unmatched.  He never gives up on a play and finds a way to create something out of nothing often when I never thought possible.

18 – Dave Boll (Rim Job Franchise – 81 gms) – 590 points – A Monday night fixture on one of my absolute favorite teams.  Its funny, because Dave hustled a lot and was involved in a lot of plays where there was contact…and as I think about it, I can’t think of one time when he complained out loud.  Maybe he did, but Danielle did it louder, so I just didn’t seem to notice.  Still, D-Boll was always a blast to watch.

17 – Chris “Boooooooozer” Angelillo (Rim Job Franchise – 85 gms) – 599 points – Another Rim Jobber!  Boozer was JUST shy of the 600 point mark.  He was always a pleasure to be around and fun to play.  He actually taught Paul Pierce the upfake to draw the foul back when Pierce was just a freshman at Kansas.  Yup…Boozer’s move…fact.  It didn’t happen a TON, but Boozer had some games where he got hot and could hit from just about anywhere…he also had a game where the Monstars held him in check for about 43 minutes and 55 seconds until they left him wide open for the game winner.  I’m still waiting for him to get a “home” Boozer jersey  

16 – Matt Monroe (Wheels – 41 gms) – 605 points – I’ve been telling you all that I’m looking to move to Connecticut because that’s where my girlfriend is, but truth be told, I just miss Monroe and he’s down there as well.  The man that B-Fab nicknamed “Boy Wonder”!  Heart and soul of the Wheels of Steel!  I miss this kid tons.  Together we were part of a championship B2 4 on 4 team and he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever been around on or off the court.  Monroe is famous for the hustle play that turned his jersey into a toga during the Spring 2011 unification game (that may or may not have happened according to the record books).  I wasn’t at the game, but I’ve seen the picture of him with one of the shoulder straps of his jersey completely torn.  Truth be told I had a fat head made out of it and it hangs over my bed.

15 – Dave Grubb (DL Franchise, White Chocolate, Child Please – 54 gms) – 613 points– The newest member of the CAC game staff!  Grubb will be working co-ed games next session and I know he’ll do a terrific job.  When he had the jump shot going it was not easy to stop him.  His buzzer beating three to knock Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife out of the W-2011 playoffs was instrumental in the WOMS championship run.  The WOMS split a regular season series with HYKHYW, but for some reason that was just a tough match up for us (I can say it now that I’m no longer on the team…they played zone), but DL Blue didn’t quite offer the same challenge (no offense, dude).  Final score…70-38.  Grubb has been a big part of a pair of Child Please teams.  I expect them to come back strong in the summer season.

14 – Chris “Johnson” Johanson (Rim Job Franchise – 81 gms) – 632 points – “Johnson” is the high scoring player in the history of the longest running franchise in CAC co-ed.  The Rim Jobbers are synonymous with CAC co-ed hoops and I can tell you two things for certain about the man with the most points on their team…he can shoot lights out and he loves the movie Blue Chips!

13 – Rory Duyon (Blouses, WOMS, Monstars, Seawards, WHFTGB – 62 gms) – 663 points – What a douche.

12 – Pat Lawson (Genzyme, DL Green, Seawards – 52 gms) – 686 points – Thank God Lawson stuck around even after Genzyme disbanded, and thank God I didn’t have to keep playing against him.  He used to torch me pretty regularly.  Deceptively quick, strong finisher and when his jump shots are falling it makes him very dangerous.  On top of that, Lawson is always down for a walk across the street to Sunset Cafe for beers and truly one of the good guys in the league.  That and he had the second best up-fake in the entire league if you ask me.  Second only to…

11 – Kevin Swecker (Monstars, WHFTGB – 38 gms) – 688 points – His ridiculous up-fake is only a tiny piece of what makes this guy great.  In addition to the slashing, shooting, defending and athleticism that makes him one of the best all around players in the league, he is one of the funniest, easy going likeable people despite playing for the team that loves to be hates.  Even when somebody does have beef with him (Tristan…who is yet to appear on this list), they smooth in over with ease.  Swecker is good for a couple of great quotes and great baskets a night.  We learned this year that he is not a good player when he’s really drunk, but if he sobers up just a little, he can be pretty damn effective!  Thanks to the addition of him, We’re Here For The Gangbang went from being a team with championship hopes to championship expectations.

So there are still ten players left, but since there was only ten scorers in this blog, I’ll give you a little bit more…

The Top 20 REBOUNDERS in Co-ed History (only what the website tracks.  This excludes uni games and tournament play)

20.  Chris Boll – 359

T-18.  Matt Hayes – 367

T-18.  Nibs The Baller – 367

17.  Phil Putis – 399

16.  Kevin Swecker – 402

15 – Rob Vigneau – 411

14 – Chris Harvey – 417

13 – Tristan Mouligne – 464

12 – Chris “Johnson” – 466

11 – Tibbs – 472

10 – Dave Boll – 473

9 – Nick Altschuller – 533

8 – Jerry Antone – 570

7 – Rory Duyon – 577

6 – Dave Celli – 579

5 – Mike Reddick – 666

4 – Boozer – 667

3 – Pat Brown – 710

2 – The Minotaur – 955

1 – Nate Dogg – 967

(If we include uni games and tourney games, both Nate Dogg and The Minotaur are up over 1,000 boards.  The Minotaur in 8 tournament games boosted his total to 1,056 and with just five tournament games, Nate Dogg has an impressive total of 1,027.  To Nate’s credit, he also played in the Spring 2011 uni game that Mills never produced stats for, so we don’t know his true total, but I’m guessing he didn’t pull down 29 in that game.  Therefore, including tournament action, Roberts would be the league’s all time leading rebounder…for now!  Either way, there’s no questioning that these two are the very best!)

The Top 20 ASSISTS in Co-ed History (only what the website tracks.  This excludes uni games and tournament play)

20 – Chris Boll – 138

19 – Tristan Mouligne – 141

18 – Dave Boll – 142

17 – Boozer – 145

16 – Mike Reddick – 146

15 – Matty Austin – 147

14 – Nick Bruce – 156

T-12 – Kevin Swecker – 159

T-12 – Jane Stockton – 159

11 – Kariuki Thande – 177

10 – Rory Duyon – 178

9 – Chris “Johnson” – 179

8 – The Minotaur – 180

7 – Tommy Kahana – 185

T5 – Loren Turner – 199

T5 – Dave Celli – 199

4 – Nibs The Baller – 221

3 – Erin Johnson – 224

2 – Sara Doherty – 248

1 – Nate Dogg – 372…not sure anybody will ever catch him

Top 10 scorers next week!!